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Thoughts on ecclesiastical consequences for Gov. Cuomo’s pro-abortion acts

Regardless of Andrew Cuomo’s ineligibility for holy Communion on other grounds, his conduct in regard to New York’s new abortion law also suffices, in my view, to bar him from holy Communion per Canon 915.

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York is seen with Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn, New York, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York City March 17, 2016, during the St. Patrick's Day Parade. (CNS photo/Ed Wilkinson, The Tablet)

Msgr. Charles Pope, on no one’s Top Ten List of Catholic Hot-Heads, captures the sense of faithful Catholics everywhere when he writes, regarding the major role that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo played in pushing, signing, and celebrating that state’s new, gruesome abortion law, that Cuomo-qua-Catholic must now face ecclesiastical consequences for his egregious actions. Pope acknowledges, though, that he is not a canon lawyer and seems implicitly to ask for input from those who are regarding possible consequences. My thoughts follow.

1. Cuomo is already barred from the reception of holy Communion per Canon 915 (a sacramental disciplinary norm, not a penalty) in light of his openly living with a woman to whom he is not married. This matter was widely discussed back in 2011. My understanding is that Cuomo, to his credit, has not approached for holy Communion since that matter was aired.

2. Regardless of Cuomo’s ineligibility for holy Communion on other grounds, his conduct in regard to New York’s new abortion law also suffices, in my view, to bar him from holy Communion per Canon 915. If information should reach ecclesiastical authority that Cuomo is, despite the foregoing, being given holy Communion by ministers under their authority, Church leaders should act immediately to prevent such administration. Canons 375381, and especially 392, among others.

3. Cuomo is not liable for excommunication for abortion under penal Canon 1398. I have made this argument manymany times and won’t repeat it here. Neither is he, in my view, liable for prosecution as an accomplice to abortion per Canon 1329.

4. Cuomo has, however, committed acts that, in my view, suffice to invoke penal Canon 1369 against him. That possibility occasions some observations for Catholics forming their expectations about exactly who in the Church could be doing exactly what in a case like this.

4 A) Penal jurisdiction in this matter rests with the bishop of Albany (as the place where some or all of the canonically criminal conduct was committed, per Canon 1412) and/or with the archbishop of New York (as the place where Cuomo apparently has canonical domicile, per Canon 1408). They are authorized to initiate canonical penal procedures under Canons 1341 and 1717, among other norms. Neither the state nor national episcopal conference has jurisdiction here.

4 B) The 1983 Code prefers that penal matters be tried judicially but an administrative penal process is not precluded. Canon 1342. Either way various rights of canonical defense are owed to Cuomo and would doubtless be honored. Canon 221, among others.

4 C) Canon 1369, as a penal law, must be strictly (i.e., narrowly) interpreted and applied. Canon 18. This means, among other things, prosecuting Cuomo only for acts that fall within the terms of the canon and not using a Canon 1369 prosecution as a pretext for punishing Cuomo for other acts, that, while offensive to the faith and to the faith community, are simply not embraced by its terms.

4 D) Canon 1369 authorizes a “just penalty” against those who violate its terms. That broad (but not unlimited) phrase “just penalty” allows for tailoring the canonical consequences in specific cases to the wide variety of fact patterns that could be addressed in its light, here, everything from Cuomo’s speeches and comments in support of this abortion law to his ordering a ghoulish light show in celebration of its enactment. That said, while the notion of a “just penalty” is broad, there is some question as to whether it extends, at least immediately, to excommunication. Here is not the place to air that technical issue, but neither should its presence derail consideration of using Canon 1369 against Cuomo. Some justice is better than no justice and even if (I say, if) excommunication could not be imposed immediately on Cuomo, the Church could still impose some canonical sanctions for his conduct. If, moreover, such sanctions as could be imposed per Canon 1369 were ignored by Cuomo, Canon 1393 would allow for their augmentation, making the possibility of a “just penalty” reaching to excommunication stronger.

5) Canon 1399, known as the general penal norm, is also available for canonical use against seriously bad acts but only, in my view, if those acts are not otherwise addressed in penal law. Thus, for example, using Canon 1399 as a backdoor way to prosecute Cuomo for abortion (notwithstanding that Canon 1398 does not reach him) would not be correct. Identifying adequately what divine or canon law was supposed to have been violated by Cuomo in acting as he did, and identifying that law in such a way that nearly every other sinner would not be liable to criminal prosecution for violating it, is a difficult task. Not an impossible one, perhaps, but difficult. I say this, by the way, as a canonist who thinks Canon 1399 to be applicable against Uncle Ted.

6) Canon 1339 authorizes “rebuke” against one “whose behavior causes scandal”. That Cuomo’s conduct here causes classical scandal (CCC 2284) seems to me beyond question. Whether canonical rebuke adequately serves, however, the needs of the faith community for good order or Cuomo’s need for personal correction I leave to others to consider.

7) Much of the above analysis would apply to Catholic legislators supporting abortion laws, but the canonical case against Cuomo is, in my view, so much the stronger that, if ecclesiastical action were not feasible, or taken, against him, it would be harder to see it being taken or succeeding against lesser figures.

8) Two final notes for other prelates concerned about similar actions and actors in their territories.

8 A) Canon 915 is a sacramental disciplinary normnot a penal canon, and its application requires no penal process. It is, and has long been, applicable to many prominent pro-abortion/euthanasia Catholic politicos and it has been correctly invoked by a few clear-thinking bishops. It at least cauterizes the wound inflicted on the Body of Christ by prominent Catholics acting in open disregard of fundamental Church teaching. It is not a cure-all, but it is a serious step toward healing.

8 B) In terms of penal canon law the best time to move against a Cuomo-type crisis is, of course, before it happens, i.e., pro-actively instead of re-actively. Because this post deals with what can still be done now, and not what should have been done before, I will simply observe that a penal precept could have, in my view, been issued against Cuomo on these facts (specifically against, say, his promoting or signing this death-dealing legislation) and in turn that precept could have been enforceable by canonical penalties up to and including excommunication. Canon 1319. The canonical prerequisites to such a penal precept could have been satisfied in this case, facilitating the Church in acting justly and in being seen to act justly. Cuomo’s conscience would have been confronted and the values of the Catholic community would have been protected. Again, this observation does not detract from assessing what can be done canonically, even now, in regard to Cuomo, but it does suggest that other bishops looking at similar problems arising in their Churches would do well to consider acting sooner than later.

Msgr. Pope ends his essay thus: “It is time to end the charade, even the lie, that Andrew Cuomo and others like him are Catholics in good standing. They are not, and this must be made plain to them and to others. Join me in praying that Bishop Scharfenberger and other bishops in New York with jurisdiction will do what is right and necessary.”

I join him in so praying.

(This post first appeared on the “In the Light of the Law” site under a different headline, and is reprinted here with the kind permission of Dr. Peters.)

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Edward N. Peters, JD, JCD has doctoral degrees in canon and common law. Since 2005 he has held the Edmund Cardinal Szoka Chair at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. His personal blog on canon law issues in the news may be accessed at the "In the Light of the Law" site.


    • Jan. 25th: Remember Cdl. Dolan allowing Gay Pride troops to march in the St. Patrick’s day parade and he marched proudly alongside of them. So I really don’t see him doing much. This makes it seems as if nothing matters in our Catholic faith – and so the slaughter of innocents go on with Nancy Pelosi and Cuomo and other prominent Catholics leading the way. Children get consequences when they do wrong; if they didn’t they would consider ‘wrong is right’ – for the sake of the souls of Pelosi and Cuomo and others like them, it’s time to do the right thing. Let’s all pray that the Lord will reveal the way to go.

  1. How does Canon Law apply to those who do not believe the Church’s teaching on a particular subject vs those who knowingly offend against it? The question arises in my mind, for example, relative to the Bishops who have been appointed in China to replace those in the suppressed Church. It is impossible for me to believe that the Chinese Communist Government would propose Bishops to the Holy See who were against contraception or abortion. Furthermore, those Bishops may favor fidelity, permanence and a common life in marriage, but not continuing openness to life. The new Bishops in China must be at least heretics, and heretics are not members of the Church (leaving open the question of the Pope’s purpose and personal involvement in their appointment). As to Cuomo, accepting his personal sincerity (circumstantially it seems we must), he would consequently be a non-believer. “Not in Good standing” would simply mean living in public sin, but a non-believer would no longer a member of the Church.
    I find nothing in what you and Msgr. Pope have said which resolves anything. It just seems like a lot of legalize about a simple question – belief or non-belief.

    • That will be exactly what happens. To put it somewhat differently, when in the past 50 years in the United States has any person whatsoever, let alone a politician, been formally and publicly excommunicated? The answer, I think, is precisely -0-. The bigger picture here is that the magisterium of the Church and its moral authority is undergoing massive annihilation due to: (1) the homosexual abuse crisis by the extensive homosexual networks throughout the Church in this country and in Rome and elsewhere, (2) Pope Frankenstein’s destruction of trust and reliance in the ordinary and universal magisterium by his heretical “authentic magisterium”, and (3) the universal failure throughout the Church since Vatican II to deal strictly with heretics and dissenters.

      • No true that no one has been publicly excommunicated in the last 50 years in the US. Below is part of an article from the AR Catholic dated Oct, 2007.

        Six sisters from the Monastery of Our Lady of Charity and Refuge in Hot Springs were excommunicated by the Catholic Church for their involvement in a schismatic association based in Quebec, Canada.

        What the nuns believe(d) is wrong. But they did not hurt anyone. They did not push their beliefs. People who had known them for years and those who saw them on a daily basis had no idea of their beliefs. I had been to mass at their convent every week for years. Then one morning we open the local newspaper and there on the front page is a an article about their excommunication. They were not vocal; they did not try to convince anyone; they did not push their misguided belief. Cuomo, though, is a public figure and he has advocated and pushed for laws that are directly opposed to Catholic teaching. The nuns were excommunicated; he seems to havae been given a free pass to do whatever he wishes.

    • Exactly. He will continue to ignore church authority and teaching. The time to have acted has passed. Souls are scandalized and the bishops are responsible. Dolan is clearly a coward and a man of the world.

  2. Obedience to canon 915 is not optional. Canon 915 imposes a strict, grave OBLIGATION to deny Communion to those who fall with the canon’s terms.

    The U.S. bishops have voted to give themselves permission to commit the mortal sin of disobeying canon 915. In “Catholics in Political Life,” the bishops say that a bishop can “legitimately” give Communion to pro-abortion politicians. But this is impossible. Doing so gives grave scandal. By definition, that’s a mortal sin!

    How is it possible that the bishops think they can vote themselves permission to commit mortal sin?

  3. This article should be observed. This puts on notice that if the governor would die today without the sacraments, his soul is up for grabs, and he is headed for eternal damnation. And if he is excommunicated, he will not receive the sacraments until he repents of his sins. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his very soul.” Serial murderers normally end up in hell. Jesus warned us about harming one of the little ones.

  4. Cuomo should be ex-communicated immediately. If he wishes to be a Christian, let him join some other non-Catholic church. This abortion bill legitimizes the murder of a baby up to the day before the child is born — if that is not murder, what is? If the Church does not ex-communicate him, the Church will be seen as weak and meaningless. This, along with the pedophile scandals, will weaken the very legitimacy of the Church. And, all the good work that could be done by the Church will be marginalized, people will become disenchanted, Christian ideals will be the subject of derision and the Western world will continue to devolve into a paganistic universe filled with individuals who are committed to a self-destructive way of life. It’s time for the Church to ex-communicate Cuomo; Cuomo has already demonstrated that he is without Catholic values or any moral values. Ex-communication is merely reflecting the reality of Cuomo’s self-excommunication and abandonment of the Church.

  5. Can’t think of a better modern day example to bring back the old Anathema ritual with Cuomo. Nothing is going to happen. Dolan has allowed pagans to perform their rituals at Saint Pats alter, and has strayed from the Gospel, preaching another not received. Thus under Gods curse. Galatians 1:8 Ancient Essenes had a insult directed toward the Pharisees ‘Seeker of Smooth Things” – Dolan.

  6. Older readers may know that the rejection of Canon 915 for counterfeit-Catholic Bishops in the US was orchestrated by:

    Cardinal McCarrick…who has been entrusted to deliver a memo from the CDF’s Cardinal Ratzinger, affirming the Bishops’ responsibility to use Canon 915 in cases of Catholic people who were publicly known (manifested) by other faithful to persist in gravely sinful conduct (promoting abortion, adultery etc).

    McCarrick withheld the memo from the US Bishops, and instead lied about its content by reading only a portion of it, giving the false impression that the CDF has not urged the Bishops to do their duty and withold Hily Communion.

    Which just goes to show that Church we are stuck with is down thickly with Bishops (etc) who belong to the post-Catholic McCarrick establishment: an anti-Christ of idolators, created by an unrepentant sociopathic sex abuser who worships political power; embezzlement, bribes and pay-offs made in white envelopes; and sexual immorality.

    A life-time dedicated to destroying the Catholic Church.

  7. All this is true, but is no longer relevant. The Francis pontificate has aligned itself with the destructive forces of the LBGTQ movement, and this includes abortion, euthanasia and elevating environment care and climate control above protecting human life. The Vatican has bought the lies of the liberals. They essentially believe that there are too many human beings in the world, and that this is bad for the natural environment. They will do nothing against abortionists, euthanizers, &c. All this is regarded by them as just part of the “wrong” and “unenlightened” pre-Vatican II Catholicism. Church law is no longer upheld. All that counts today is “discernment”.

  8. Cardinal Dolan remarked prior to passage of Cuomo’s bill, “Bishops aren’t supposed to be Culture Warriors. Abortion will be legal up to the moment of birth; trained physicians will not be required to perform the dismemberment [any nurse med tech now can]; and a baby who survives the scalpel, saline, or suction, and is still alive, can be left to die without any care. This is progressive?”. After passage the Cardinal joined other NYS Bishops declaring it “A sad day”. Similar response from your neighbor would be as appropriate. And carry as much weight. Edward Peters’ is justified and correct in invoking c. 915 as a disciplinary measure against Gov Cuomo regardless if it is a moot issue that the Gov allegedly doesn’t receive. It’s that measure if taken by the Cardinal’s diocese that carries public weight. For NYC weighty indeed. Culture warrior? What in the world does the Cardinal think a bishop should be if not someone akin to the Apostle. After his Conversion Paul was the greatest of all Culture Warriors confronting the immorality of the day from Jerusalem to Rome. Cardinal Dolan who I met in Rome when he was rector of the NAC is I’m confidant a good man at heart. He has immersed himself, perhaps drowned himself in ecclesial politics and requires a paradigmatic Pauline Conversion.

  9. “And he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried.” Why is this in our creed? This law should have been PUBLICALLY addressed before its passage and celebration. Instead we get a note from Bishop Dolan, after the fact, that he is “saddened.” “Sad” doesn’t save babies Cardinal Dolan. I’m so tired of COWARDS!

  10. Nice. All very complicated, which certainly favors nothing whatsoever being done regarding Cuomo.
    Nothing will be done. Cuomo’s bishops will point to the Canon Law and say, ‘see, nothin’ we can do’.
    Canon Law is quickly becoming irrelevant. Canon lawyers are quickly becoming irrelevant.
    Look: McCarrick is still archbishop, Wuerl is still in charge of WDC diocese, Tobin has his live in lover, Mahoney will speak at LA Ed Conference, MartinSJ has free reign to preach poison and the Kentucky bishops are eating their Catholic young. The RCC in the US is out of control. The Catholic civil war has begun. Bet on it.

  11. Why don’t Catholics know that if one does not believe a single teaching of the Church, they have excommunicated themselves?

    Long ago Cuomo excommunicated himself so he is not a member of the Catholic Church and it should be declared so by every Catholic writing anything about him. Because no one does, the world believes a Catholic can dissent from Church teaching but remain a Catholic. How is that serving the Truth? How does that serve God?

    • Because Elaine sometimes proclamations for excommunication needs to publicly stated especially when a public figure openly attacks and defends things opposed to Catholic teaching. Dolan = COWARD

  12. Woe to any of us who are unrepentant sinners.

    Saint Alphonsus de Liguori explained that no one, including those who justify a fission between “private belief” and public action, will escape the strict scrutiny of every aspect of his life after he dies:

    2. It is the common opinion of theologians, that at the very moment and in the very place in which the soul departs from the body, the divine tribunal is erected, the accusation is read, and the sentence is passed by Jesus Christ, the Judge. At this terrible tribunal each of us shall be presented to give an account of all our thoughts, of all our words, and of all our actions. “For we must all be manifested before the judgment seat of Christ, that every one may receive the proper things of the body, according as he hath done, whether it be good or evil.” ( 2 Cor. v. 10.) When presented before an earthly judge criminals have been seen to fall into a cold sweat through fear. It is related of Piso, that so great and insufferable was the confusion, which he felt at the thought of appearing as a criminal before the senate that he killed himself. How great is the pain of a vassal, or of a son, in appearing before an angry prince or an enraged father, to account for some crime which he has committed! Oh! how much greater shall be the pain and confusion of the soul in standing, before Jesus Christ enraged against her for having despised him during her life! Speaking of judgment, St. Luke says: “Then you shall see the Son of Man.” (Luke xxi. 27.) They shall see Jesus Christ as man, with the same wounds with which he ascended into heaven. “Great joy of the beholders!” says Robert the Abbot, “a great terror of those who are in expectation!” These wounds shall console the just, and shall terrify the wicked. In them sinners shall see the Redeemer’s love for themselves, and their ingratitude to him.

    3. “Who,” says the Prophet Nahum, “can stand before the face of his indignation ?” (i. 6.) How great, then, shall be the terror of a soul that finds herself in sin before this Judge, the first time she shall see him, and see him full of wrath! St. Basil says that she shall be tortured more by her shame and confusion than by the very fire of hell. ”Horridior quam ignis, erit pudor.” Philip the Second rebuked one of his domestics for having told him a lie. ”Is it thus,” said the king to him, ”you deceive me?” The domestic, after having returned home, died of grief. The Scripture tells us, that when Joseph reproved his brethren, saying: ”I am Joseph, whom you sold,” they were unable to answer through fear, and remained silent. ”His brethren could not answer him, being struck with exceeding great fear.” (Gen. xlv. 3.) Now what answer shall sinners make to Jesus Christ when he shall say to them: I am your Redeemer and your Judge, whom you have so much despised. Where shall the miserable beings fly, says St. Augustine, when they shall see an angry Judge above, hell open below, on one side their own sins accusing them, and on the other the devils dragging them to punishment, and their conscience burning them within? “Above shall be an enraged Judge below, a horrid chaos on the right, sins accusing him on the left, demons dragging him to punishment within, a burning conscience! Whither shall a sinner, beset in this manner, fly ?”Perhaps he will cry for mercy? But how, asks Eusebius Emissenus, can he dare to implore mercy, when he must first render an account of his contempt for the mercy which Jesus Christ has shown to him?” With what face will you, who are to be first judged for contempt of mercy, ask for mercy?” But let us come to the rendering of the accounts. . . .

    11. How great shall be the joy of a soul when, at death, she hears from Jesus Christ these sweet words: ”Well done, good and faithful servant; because thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will place thee over many things. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” (Matt. xxv. 21.) Equally great shall be the anguish and despair of a guilty soul, that shall see herself driven away by the Judge with the following words: ”Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire” (verse 41). Oh! what a terrible thunderclap shall that sentence be to her!”Oh! how frightfully,” says the Carthusian, “shall that thunder resound!” Eusebius writes, that the terror of sinners at hearing their condemnation shall be so great that, if they could, they would die again. “The wicked shall be seized with such terror at the sight of the Judge pronouncing sentence that, if they were not immortal, they should die a second time.” But, brethren, let us, before the termination of this sermon, make some reflections which will be profitable to us. St. Thomas of Villanova says, that some listen to discourses on the judgment and condemnation of the wicked with as little concern as if they they themselves were secure against these things, or as if the day of judgment were never to arive for them. “Heu quam securi hæc dicimus et audimus, quasi nos non tangeret hæc sententia, aut quasi dies hæc nunquam esset venturus!” (Conc, i., de Jud.) The saint then asks: Is it not great folly to entertain security in so perilous an affair? “Quæ est ista stulta securitas in discrimine tanto?” There are some, says St. Augustine, who, though they live in sin, cannot imagine that God will send them to hell. ”Will God,” they say, ”really condemn us ?” Brethren, adds the saint, do not speak thus. So, many of the damned did not believe that they should be sent to hell; but the end came, and, according to the threat of Ezechiel, they have been cast into that place of darkness. “The end is come, the end is come… and I will send my wrath upon thee, and I will judge thee.” (Ezec. vii. 2, 3.) Sinners, perhaps vengeance is at hand for you, and still you laugh and sleep in sin. Who will not tremble at the words of the Baptist: ”For now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree, therefore, that doth not yield good fruit shall be cut down and cast into the fire.” (Matt, iii. 10.) He says, that every tree that does not bring forth good fruit shall be cut down and cast into the fire; and he promises that, with regard to the trees, which represent sinners, the axe is already laid to the roots that is, chastisement is at hand. Dearly beloved brethren, let us follow the counsel of the Holy Ghost “Before judgment, prepare thee justice.” (Eccl. xviii. 19.) Let us adjust our accounts before the day of accounts. Let us seek God, now that we can find him; for the time shall come when we will wish, but shall not be able to find him. ”You shall seek me, and shall not find me.” (John vii. 36.)” “Before judgment,” says St. Augustine, ”the Judge can be appeased, but not in judgment.” By a change of life we can now appease the anger of Jesus Christ, and recover his grace; but when he shall judge, and find us in sin, he must execute justice, and we shall be lost. (Sermons for All the Sundays in the Year by St Alphonsus Liguori in .pdf format; a sermon on the death of the sinner is appended at the end of this article.)

  13. Freewill is the mark of humans having been created in the image of God – so every human can choose to act in hubris-filled, self-interest like Cain and consciously choose to murder the innocent without regret. But for the true sojourners of the Way we must earnestly seek the Grace and Wisdom from the Holy Spirit in everything we do. We can and must pray for justice and most of all patience; One day the likes of McCarrick, Dolan, Pelosi and Cuomo who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, and are so in name only as to advance their earthly powers, will face their day of reckoning.

    • St. Augustine wrote about free will. I do agree a day of reckoning, but that is Between God and them. So many times I have heard, God forgives the sinner, so I think that is what they believe that God will always forgive them. They have knowledge and they adjust it to their own terms.

    • It is so difficult to wait for that day !everyday they are NOT REBUKED, is a day when more people follow the likes of the demoncrats , into evil, more innocents lives are murdered horribly, more Christians , catholic, jews, are shutdown for our right beliefs under God, and the closer we are to complete destruction because God will have no choice anymore but to start all over again, with great sadness, because some humans do not know how to be humans !!! Come soon Jesus, please come soon !!!!

  14. It’s probably more likely that the Covington Catholic boys will be barred from Holy Communion than will Cuomo – after all, they were wearing those nasty MAGA hats.

  15. What is scary is that God is out of the equation with Cuomo’s abortion rights.
    I don’t think he understands what God says nor does he understand his faith that God drew breath into him first. He is not an educated catholic christian. He is a christian that has God adapt to him

  16. This event alone exposes the Catholic Church as having lost its claim to any moral authority. When Pope Francis compares this abortion bill to being morally equivalent to resistance to unlawful immigration, he has rendered himself irrelevant to any discussion of right and wrong. He has abandoned his role as a moral and spiritual leader and assumed the role a social media gadfly; in a world that is in desperate for moral and spiritual leadership.

    If the church can excuse Governor Cuomo’s support of the New York abortion bill, with little more than a wave to a stack of Canon Law books, then it has been reduced to irrelevance. On a global scale It has become of little more consequence than a parade of beautifully costumed priests, serving as the “pre-game” show, for the crowds who are gathered to tour the Vatican’s art collection.


    • Your thoughts are mine exactly. As a life long practicing Catholic, I have stayed the course during all the abuse scandal (with more to come, I am afraid) because I love my Church and wanted to support all the good priests who are left with the fallout. But, I love Jesus more and I cannot abide by the extreme lack of response by the Church leaders and priests. Immediately there should have been a very public outcry nationwide condemning this EVIL and asking all Americans to demand justice for these babies. Those moral outcries should still be expressed constantly on TV, radio, media and newspapers. Except for a few true shepherds of Christ, believers and non believers have been given no moral leadership concerning this barbaric law, with many more states to follow. I am digging deep to see if I can stay in my beloved Church knowing if I leave I will not be receiving the Body and Blood. I can join another church but I want my Church to stop abdicating it’s moral authority given by Christ and stand up for what is morally right and just.
      We need to constantly pray for the gifts of truth and righteousness for ourselves, our family and friends, our country and our Church. God bless us all with His mercy and forgiveness.

  18. Understanding what the ecclesiastical response to “Catholic” Gov. Cuomo’s pro-abortion acts should be requires a grasp of the big picture.

    My description of the “big picture” will be made with my knowing full well that it will seem meaningless, if not outrageous, to modern unbelieving minds, which sadly consists of people pretending to be within, as well as those outside the Catholic Church. Many utterly worldly prelates are among the pretenders.

    The root cause of the “legalization” of the murder of the child in the womb is its advocacy by Satan, the prince of this world, and his minions:

    For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.
    – Ephesians 6:12

    The demons hate the Image of God in humanity. They hate God’s innocence as reflected in the snowy white innocence of the child in the womb, one of whom God became, and they hate God’s triune nature as reflected in gender-based human nature where the love between two persons bring forth a third, just as the Holy Spirit eternally proceeds from the love between the Father and the Son.

    The contemporary, murderous assault on humanity and on human nature itself being waged by the modern, militantly atheistic state can be understood in terms of a diabolical assault on the Image of God as reflected in human nature. This is why the main thrust of their godless social engineering is the murder of innocent children, the perversion of human nature and human marriage, and promoting infertility and the destruction of gender, all of which is “legitimized” in the public mind by diabolical propaganda. Satan is indeed the father of lies and was indeed a murderer from the start; the prince of this world is obviously behind the modern atheistic state’s godless social engineering.

    So how is the Church to deal with those, like Cuomo, who make of themselves the very personification of this lethal assault on humanity (the fatalities world-wide now number in the billions) yet pretend to be Catholics? What do we do about this assault not only on Christianity, but on the human race, and on human nature itself? Both Christianity and humanity are in far more danger now than they were when Pope Urban II called the first crusade, after Islamic jihad had eradicated two-thirds of Christendom from the face of the Earth. Since that is the case, the Church would now be more than justified in calling the faithful to take up arms, so it has no excuse for not at least telling Caesar he can have his tax exempt status back, and then leading the faithful in peaceful political action, possibly including non-violent civil disobedience like that of Lech Walesa’s Solidarity union, which eventually brought down the militantly atheistic Soviet Union. Not that involvement in politics should be standard operating procedure for the Church, just as Urban II’s call to arms was obviously not standard operating procedure for the Church, but was required at the time.

    In light of the above, what excuse could there possibly be for the Church not even publicly imposing some kind of official, ecclesiastical consequences upon Cuomo for his egregious actions? There is none. How did we get here? Again, many utterly worldly prelates are among the pretenders.

    • Agree with much of what you say. Note that a relatively small but influential number of neo-Bolshevik usurers and apparatchiks have long been entrenched in the USA, at least since 1913, and are part of the larger issue. They have interfered and instigated troubles far surpassing any warnings or protections which the principle of Sicut Judaeis Non would provide. I would suggest the following:
      1. Repent, and pray for justice and courage.
      2. Clean up our own house, starting with our local parishes. Call out known active homosexual priests.
      3. Restore the larger institution of the Church to Christian principles. Call for inquisition if necessary.
      4. Evangelize disruptors or expel them. Call for a new crusade if needed.
      God helps those who help themselves. I believe we’ll ultimately win as the culture of death will eventually kill itself. But we may be able to prevent much bloodshed if we can act justly, selflessly, and courageously.

      • The idolatry inherent in rendering unto Caesar authority over innocent humanity that belongs to God alone is the heart of the problem. The state simply has no authority whatsoever to “legalize” the murder of innocent humanity. The Scriptures make clear that depravity always follows idolatry. Ending the idolatry will soon bring an end to homosexual fornication among priests and prelates.

        As for the Jews, they are still God’s chosen people. God will deal with them as a Father corrects a son he loves.

  19. We are all tired of unfaithful Cardinals like Dolan. How much does the fact that the NY State Attorney General’s office is investigating Dolan have to do with Dolan’s refusal to ex-communicate the Governor? Dolan is too compromised to properly lead the Roman Catholic faithful as he is unfaithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and the Governor knows it.

  20. The situation today reminds me of an old episode of the TV show “Get Smart.” Maxwell Smart, CONTROL Agent 86, is sent undercover to infiltrate a Washington-area cell of KAOS, which he does. But in the hilarious ending, we all (the audience and the characters) discover that the KAOS cell is composed of nothing but undercover double agents (like Smart) who are in fact loyal to various organizations fighting KAOS. Not a single one of them is dedicated to KAOS. It seems to me that the pope, his leading advisers, the most powerful bishops of the west and possibly a majority of the bishops in Christ’s Church (the very core of the leadership) are double agents loyal in fact to Lucifer, not Christ; that the entire “cell” is composed of infiltrators and subversives. Only this time it isn’t funny. Not even a little.

  21. Como is an enemy of the Catholic Church and should be excommunicated. He spit upon everything the church stands for and what the faithful expect. The church has it’s issues with pedophile/gay priest and then for political leadership to endorse the murder and extermination of unborn is unacceptable. I’d hate to stand in judgement before God having ignored this kind of attack upon his precious lambs. Excummicate Como and excumminacte all peodophile priest.

  22. One of the Spiritual Works of Mercy is “Admonish the sinner”.
    The Bishops who fail in their duty to shepherd their flocks will share in their punishment.
    As our Lord says, “What you did (or did not) do the least of my brethren, you did (or did not) do to Me.”

    Cardinal Dolan & company – by your freely chosen omission, you will have to stand before Almighty God and explain to Him why you did not provide the necessary fraternal correction which was so glaringly necessary, and share in the accompanying punishment due to persons you failed to correct.

    Man up, while you still can.

  23. The reason that a Cardinal, a Prince of the Church, wears red is to symbolize his willingness to die a martyr in witness to and defense of Christ and His truth.
    At this juncture, there are several “Princes” who need to change clothes, and wear something more befitting their cowardliness.

  24. With all due respect, God, The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, Through The Unity Of The Holy Ghost, Is The Author Of Life, Of Love, And Of Marriage, thus Catholic politicians who render onto Caesar, what belongs to God, would be violating Catholic Canon 750, and thus by denying The Divinity Of The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, would automatically separate themselves from Christ, and His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.
    “It is not possible to have Sacramental Communion without Ecclesial Communion.”

  25. Does he even call himself a ‘catholic’ any more?

    If he does, is there anyone of ANY intelligence who takes that seriously?

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