The Dispatch

Consumption vs. Community

February 25, 2020 Lauren Enk Mann 12

The American suburban experiment has gone sour. That is the belief of Charles Marohn, an engineer and land planner working to reform American development patterns driven by consumerism. In his book Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up […]

The Dispatch

The Sixth Death of the Church

September 20, 2018 Lauren Enk Mann 31

The Church’s “summer of shame” has devastated the faithful. The McCarrick revelations, the Pennsylvania grand jury, and the Viganò testimony have sent reverberations of scandal right through the highest clerical ranks. Catholics in the pews […]

Film & Music

O Christ, Where Are Thou?

February 7, 2016 Lauren Enk Mann 0

Hail, Caesar! is the much-anticipated addition to the canon of the famed Coen brothers’ films—a list which includes both dramas like True Grit and quirky cult classics like O Brother, Where Art Thou? Their latest movie certainly bears that clever […]

Film & Music

The “Spectre” of Stereotypes

November 9, 2015 Lauren Enk Mann 0

Spectre, the latest installment in Daniel Craig’s incarnation of the James Bond character, opens with an eerie sentence spread across the screen: “The dead are alive.” The camera then plunges into an elongated opening shot […]