Linda Couri

From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life

May 14, 2011 Jim Graves 0

Linda Couri of Libertyville, Illinois, age 41, is a committed Catholic. She is a wife and mother, she works hard to maintain a deep prayer life, and she strongly supports the Church’s teachings on the […]

Special Report

God-Centered Medicine

May 11, 2011 Jim Graves 0

Long-term care centers often have a negative stigma attached to them. They are seen by many as sad places where the elderly are neglected. Not so at the Carmelite Sisters’ Santa Teresita Medical Center in […]

The Myths of the Sexual Revolution

May 8, 2011 Jim Graves 0

In 1998, Dr. Richard Wetzel self-published his first book on human sexuality, Sexual Wisdom: A Guide for Parents, Young Adults, Educators, and Physicians. The book presented 17 misconceptions about sex held by many in society, […]

God Doesn’t Walk Away

May 7, 2011 Jim Graves 3

Kathleen Eaton, founder and CEO of Birth Choice Health Clinics, a faithbased, pro-life organization that provides free medical services and education to pregnant women and their families, received the 2010 Cardinal John J. O’Connor Pro-Life […]


Smaller But More Vibrant

May 6, 2011 Jim Graves 0

This interview appeared in the June 2010 issue of Catholic World Report.  Bishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, 54, was born and raised in San Diego. He was one of four children. His father was a fisherman. […]

A Better Kind of Love

May 4, 2011 Jim Graves 0

Seven years ago, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago was seeking a new director for the archdiocesan Respect Life Office. He wanted a director who was more than simply opposed to abortion. He wanted a director […]


Spiritual Warfare

May 3, 2011 Jim Graves 0

Bishop Robert Finn, age 57, grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He was one of five children. His father was a businessman who died of cancer at age 40. Robert attended Catholic schools, and around […]


Nazareth Versus Jerusalem

May 3, 2011 Jim Graves 0

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, age 63, has served as head of the Diocese of Phoenix since 2003. He grew up on a farm on the Kansas- Nebraska border and attended small rural schools in Kansas. […]


Hidden Victories

May 2, 2011 Jim Graves 0

The Catholic apostolate Courage ( helps men and women struggling with same-sex attraction live in accordance with the teachings of the Church. The group is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The apostolate was founded […]


Look Forward and Upward

April 29, 2011 Jim Graves 0

Bishop Robert Vasa has served as bishop of Baker, Oregon since 2000. On January 24, the Vatican announced that he will serve as coadjutor bishop for the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California. Bishop Vasa will […]