Special Report

Changing Catholic Attitudes about Cremation

November 3, 2012 Jim Graves 0

Cremation of human remains was prohibited by Catholic authorities for much of the history of the Church. Today, it is not only allowed, but growing in popularity among the faithful, according to Monica Williams, Director of […]

Special Report

The Return to Rome, Five Years Later

October 19, 2012 Jim Graves 0

Five years ago, a major change came to the lives of Sister Mary Eucharista, a member of the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI), and 14 of her fellow sisters living at Mount St. […]


My Uncle, Fulton Sheen

September 25, 2012 Jim Graves 0

Joan Sheen Cunningham remembers life with her uncle, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who was the face of the American Catholic Church for decades. […]

Special Report

Lessons from Catholic Evangelists

August 22, 2012 Jim Graves 0

In a meeting last year with Church leaders involved in the New Evangelization, Pope Benedict XVI said, “Today’s world needs people who proclaim and testify that it is Christ who teaches the art of living, […]

Special Report

The Blessing of Big Families

August 8, 2012 Jim Graves 0

Pope Benedict XVI, in an audience with members of an Italian association of large families earlier this year, offered encouragement to couples who welcome children as a blessing from God. He said, “There is no […]


Raised Under the GLBT Umbrella

June 27, 2012 Jim Graves 2

Same-sex marriage is the cause célèbre of many politicians and celebrities, and is extensively covered in the news. As debates rage, one central issue is often overlooked, believes Canadian author and speaker Dawn Stefanowicz: how […]