Pride in What?

It is clear from President Biden’s Pride declaration that unreality must be on the march against reality not only here, but anywhere that unreality goes unrecognized.


President Joseph Biden issued his Pride Month declaration on June 1.

The so-called struggle for “ LGBTQ+ rights” in America is actually the story of the enforcement of the rationalizations of the various moral and other disorders encompassed in the alphabet soup moniker. Biden claims he is “taking historic actions to finally deliver full equality for LGBTQ+ families.” But what does the equality so far achieved by this dysfunctional group mean for others? It appears that LGBTQ+ “equality” professionally and socially jeopardizes those who refuse to accede to the imposition of the unreality in which the LGBTQ+ group is engaged in imagining and acting out. As a result, the refuseniks lose their equality.

Take this recent, illustrative case. Physical education teacher, Tanner Cross, has been placed on leave by a Loudoun County Public School in Virginia for saying the following:

It’s not my intention to hurt anyone, but there are certain truths that we must face… We condemn school policies [that] would damage children, defile the holy image of God. I love all of my students but I will never lie to them regardless of the consequences. I’m a teacher but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion. It’s lying to a child, it’s abuse to a child, and it’s sinning against our God.

Cross has met his Thomas More moment with clarity and courage. Now he’ll pay for it.

Here is the school policy he violated. According to Policy 8040 of the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS):

LCPS staff shall allow gender-expansive or transgender students to use their chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without any substantiating evidence, regardless of the name and gender recorded in the student’s permanent educational record. School staff shall, at the request of a student or parent/legal guardian, when using a name or pronoun to address the student, use the name and pronoun that correspond to their gender identity.

So you must call a boy a girl, and a girl a boy, if that’s the identity their parents choose for them. It’s mandatory. How’s that for equality? It appears that reality is not equal with unreality.

Biden’s Pride declaration gets loopier as it proceeds. He says that, “I am particularly honored by the service of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the first openly LGBTQ+ person to serve in the Cabinet.” Open is an understatement. Buttigieg is the man, or rather woman (see below), who said, “I’m gay as a—I don’t know, think of something really gay—that’s how gay I am.” How’s that for out-and-out, so to speak, pride? At the end of 2019, Catholic World Report published the article of mine, titled “A Buttigieg Hallmark Christmas”.

When I briefly returned to public service as the director of the Voice of America late last year through early this year, the liberal press became hysterical over this piece. According to them, I displayed all the symptoms of homophobia and hate speech, along with downright “weirdness,” by simply referring to reality. However, I confess I did get one thing wrong in the article. I had thought that Buttigieg was the “husband” in his imaginary “marriage” with Chasten Glezman. It turns out that Pete thinks he is the “wife.” But Chasten now goes by the last name of Buttigieg, which is somewhat baffling. Doesn’t the wife go by the last name of the husband? So, shouldn’t it be Pete Glezman? Or shouldn’t it, at the very least, be: Mrs. Pete Buttigieg? No?

Oh, well, unreality can be so confusing.

Biden also gave a shout out to another role model, “Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, the first openly transgender person to be confirmed by the Senate.” Rachel is actually Richard Levine, who underwent sex reassignment surgery and hormonal treatment in order to pretend that he is Rachel. Richard had two children with his wife Martha, before he self-discovered that he is a woman, with the help of the surgical excision. Of course, it’s too late for Rachel to become the mother of Richard’s children because that’s Martha. But how do the children introduce Rachel as their father, or is he now the former father? I said unreality is perplexing.

It is clear from the Pride declaration that unreality must be on the march against reality not only here, but anywhere that unreality goes unrecognized. Therefore, the United States must export the array of artificial LGBTQ+ rights and enforce them internationally. Biden states: “My Administration is also working to promote and protect LGBTQ+ human rights abroad.” Aside from the laughingstock this makes us in places such as China and Russia, it does further grievous harm.

Reverend Ladi Peter Thompson, a Lagos-based special adviser on security threats to the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, said: “It’s a fact that the global resurgence of terrorism is tearing Africa apart. There is a dark cloud on the horizon, and the meltdown of Africa’s most populous nation is a specter that nobody wants to imagine. The Biden administration, however, holds forth as the flagship of its policy toward African nations the threat of financial muscle to promote the LGBTI (sic) community in Africa.”

He added, “President Biden would do humankind a great favor by globalizing the American Dream, of which the essence is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Africans love that. But one thing Africans don’t want is the American nightmare, where the rights go rogue, and the rights are wrong.” Rev. Thompson could almost be quoting Lincoln, who said that no one “has a right to do wrong.”

The LGBTQ+ movement will not succeed in the long run. Dream worlds do not last. Such dreams invariably turn into nightmares from which people eventually try to wake themselves. After all, reality still exists and cannot be banished, no matter how hard Joseph Biden tries. It will reassert itself one way or the other. How long that takes and how much damage the rationalizations incur in the meantime will depend partly on us.

In other words, counter-principles to reality must be confronted with the real principles of existence. Reflecting upon his experiences in Nazi Germany where he had been imprisoned, Heinrich Rommen wrote: “When one of the relativist theories is made the basis of a totalitarian state, man is stirred to free himself from the pessimistic resignation that characterizes these relativist theories and to return to his principles.” He then went on to articulate those principles in his great work, The Natural Law, which could serve as an antidote to our present troubles from relativist theories.

Like him, we must stir ourselves. We have the means at hand to do this from our own country’s foundation: they are called “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” This restoration is also necessary for the reestablishment of the integrity of language – so that words are reconnected with reality. For Joseph Pieper, according to the late Fr. James Schall, “the essential thing in philosophy is that not one single element of reality be suppressed or concealed – not one element of that unfathomable reality the vision of which is synonymous with the concept of ‘truth.’”

In other words, tell the truth, the whole truth, and be willing to pay the price that it will exact.

Speaking of Solzhenitsyn and the experiences of spiritual recovery in the Soviet Gulag, the late great Dr. Gerhart Niemeyer, said, “These examples teach that ‘a return’ is possible, but also that no return may be possible without something like an annihilating situation… no recovery of order can be had by a merely intellectual tour de force: nothing short of a soul-shaking experience can stir up the ashes of lost truth.” We may be approaching such an annihilating situation. Rather than letting such a prospect depress us, we should see and prepare for it as an opportunity for the recovery of order. Recall that Cardinal George’s full remarks about his successor dying in prison, and his successor dying a martyr, ended with this sentence, “His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.”

I close with these comforting words from philosopher Eric Voegelin: “The closure of the soul in modern Gnosticism can repress the truth of the soul, but it cannot remove the soul and its transcendence from the structure of reality.” The flight from reality cannot last forever. It will surely fail. We can help make sure it does by something as simple as telling the truth, like this courageous young man, Tanner Cross, has done.

(Note: Portions of this essay are adapted from the author’s chapter in Challenging the Secular Culture: A Call to Christians [Franciscan University Press, 2016].)

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About Robert R. Reilly 22 Articles
Robert R. Reilly was Senior Advisor for Information Strategy (2002-2006) for the US Secretary of Defense, after which he taught at National Defense University. He was the director of the Voice of America (2001-2002) and served in the White House as a Special Assistant to the President (1983-1985). A graduate of Georgetown University and the Claremont Graduate University, his books include The Closing of the Muslim Mind, Making Gay Okay, and Surprised by Beauty: A Listener's Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music. His most recent book, America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding, is published by Ignatius Press.


  1. “Philosophy always buries its undertakers” (Etienne Gilson, The Unity of Philosophical Experience).

  2. Reilly poses the pertinent question with the obvious answer throughout the story of (wo)man. At the root of all evil is pride, so Biden was actually expressing the truth of his (and others’) own failing and fall from grace. In purely humanistic terms, this boasting would be akin to Ford gushing that the Edsel was the first car by committee. The only achievement in these disastrously ill founded appointments is the hope that the public can grasp the denigration of human dignity wrought by hideously disordered rationalization. The Emperor is not only naked; his wrinkled, flabby skin reminds us why theology of the body is essential.

  3. Yes. Pride in what ask Robert Reilly? Right now the Regime has the upper hand, and expect it to get worse, perhaps unbearable. Brave persons like Tanner Cross eventually incarcerated. Joseph Biden made president by hook or by crook would make Judas envious. Betrayal of the faith tearfully clutching his ever handy rosary. Biden says children have the right to believe they are what they’re not, whatever distressed parents might try to contest. That means mind altering doses of hormones and surgical mutilation. Biden expressing his love for justice, for our kids. Killing them spiritually after birth, that is if they survive his increased policy of their mass murder in the womb. Pope Francis himself, the defender of the faith and heir of the Apostles, holder of the Chair of Peter may greet him. What will that say to the world, and Catholics dazed, struggling with the faith, with ecclesial errancy? Catholics voted for Biden. At times when in a religious trance glazed eyes peering upwards Biden reminds me of Marshall Applewhite. Only he’s infinitely more dangerous as president. A White House emblazoned with gay colors we mustn’t forget is a throwback to grinning chimpanzees emblazoned on the facade of St Peter’s. And of course how many Catholic churches proudly display the colors of perdition? Many including the church in Ontario as a mandate. How many parishes in the New York Archdiocese promote homosexuality by their pastors? Many. What does Cardinal Dolan do about it? Better said, what does Pope Francis do about it here in the US, and particularly in Synodalistic Germany. Cardinal Gerhard Müller requests Pope Francis intervene in Germany. Any noticeable reaction? Now for the papal piece de resistance. Francis ordering an ongoing universal Church Synod to discuss synodality. Msgr Gerald Murray was aghast when queried by Raymond Arroyo as to its purpose. Certainly former Milan Archbishop Cardinal Carlo Martini SJ would have been quite pleased to inform Arroyo. Radical makeover of the Church. Judas would surely be envious.

  4. “Pride” is the correct term for the alphabet people to use. They exhibit the same pride as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Eve was corrupted by the serpent to desire to know what God knows; that is to be equal to God, to be God. This defines the deadly sin of pride, which is the worst of the seven deadly sins. Individuals who decide that the natural world created by God was “done wrong,” and they know better how things should be, are prideful. Let them celebrate their sinfulness. Just recognize that the LGBTQRSTUVWXY people aren’t the ones who created the world or the natural order. They fool only themselves . . . and Chairman Joe.

  5. All points are well taken. However, the rhetoric damning and using childish names to the president and others is below my Catholicism. Pray to God that those who choose a sinful path be raised up to see God’s love and wonder.

    • Thank you morganB! Not is it only below your Catholicism, it’s below human dignity. And it’s sinful. One must always stand for the truth, and one must never sin against the 5th Commandment in doing so.

      • Fr. Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R. —-Let’s hope that principle is remembered by those sitting in the jury box, those wielding the gavel in the House and Senate, those preaching from the pulpit. Amen.

    • MorganB: Snort. Do you think we have forgotten the spite, lies, and hatred you have spewed against President Trump? There appears to be very little that is below your Catholicism. When you’re claiming to be Catholic, which you do only sporadically.

      • Whenever one is reading the nonsense that Morgan posts, one must always remember that behind every double standard lies an unconfessed single standard.

    • MorganB – as I’ve posted before – you are in a place where you actually believe your own lies, and that is a deeply dangerous place to be. Your hypocrisy would be comic if it weren’t so disconcerting. You need to step back and do some careful, honest reflection on the state of your soul, for your own sake. “Unless you repent, you will likewise perish. “

    • Well said!! I am a daughter of a Graduate of a Catholic seminary in Washington, DC. I was raised in the church, by Catholic schools. Happy to report, it was NOT coed for us in childhood. No boys. So, why all the hate for Joe Biden? What you have is a primal-political scream here. It’s all politics, at the root of it. Christ warned us~Judge not, lest thou be judged, Clearly his words didn’t hit home with the author, correct? The lowest point of his essay~~oh my word, is where he tells us how China and Russia must disapprove! Did you see that implication? Well, why would our nation need to get approval from the Dictators? Let’s wonder.

      • Clearly his words didn’t hit home with the author, correct?(sic)

        Clearly, the following – and I’d wager most of Sacred Scripture for that matter – has never hit home with you.

        “And why even of yourselves, do you not judge that which is just?” Jesus Christ, Luke 12:57

      • That ridiculous error in interpreting Scripture where one cannot distinguish between judging a soul on its final destination versus the true moral demand of all Christians to judge and condemn powerful figures who openly act against the Natural Law that results in real deaths and the deadening of so many souls via the grave sin of Public Scandal.

        So much easier and safer to hide behind the misinterpreted words of Christ and claim an unearned ‘righteousness’ in always looking the other way.

      • Christ warned us~Judge not, lest thou be judged, Clearly his words didn’t hit home with the author, correct?(sic)

        Clearly, the following – and I’d wager most of Sacred Scripture for that matter – has never hit home with you.

        “And why even of yourselves, do you not judge that which is just?” Jesus Christ, Luke 12:57

      • You twist the author’s words. The absurd lies which Biden is attempting to force the whole world to pretend are true, make the US a laughing stock (not “disapproved”) to the ordinary sensible people of China and Russia (and every other country, though some are not allowed to say so in public), not the Chinese communist dictators, who have their own set of lies but are given this gift in a platter by Biden so they can falsely but plausibly say “look what idiocy democracy leads to”. Russia’s government though you may dislike it, is democratically elected (albeit with some disturbing interference with the process, which the USA is not free from either).

  6. I hate Nazi analogies. I think they grossly exaggerate what we are having to live through compared to what the people who lived under that regime faced. But I happen to be reading Father Daniel Utrecht’s THE LION OF MUNSTER, a biography of Clemens von Galen, the wartime archbishop of Munster. Who refused to call black white and white black. It can make those of us — me — who have to deal with so much less feel very inadequate.

    • Eric Voegelin analyzed the Nazi movement as a form of Gnosticism. I do not think it is a stretch to point to Nazi Germany in 1935 as an analogy to current events and their similarly Gnostic nature. That is when the Nuremberg Laws were passed, stripping Jews of their German citizenship and forbidding marriage between non-Jews and Jews. No doubt, there were still many fine and upstanding people in Germany at the time, including many Catholics, but from then on they had to keep their mouths shut about the Nazi racial superiority teachings because they were state law. I am sure there were many people opposed to the race theory of history who said to themselves, as people do today regarding homosexual “marriage,” ‘well, this is a losing issue. Let’s leave it alone and move on.’ They were probably too frightened to consider what they were moving on to, just as people today avoid thinking about the consequences of the complete denial of reality involved in homosexual “marriage.” Anyone who thinks that we are involved in a denial of reality any less profound than that of 1935 Germany is kidding themselves. Success for the homosexual dream requires the obliteration of the real and the removal of those who insist on the existence of reality. If you don’t think so, try to speak up on this or any related issue and see what happens to you professionally and socially.
      By the way, I am a huge fan of Bishop von Galen. Thanks for the tip on the book, which I just ordered.

  7. Mr. Reilly,

    Thank you for your great courage, clarity, charity, commitment, and personal sacrifice.

    God Bless,
    Jim Gill

  8. Peaceful Reign Invite for Divine Will Empire – as the Reign of Peace of the Two Hearts radiating Light , painting the hues of holiness as of the Rainbows , in the souls …
    all singing in ever increasing chorus of praise and glory to The Lion of Judah as He rejoices in the pride of the lion cubs that have been won at the Price of Blood , stretching across time and space , like endless oceans and rainbows ..

    every prayer that none be lost heard as answered prayer , rewarded in the abundance of the joy and gratitude from same , yet also substituting for those who choose to be lost , preserving the freedom of the rebellious self will ..

    Praise and glory for ever to The Sacred Heart from all hearts !

  9. Rainbow? Genesis 9:13-17! One time my 3 year-old kid was punished for using profanity to describe his younger brother and my wife made the mistake of saying that that type of word was to be used only in the bathroom so he quickly ran into the bathroom and started shouting every toilet related word he could think of. It’s a pride in disobedience and getting your own way without shame or guilt.

  10. Pride in What?, we ask.

    Indeed, in 2003 we already had this from Paul Ettelbrick, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Director: “Being queer means pushing the parameters of sex and family, and in the process, transforming the very fabric of society” (reported in Kurtz, Stanley, “Beyond Gay Marriage,” The Weekly Standard, August 4 – August 11, 2003, Vol. 8, No. 45).

    Transforming the very fabric of society! Nothing less. We should expect nothing less from a culture with a blue-ribbon history of promiscuity. Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. included this in a 2010 report (“An Open Secret: The Truth About Gay Male Couples”): “In 1968, Hoffman stated: “Sexual promiscuity is one of the most striking, distinguishing features of gay life in America” (The Gay World: Male Homosexuality and the Social Creation of Evil, Basic Books)…

    A much-cited study by Bell and Weinberg (Homosexualities: A Study of Diversity among Men and Women, Simon and Schuster, 1978), published by the Kinsey Institute, and often called the most ambitious study of homosexuality ever attempted, gathered its data before the AIDS crisis had begun. This study showed that 28 percent of homosexual males had had sexual encounters with ONE THOUSAND or more partners. Furthermore, 79 percent said more than half of their sex partners were strangers. Only 1 percent of the sexually active men had had fewer than five lifetime partners. The authors concede: “Little credence can be given to the supposition that homosexual men’s ‘promiscuity’ has been overestimated.” “Almost half of the white homosexual males…said that they had had at least FIVE HUNDRED different sexual partners during the course of their homosexual careers.”

    Yes, with AIDS the homosexual lifestyle has since narrowed down from these heroic figures…. But, the fabric of society is transformed, first, when AIDS spread (bisexually?) into the general population; second, when the value-neutral state came to the rescue medically and ideologically, both; third, when the institution of marriage was redefined by courtroom fatwa; and fourth, when the complementarity of human sexuality itself was likewise diluted and deluded, into gender theory now to be infiltrated into the public schools.

    No need to mention that male homosexuality is reported to increase the risk of colon cancer twenty-fold. We have treatments for that, too.

    Must we drink to all this? Bottoms up?

    • True enough, “we did not create ourselves.” But are there some cases where inadvertent (environmental) chemical interference in the fetus, for example, then later disrupts what God has created?

      There is no homosexual gene, etc. etc., but what about endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs), for example? The new scientific question is whether fetal absorption of EDCs can block normal hormonal development toward physically/ emotionally integrated male and female children at birth? (Chemicals associated with endocrine-disrupting ability in humans include organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, bisphenol A, phthalates, dioxins, and furans.)

      Does this possible fetal victimhood help explain later aberrant sexual orientation, just as childhood sexual abuse helps us to understand (again, not endorse) later rounds of sexual predation as by (formerly-abused) priests and so many more in the general population? This is not to discount the likely dominant role of early promiscuity in locking-in later addictions.

      In any event, sound moral theology regarding the immorality of sexual activity outside of real marriage still applies equally for all—-for chemically victimized (?) and later physically-abused victims, and others, no less than for binary/complementary males and females.

  11. Tanner Cross:
    “I’m a teacher”(or fill in the blank) “but I serve God first…” That’s exactly it! I have always admired Thomas More even from my childhood.
    Robert R. Reilly:
    “Cross has met his Thomas More moment with clarity and courage. Now he’ll pay for it.”
    Pray we all be that brave to proclaim the truth even in the face of suffering. Tanner leads by example and will not hide behind the popular screen of diversity, tolerance and inclusion! Prayers for Tanner Cross. St. Thomas More intercede for him. Amen

  12. I’m curious – how many of you out there believe that Biden actually writes this bilge, as opposed to parroting whatever is put in front of him?

    And – How many believe that he actually REALLY knows what he is saying?

    • That’s a point Terrence insofar as cognitive incompetence and the president’s culpability. However, civil law is correct on the issue of culpability for the mentally compromised. If such a person attempts to conceal their crime they’re considered capable of distinguishing between good and evil and are [at least used to be prior to rampant liberalism] considered guilty of their crime. President Biden take pains at justifying the evils he promotes, which seems to parallel the mentally deranged criminal who attempts to conceal his crime.

    • These are pointed and significant questions that I have not see expressed in this way. Many years ago there was a man who came to gatherings. This man told story after story for so many years, and they were fantastic stories about his accomplishments but they were untrue. In all those years, the people who knew him listened to him and realized that he actually believed his own lies. For some reason he lived in his storyland, yet he functioned in life with a family and job. His compulsive story telling was something I had never witnessed. I have wondered whatever happened to him. Thanks for asking those questions.

  13. To judge means to determine the outcome. God alone judges souls. We are to discern good or evil and to clearly call good good and evil evil. We must never support or follow a person who is clearly endorsing evil such as Biden is. I pray he repents before he dies.

    • As a priest Diane judgment is necessary to withhold or forgive sin as commissioned to us by Christ. I must make judgments when a penitent confesses, and at times when obviously withholding his acknowledgment of mortal sin. When distributing communion if someone known to the community is living in manifest sin and refuses to repent I cannot confer the Eucharist to him. If I did I would be liable of his crime. Politicians who consistently and adamantly promote abortion or homosexuality come under that prohibition. True God is the ultimate judge. We are nonetheless commissioned as presbyters or bishops to necessarily make such judgments regarding manifest grave sin. Widespread lack by clergy in fulfilling this obligation has putatively led many souls to perdition. Be competent and careful how you judge us.

    • Diane for some reason when I first noticed your comment I didn’t notice Rosemarie’s comments above yours. If you apparently were not responding to me pardon my mistake and consider it a general observation.

  14. ” but also that no return may be possible without something like an annihilating situation” … the Soviet Union of the 1980s there was an earthquake which killed 80,000 people then in the early 1990s the Soviet Union fell. I agree with the author. We may have some disasters coming but then we can possibly rebuild a decent society. Build our spiritual muscles now, we will need them to endure suffering and then rebuild. All for God.

  15. It’s really funny watching people get all upset over nothing. We had a Sr. David in my school (that no one refused to call “Sr. David” because David is a male name) and once had a retreat director named Fr. Joseph Marie. Perhaps the Catholic church was the first to recognize that gender is far more complex than mere genitalia. It’s also pathetic to see the degree to which the author repeatedly labels as “disordered” orientations that the medical community has affirmed are normal variants of human sexuality. I’m sure the author will protest that he “respects,” none-the-less, the people he tries to dehumanize. And yet people wonder why nobody under the age of 50 pays any attention to arguments such as his.

    • From my book, Making Gay Okay:
      Until 1973 homosexuality was defined as a mental illness in the Diagnostic
      and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association,
      the authoritative classification of mental disorders. In the first edition of
      the DSM in 1953, homosexuality was listed as a “sociopathic personality
      disturbance”. The DSM-II,published in 1968, dropped the “sociopathic” designation but still listed homosexuality as a “sexual deviation”. DSM-II, section 302, said, in part: “This category is for individuals whose sexual interests are directed primarily towards objects other than people of the opposite sex, toward sexual acts . . . performed under bizarre circumstances. . . .
      Even though many find their practices distasteful, they remain unable to
      substitute normal sexual behavior for them.”
      Gay activist and author Jeffrey Weeks wrote that “the decision of the American Psychiatric Association to delete homosexuality from its published list of sexual disorders in 1973 was scarcely a cool, scientific decision. It was a response to a political campaign fueled by the belief that its original inclusion as a disorder was a reflection of an oppressive politico-medical definition of homosexuality as a problem.” Homosexual activist and neuroscientist Dr. Simon LeVay stated that “gay activism was clearly the force that propelled the APA to declassify homosexuality.”
      In Homosexuality and American Psychiatry, Professor Ronald Bayer, who
      was sympathetic to the homosexual cause, also gave an account and a critique
      of the change in classification:
      “The entire process, from the first confrontation organized by gay demonstrators
      at psychiatric conventions to the referendum demanded by Orthodox
      psychiatrists, seemed to violate the most basic expectations about
      how questions of science should be resolved. Instead of being engaged
      in a sober consideration of data, psychiatrists were swept up in a political
      controversy. . . . The result was not a conclusion based on an approximation
      of the scientific truth as dictated by reason, but was instead an action
      demanded by the ideological temper of the times.”

    • Sister David, not Brother David. She wasn’t imagining herself to be a man and insisting that everyone else had to pretend she was, too. She was only honoring a saint by using his name.

      Many, many men around the world, not just priests, have had Marie as a part of their names. Again, they were not pretending to be women.

      “the medical community has affirmed are normal variants of human sexuality.”

      Any people in the medical community, or anywhere else, who claim this is normal are a)idiots, b)cowards, or c)evil.

  16. Why are we DEBATING whether a person who supports a system of legalized mass murder – abortion – can receive communion or not? WAAAAAAY to much confusion for me to remain a Catholic. This Wokeism in the Church is/will kill it off. Guaranteed! The more it wants, and does, look like the world, the more adherents leave. Does not the RC Church even care about its’ declining numbers, and growing irrelevancy? I guess not!

  17. – Just heard about this event in Fr.Mitch Pacwa’s inspiring talk on EWTN today –
    both the above items for us all to be proud of and be grateful for , along with the Holy Father , who in his prophetic voice in tenderness mentions the ‘hiring of the hit men ‘ as a basic issue in sins against life .
    The above author’s mention about antisocial personality traits underlying the disorder as relevant and the two issues being well linked .
    The Holy Father too well aware of same , also brought to light through exorcists such as Fr.Ripperger , calling them as a family of ‘ death / bestial spirits ‘ , that harden hearts , making persons incapable of empathy and trying to elicit same or firm correction can backfire , thus the wisdom and patience modeled in The Church too along with the spiritual weapons in many such areas .

    Our Lord and His Mother , having foreseen the needs of our times far ahead , thus granting the Two Hearts Feasts as well as the more explicit revelation of The Passion , such as the 24 Hours of Passion meditations of same in the Divine Will writings , to help undo such areas and generational spirits .

    We can also be proud and thankful that the Holy Father concluded the May Rosary month , invoking Our Lady , Undoer of knots – that the Fire of The Spirit burns away all that need to be , to bring in Oneness in The Spirit all that we are blessed to be part of – creation itself and all of humanity , in His Will and with His Love , across limits of time and space .

    Interesting that Fr.Mitch also mentions how the Jewish tradition had separate readings for the more learned that mentioned how in the Messianic times , the fig tree would bend to bring its fruit – ? prophetic about how in the Reign of the Divine Will , the human will all across will bend to serve the Divine Will alone and how the fruit of same would flow as the wine of goodness and holiness in unimaginable levels !

    May The Lord grant us , all the needed hope and trust in Him , to persevere amidst the chastisements and struggles that The Lord as well all of heaven be proud of all , in the Wisdom in Loving God and oneself and others , in His Will and with His Love .

    FIAT !

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