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A Buttigieg Hallmark Christmas

In Buttigieg’s terms, getting “used to it” means transforming an individual lie about homosexuality and “gay marriage” into a collective one in the souls of us all.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind. (left), looks on as former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the 2020 Democratic presidential debate in Houston Sept. 12, 2019. Other candidates pictured are Sens. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt. and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (CNS photo/Mike Blake, Reuters)

Nothing could illustrate more powerfully how far the rationalization for homosexual behavior has embedded itself in American life than presidential candidacy of Pete Buttigieg. Note that it is not the inclination, but the behavior that is being declared and justified.

“Twenty years ago, an awkward teenager at St. Joe High School in South Bend, Indiana, who didn’t know a single out LGBTQ+ student there, never would have imagined how far we would come as a country,” Buttigieg wrote in a recent 18-page white paper titled “Becoming Whole: A New Era for LGBTQ+ Americans”. Indeed, just look at us now! Pete says, “I’m gay as a—I don’t know, think of something really gay—that’s how gay I am.”

Okay, that’s settled. Being gay is okay. But what about the way in which you are gay? Does that carry any moral import? Nope, no problem there either. Buttigieg, responding to a question during CNN’s LGBTQ Town Hall in October, stated: “There is no right or wrong way to be gay, to be queer, to be trans, and I hope that our own community, even as we struggle to define what our identity means, defines it in a way that lets everybody know that they belong among us.”

Politico describes Buttigieg as “the 37-year-old husband of a man who teaches Montessori middle school and with whom he hopes to parent children.” Chasten Glezman is pretending to be a woman so he can be the “wife” in this arrangement. Buttigieg is also pretending that Glezman is a woman. If they engage in sodomy – the defining act of homosexual behavior – then they are both pretending that a certain bodily aperture is actually a vagina, which neither of them has. This is called play-acting. So is the make-believe that the two of them could “parent children.” The only condition on which they could have children is via a missing mom. In other words, have a child in such a way that it will be deliberately deprived of one of its parents. This might be called many things, but “parenting” is not one of them.

When Buttigieg was asked how he, as president, would deal with “leaders of foreign countries where it’s still illegal to be gay,” he responded: “So, they’re going to have to get used to it.” Leave aside the fact that there are no countries where it is the illegal to be homosexual, only ones where the act of sodomy continues to be against the law. What does “getting used to it” mean? It means that foreign leaders, like the rest of us, will have to become actors in their play-acting. Buttigieg means that we must all conform ourselves to the script of the fantasy dream world in which he is engaged.

This is happening – i.e., being required – everywhere. A recent illustrative episode concerns what occurred when the Hallmark Channel pulled several ads from wedding-planning company Zola, four of whose six commercials featured same-sex couples kissing. Those four were canceled. The gay+ Twitterdom went nuts, calling for a Hallmark boycott. Like an errant American sports team kowtowing to China’s president-for-life Xi Jinping, Hallmark groveled. In contrition, it promised to work with homosexual advocacy group GLAAD “to better represent the LGBTQ community across our portfolio of brands.” Zola’s chief marketing officer Mike Chi (any relation to President Xi?), who was astute enough to observe that only the commercials with “a lesbian couple kissing” were pulled, will not give absolution. After ritually intoning the LGBTQ credo that “all kisses, couples and marriages are equal celebrations of love,” he let the ax drop: “we will no longer be advertising on Hallmark.”

Ouch! After all, what would the holiday season be without lesbians kissing under the mistletoe? Isn’t that why Baby Jesus came in the first place? So we could all love each other equally? It’s alright, though. Hallmark CEO Mike Perry courageously announced that the company is committed to (guess what?) “diversity and inclusion” and will reinstate the commercials. GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis says she is “thrilled” with the reversal because, as she explained on CNN, “for my wife and I to try to explain this to our 10-year-old twins is mortifying.” The mortifying thing in this sentence is not only its grammar: “for my wife and I” should be “for my wife and me.” But that’s okay because Sarah could not possibly have a wife because she’s a woman. And they could not possibly be “our 10-year-old twins” because only one of them could possibly be the mother, and the other one could not possibly be the father. Where’s the “inclusion” when it comes to dad?

In the Analects, Confucius taught: “If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things.” The corruption of language prevents us from knowing what things are, or how to speak of them properly, or how to use, rather than abuse, them. Philosopher Eric Voegelin said: “The obsession of replacing the world of reality with the transfigured dream world has become the obsession of the one world in which the dreamers adopt the vocabulary of reality, while changing its meaning, as if the dream were reality.” Thus we have Buttigieg and his male “wife.” And we have Sarah Kate Ellis as the “husband” of her “wife” and their twins.

“In the Gnostic dream world,” Voegelin explained,

nonrecognition of reality is the first principle. As a consequence, types of action which in the real world would be considered as morally insane because of the real effects which they have will be considered moral in the dream world because they intended an entirely different effect. The gap between intended and real effect will be imputed not to the Gnostic immorality of ignoring the structure of reality but to the immorality of some other person or society that does not behave as it should behave according to the dream conception of cause and effect.

If we are not behaving as we should in accordance with the dream world, it is probably because we’re “haters.” Charity and compassion are the trump cards played by those who accede to and insist upon the Buttigieg-like normalization of homosexual behavior. It’s all part of “caring.” Charity is indeed an obligation, but it never trumps truth. Plato said that to lie in one’s soul about “what is” is the worst thing a human being can do because the person so possessed would no longer be able to distinguish truth from falsehood, and consequently would speak untruth without even knowing it. In Buttigieg’s terms, getting “used to it” means transforming an individual lie into a collective one in the souls of us all. I see no better way of doing this than by making him president. He should run some campaign commercials on the Hallmark Channel to make the dream come true.

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Robert R. Reilly was Senior Advisor for Information Strategy (2002-2006) for the US Secretary of Defense, after which he taught at National Defense University. He was the director of the Voice of America (2001-2002) and served in the White House as a Special Assistant to the President (1983-1985). A graduate of Georgetown University and the Claremont Graduate University, his books include The Closing of the Muslim Mind, Making Gay Okay, and Surprised by Beauty: A Listener's Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music. His most recent book, America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding, is published by Ignatius Press.


  1. Politico describes Buttigieg as “the 37-year-old husband of a man who teaches Montessori middle school and with whom he hopes to parent children.”

    This is one of the reasons I hate messing with perfectly good words like “childrearing.” Or fathering. Or mothering.

    Just now doing Christmas shopping I heard a radio ad for sleep disorders talking about disrupting the sleep of “your bed-partner.” My bed partner has 4 legs & is so old he’d sleep through an earthquake.

    Verbal engineering always precedes social engineering. It’s always a preview of things to come. Just say no.

    • They can become parents by adopting children who were born to mothers unable or unwilling to care for; women who were denied medically safe abortions by the actions of the right to lifers.who insist on violating a woman’s right to privacy

      • Tom:
        “They can become parents by adopting children”


        In a number of locations laws may permit that, but Catholic teaching is that it’s not in the best interest of the child. Children deserve to be raised by both a mother & a father.
        Sadly, children have become a sort of commodity & that creates a market for the surrogacy industry which exploits poor women.

      • “They can become parents by adopting children who were born to mothers unable or unwilling to care for;”

        So that they can pretend that they are in a marriage instead of a mockery of marriage. Thus attempting to perpetuate what is at best a mental illness, and in any case is a deliberate choice to commit a sin that denies the dominion of nature and God.

        “women who were denied medically safe abortions by the actions of the right to lifers.who insist on violating a woman’s right to privacy”

        Because a right that is in only the “emanations” and “penumbras” of the Constitution is far, far, far more important than the life of a child? What sort of disgustingly evil person are you to post something like that?

      • No one has the right to take the life of an unborn child. Only barbarians think it is ok to dismember a child and remove it from the womb. 60 million of these since Roe v Wade is appalling.

      • “.. .women who were denied medically safe abortions by the actions of the right to lifers.who insist on violating a woman’s right to privacy.”

        You mean the right to privacy to kill their unborn child? I’m reminded of Mother Teresa’s words: “millions are dying deliberately by the will of the mother. And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today. Because if a mother can kill her own child – what is left but for me to kill you and you kill me?”

      • “women who were denied medically safe abortions by the actions of the right to lifers.who insist on violating a woman’s right to privacy”

        So, the right to privacy includes the right to kill an unborn child?

      • First, Tom, it’s becoming all too painfully clear that “medically safe” is rather a dodgy term when applied to a clinic where abortions are often performed by people and in conditions that are anything but “safe”. Closer to home, however, I’m what you disparagingly call a ‘right-to-lifer’. I take that position with a firm mind and a glad heart, and quite frankly I do not grant you the privilege of disrespecting me with the words and tone of your post. The right to life of the not-yet-born is as legally and morally fixed as is your own. The right to privacy is a desperately poor excuse for killing an unborn child, regardless of the reason.

      • While counseling abortion minded fathers and mothers of the baby, you almost never hear two arguments. First one, “I’m interested in protecting my health.” Second one, “I am unwilling to care for a child.” Number one argument is that, “a baby is just going to mess up my messed up life even further and I can’t deal with thinking ahead ten years about what a greater train wreck my life will be because of my decision to abort.”

  2. Rob, we lost the battle over homosexuality. We’ve been trounced really and short of divine intervention the libertine consensus will be with us for our lifetime. You are fighting yesterday’s war. It’s time to wake-up and realize that religious freedom is today’s battle and we need you to focus, because in 10-20 years we may not even be able to practice our religion at the rate things are going.

    • The USCCB is in denial that the Church is in the DNCs nuclear crosshairs. The USCCB plays nice with the DNC hoping to get scraps from they’re table. The bishops shelf life is coming to an end. They have no spine to resist, much less to fight.

      • It would be so inspiring if at least a few members of the USCCB would stand up for the faith the way a Bonhoeffer did, or Fr. Jerzey Popieluszko did. Unfortunately, that requires a spine and a soul-consuming passion for Christ that isn’t easy to identify among Church hierarchy these days. Or anywhere else for that matter.

    • You are wrong! We have NOT lost the battle against homosexuality. It is just beginning and will continue until these poor souls are given the help they so sorely need. Personal gratification is NOT the reason God gave the gift of sex. An elementary knowledge of the average same sex attracted man or woman will clearly show that sex drives their lives The number of sex partners for a homosexual man or women is more than 15 times that of a hetersexual person. Just how much support Buttigieg gets for NO OTHER REASON OTHER THAN HE IS HOMOSEXUAL? So sad and against the law of God. If God is with us who can be against us! P.S. Years from now the Catholic Church will STILL be here!

    • Joseph Taylor
      “Rob, we lost the battle over homosexuality. We’ve been trounced really and short of divine intervention the libertine consensus will be with us for our lifetime. You are fighting yesterday’s war.”
      Joseph, I thought we were still fighting Roe vs Wade & that was a battle “won” over 4 decades ago. And it appears we’re now making some progress towards overturning that.
      It took over 250 years to undo chattel slavery in America.
      The culture our children inherit is always worth fighting for. No one knows what Our Lord has planned for tomorrow but we know full well what His eternal teachings on marriage are. Even if we are not always successful in halting the unraveling of our society we should remain faithful & obedient. When the time is right, the Lord will give us another opportunity.
      Don’t lose hope.

    • Ranger01, who do you think you are to decide that a battle is lost, when the fighting is still going on? Desert and flee the field if you’re not man enough. “Ranger” indeed.

  3. I thought it was an excellent article, very well written, making important points, drawing on classic references. If this war is already lost, the article is helpful for clarifying one’s own mind and equipping one to be able to make things clear to the next generation, whether they be students, children and grandchildren, speaking the Truth courageously in love to prevent this error from prevailing at least in your neck of the woods.

  4. I don’t care how other people live their lives, and I can’t stop them from sinning, but I don’t know why they want to force me to agree that it is OK. It is not OK, it is gravely disordered. It is also disgusting.

  5. Mayor Pete has lived in “Never,Never,Land” so long at age 37 he can no longer accepts reality and truth.So he continues to fly across the stage like Peter Pan.
    A citizen can watch Mayor Pete soar across the stage at Loyola University no less
    tonight.Sprinkling his sordid “pixie dust” on his audience of angry hateful socialist/democrats.

    • “Pixie Dust.” “Soaring”? As in Peter Pan or a fairies? “Never Land” As in Michael Jackson’s former home?

      Really!?! This space, and the readers herein, deserve more than trite little clichés. And let us not forget that Buttigieg, unlike most of the men here and in the U.S., was masculine enough to get through Basic and Combat training in the U.S. military–and would no doubt be able to kick your ass in a fair fight.

    • It is in the nature of human beings to seek to replace the reified realm of ‘facts’, which they find unsatisfactory, with something novel they would prefer. The revision is usually called a ‘truth based on deeper understanding’, or on ‘scientific state-of-art’. Such be the case of homosexuality, nowadays. Human beings transform words to suit their revisionist intent bearing on society and interpersonal relationship, and from this, on what needs to be condemned and what need be condoned.

      Man (i.e. humanity) transvalues notions, for the real subject of all value talk, even God, is man, as Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach (German, 1804-72) posited. If transvaluation sounds rather post-Modernist, such is the state of cultures in their transformative decadence. Such is, indeed, the state of Western culture, ever the more unmoored from Platonic immutability, in which the never-changing meaning of a term is its essence. As Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina, 1899-1986) writes in his poem, ‘The Golem’:

      “Si (como afirma el griego en el Cratilo)
      el nombre es arquetipo de la cosa,
      en las letras de ‘rosa’ está la rosa
      y todo el Nilo en la palabra ‘Nilo’.”

  6. I remind myself and my children- looking at history and His words/promises, that we have lost many battles but won the war- 🙂

  7. I look at that picture of good ol’ Uncle Joe talking and I am reminded of the spring of 2016 when he said “I have no problem with same-sex marriages” and then not long after that the Prez said pretty much the same thing.

    Not long after that Notre Dame gave him the Laetare Medal, its highest honor to a ‘Catholic’ layman (or woman) and not long after that he officiated at a same-sex wedding on his website and not long ago he was refused Communion in South Carolina because of his support of abortion.

    And he is STILL insisting on being thought of as a serious Catholic.


  8. “as we struggle to define what our identity means” as quoted in context of his remarks, we clearly understand what it means to be confused and ignorant of the truth. The radical left will always be confused because they are willfully blind to facts that contradict what they would like them to be.

  9. We need to retain the distinction between “gay” and homosexual. Gay describes the culture which furthers and celebrates homosexual activity. A single homosexual man or woman is not necessarily “gay.”

    • “Gay” is a perfectly innocent word meaning “bright and cheerful” and I refuse to use it to mean evil and perverted. I am tired of people stealing words and ruining them.

  10. Buttigieg is enjoying the “divinization” and “enthronement” of Total Self-Absorbed Misery. There’s no greater misery than the total self-absorption of homosexuality (different degrees of this in the different individuals). Studies confirm that they have the greater percentages of mental, emotional and spiritual problems. I don’t need any studies after directly observing homosexuals in my family, my work in jail, and everywhere else. Yes, on the surface homosexuality appears as the most harmless of things (just “love” they say), but Satan always puts the opposite name and/or image to the reality of his impostor weapons of mass destruction. When he is looking for division and strife, he calls it “unity and peace” When he looks for return to old paganism and long rejected, destructive old ideas, he calls it “progressivism”, etc., etc.

    That’s why the real name for “gay” should be “miserable”. THAT IS UNTIL you give it political power or any other kind of undeserved, gratuitous, entitled powers of privilege, influence and control. Then it morphs into a good-and-evil-as-one, hybrid, huge monster with enormous deception, control and destructive power, the greatest Marxist political tool. just give great power to the most deranged sexual human condition and it instantly becomes the almighty, self-justifying, self-saving god-of-sin for many, especially the already self-absorbed and self-righteous. Just look around. If you want to destroy anything beautiful, good and true, just put a radical homosexual in it. To paraphrase Buttigieg, there’s nothing gay-er than that.

    Homosexuality is also the absolute “divinization” and “glorification” of masturbation, self-pleasuring to the absolute, the end of transcendence (covered up by false religions/spirituality/”enlightened” radical atheism, etc.). In well-known forms of masturbation, people engage in manual self-pleasuring or use a combination of sex “toys”, pornography, etc. In homosexuality the preferred masturbating sex “toy” is now another human being(s) of your very own gender, the very ultimate objectification and dehumanization of people, far darker and infinitely worse than horrible sins like rape, slavery and human trafficking. That’s why RADICAL homosexuality has been the open door to all kinds of depravity, corruption and total regression in all the many aspects of human life.

    Radical LGBTQ is infinitely more than just sexual “preference” or “lifestyle”, otherwise it would have had very little influence anywhere. In Truth, it is the total collapse into ourselves, total darkness, when our souls, minds, hearts, bodies, and every strand of DNA in every of our trillions of cells is built for SELF-TRANSCENDENCE into the True Judeo-Christian God, his Infinite Light and His Gospel Fraternity. Our love for homosexuals should lead them out of themselves and into Jesus not deeper into themselves. Same with every other sin, inside or outside of us. Godly self-transcendence is the Holy Cross where all sin comes to die and New Life springs forth and up to God, here and now(John 4:14).

    • While much of what you say is insightful and incisive, you make the mistake of attributing the list of ill-behaviors to homosexuals alone. Most of what you describe can (must) be said of heterosexuals as well. Even relations between a sacramentally married heterosexual couple can be sinful (affectively disordered).

      Narcissism is the pandemic of our age. “It’s all about me,” is the post-modern Credo. From predator clerics to corporate CEO’s whose only concern is their bottom line (Exxon-Valdez, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and Union Carbide’s disaster in Bhopal to list a very, very few) self-interest is the coin of the 21st century realm.

      While your “Our love for homosexuals should lead them out of themselves and into Jesus not deeper into themselves” is brilliant, it must be said of everyone. And where the Church, and “church people”, fail miserably.

      • Randell Franklin Busby, you start by misrepresenting me and then saying, basically, that I misrepresent homosexuals. Nowhere did I say that all sin comes always and ever directly from “homosexuals alone”, as you say. Nowhere. Homosexuality TODAY has just empowered sin and evil like nothing else before for the last 100 or 1,000 years, due to its biological-level-bottomless-narcissism, as I have already explained. The article here talks about Buttigieg and the imposition of the rationalization of homosexuality and its consequences. When I look at “…Exxon-Valdez, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and Union Carbide’s disaster in Bhopal to list a very, very few..” as you say, I see the very exact, same nefarious influence, TODAY, of the rationalization and acceptance of homosexuality and its biological-level-bottomless-narcissism. Homosexual narcissism is an all-encompassing, universal spiritual disease before it morphs into anything else, physical, sexual or otherwise.

        I can see it in emperor Nero (the inventor of homosexual “marriage”) in the first century, I can see it in Hitler (explained in “The Pink Swastika” book), in the ruthlessness of all tyrants, serial killers, etc., etc. (I was once a teacher and counselor working in a prison). Is all of sin and every sin caused by homosexual influence? Absolutely and of course not! But the worst of it, IS!! That’s why it has been the preferred, politically super empowered, “gateway drug” and the Pride Parade leader for today’s tsunami of sin, perversion and the universal politicization of all humans and all Creation. That’s because it’s directly connected to Satan’s bottomless narcissism that transformed him from the most beautiful angel into the most despicable demon.

        That’s why there’s always in RADICAL homosexuality a jealous criminal war against women (God’s icons of His Beauty on Earth) and an emphasis on how “fabulous”, “unstoppable” and how “absolutely right” it all is. Only God’s Infinite Beauty of Truth and Holiness should rule above all and homosexuality is its greatest enemy, even if not the only one. The Church and its people have failed all the time for 2,000 years and God’s Purpose still moves forward and succeeds, sins and catastrophes notwithstanding, always when narcissism in its regular and hyper-homosexual forms is rejected and duly crucified. It is homosexuality, whether in its intellectual, moral, scientific, artistic, cultural, physical or spiritual forms (or all of the above) that is a TOTAL narcissistic failure, and nowhere clearer than in the present homosexual infiltration of the Church and the resulting heinous abuse, an evil project long in the making. God allowed these crimes as a ripping off of homosexuality’s “innocent beautiful love” mask. We do fail when we reject God’s very clear signs and revelations by rationalizing our self-serving-self-righteousness and narcissism. All sin is sin but no worse than when it is given a homosexual robe, throne, scepter and halo.

      • Randell, while it is perhaps true that “Even relations between a sacramentally married heterosexual couple can be sinful (affectively disordered),” the critical difference is that said couple is not making a political issue of it and requiring that all accept their error.

        • “critical difference is that said couple is not making a political issue of it and requiring that all accept their error.”

          One critical difference is that the relations of the sacramentally married couple are not in and of themselves automatically sinful; they can do sinful things. Homosexual relations are always sinful.

  11. We love LGBT people. Christ loves them too. Pope Francis loves them too. The Catholic Church loves them too.

    Remember that truth is at the service of love. So Christ loves homosexuals to the extent that he wants them to come out of their sinful life to a life of grace. Other homosexuals, by God’s grace, have succeeded to deny themselves and please God as God wants and not as they want. It is possible for homosexuals not to succumb to homosexual acts.

    Remember that every sexual act, interior or exterior, outside of marriage is a grievous sin that separates the sinner from God and puts them on the path to hell. This is based on the whole of Public Revelation.

    Par.2396 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices.”

    The sins of the flesh are the most common sins among people. So, not only homosexuals have to deny themselves but all people, the single and the married, homosexuals and heterosexuals. Otherwise, they would end up living in sin.

    From exorcisms we know that all people who are in hell are there for their sins against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments of God at least, most of them for others sins as well.

  12. A demon is a demon. If you accept a demon infesting someone like this guy, you are committing a grave sin – and you will pay for it.

  13. I question the sentence “Charity is indeed an obligation but it never triumphs truth.” True charity will always be grounded in truth. The truest charity is to desire the Eternal Salvation of a person. So, true charity toward homosexuals will always involve the Truth of the Gospel. You wrote of language being manipulated. Don’t allow the true meaning of the word “charity” to be manipulated.

  14. Amazing and refreshing insight!
    I have read “Making Gay OK”, and have recommended it to others. The same with “Adam And Eve After The Pill”.
    I am also reminded of what the Sisters taught us in the 1950s: the Russians infiltrate societies in subtle ways, beginning with ruining the family and alienating/separating children from their parents.
    I cannot help but wonder if our enemies are delighting in our internal combustion.
    God bless and help us all.
    Merry Christmas!!

  15. I believe that Mayor B is the pretend “female” in that arrangement as seen in a recent article in Politco: “the husband of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a constant presence, at least on Twitter, where he posts a steady stream of….” so you see what Mayor B does as the pretend female in that arrangement……

  16. Amidst all our comment about this topic, we must always remember that mortal sin is mortal sin regardless of the sin. When those practicing homosexuality come to our churches, they must find a people ready to welcome them and pray that by hearing the gospel preached they will choose to live chaste lives, just as all are called to so live. There are many in the pews who are not doing so, but we’d rather have them in the pews than elsewhere, right? (I realize that receiving Eucharist is whole other matter.) I always try to remind people whenever I see this topic discussed of the wonderful ministry of Courage and EnCourage. And to always remember to pray for those same-sex attracted people who are living in accordance with the teachings of the Church and in need of our constant support, prayers and acceptance.

  17. How can homosexuality be good when the repeated acts of sodomy damage the human body. Why does no one mention this obvious fact? A sin is a sin because it harms us either physically or mentally or both. Despite all the claims about how wonderful homosexuality is, it will cause physical harm. This is a medical fact and there is no getting around it. Only the delusional will believe otherwise.

  18. That is generally the way I feel about it.There is no way one may stop another from sinning if that is what they want, but I STRONGLY object to my country trying to impose this and any other aberrations of the natural and due to the fact that I am a citizen I am compelled to finance their “in my opinion” immoral activities and the many painful social and medical results of their disgusting behavior. In my opinion, these people should assume the results of their actions.They are not entitled to “parent children” and pass on to the next generation their “lifestyle”, special consideration as a legitimate community etc.!

  19. “Fantasy dream world” really is a nice way of saying mental illness. A person who believes that he is female when he is biologically male, or a person who believes that she is male when she is biologically female has a serious mental problem, and needs treatment. What amazes me is the number of otherwise “normal” people that are willing to accept these mental issues of others as reality, and are willing to force other “normal” people to accept this deviancy as “reality.”

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