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Vatican summit on ‘theology of the priesthood’ will look at questions raised in recent synods

By Courtney Mares for CNA

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops./ Franco Origlio/Getty Images News.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet announced Monday that the Vatican will host a theological symposium on the priesthood that will touch on questions raised in recent synods, including priestly celibacy, dwindling vocations, and the role of women in the Church.

“Insight from Divine Revelation on the priesthood of Christ and the participation of the Church in this priesthood is a crucial question for our time,” Cardinal Ouellet said at a Vatican press conference on April 12.

“During the synods on the family, on young people, and on the Church in Amazonia, questions regarding the priesthood and synodality were raised in all their magnitude, with an insistence on the reality of baptism, the basis of all vocations,” the cardinal said.

“The time has come to prolong the reflection and to promote a vocational movement facilitating the sharing of the various Church experiences all over the planet.”

The international theological symposium organized by the Congregation for Bishops will take place February 17-19, 2022 at the Vatican.

Cardinal Ouellet, the prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, said that the symposium, entitled “Toward a Fundamental Theology of the Priesthood,” will be open to all, but is especially intended for bishops and those interested in the theology of the priesthood.

“Given the scope of this symposium, we hope it will mark a stage in the research of the Church  and encourage new initiatives and publications,” Ouellet said.

In his presentation of the 2022 theological summit on the priesthood, the cardinal said that the symposium will serve to clarify “a fundamental relationship between the priesthood of the baptized, which the Second Vatican Council has enhanced, and the priesthood of ministers, bishops and priests, which the Catholic Church has always affirmed and specified.”

“This rapport is not to be taken for granted in our time, because it entails pastoral readjustments, and it involves ecumenical questions not to be ignored, as well as the cultural movements that question the place of women in the Church,” he added.

When asked at the Vatican press conference whether the symposium will return to the debates from the 2019 Synod of Bishops on the Pan-Amazon Region on the ordination of mature, married men, sometimes called “viri probati,” Ouellet responded that priestly celibacy will not be the main focus of the summit, but said that the topic will be addressed.

“We are very aware that the celibacy issue is important and it will be dealt with, but it will not be the central issue of the symposium,” Ouellet said.

“It is not a symposium on priestly celibacy, as if this question had to be fundamentally taken up again, it is a broader perspective, starting with baptism.”

Ouellet published a book on the uninterrupted tradition of priestly celibacy in the Latin rite in 2019: Friends of the Bridegroom: For a Renewed Vision of Priestly Celibacy.

“We are all aware of the scarcity of vocations in many regions, as well as tensions on the ground due to divergent pastoral visions, challenges posed by multiculturalism and migrations, not to mention the ideologies that condition the witness of the baptized and the exercise of the priestly ministry in secularized societies,” Ouellet said at the press conference.

“In this context, how can we live a missionary conversion of all the baptized without a new awareness of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church and to the world through the Risen Christ?”

The cardinal said that the Second Vatican Council put the “priesthood of the baptized back in the foreground,” but that the “synthesis made by the Council has not entered the life of the Church.”

“The symposium will serve to deepen this question. It is not just a question of the way of organization and division of functions, but of the mystery of the Church,” he said.

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  1. February , dedicated to the Holy Family – and the rivers of Love that flowed in there , in the great joy of choosing to live in the Divine Will , in praise and gratitude , sacrificing the self will …the great and eternal good in same for all ..Focusing on such to help the laity too to recognize more deeply the holy priesthood and Sacramental life for what they entail so that there would be more of an innate appreciation and desire to live in the Divine Will , to undo the effects of the carnal floods all through – may The Divine Will and prayers of all , including that of S.G Luisa , born on Feast of Mercy Sunday , lived on the Sacred Host for 60 years , that of St.George whose Feast Day coincided – help undo fears of being blinded and poked in the eyes , to take in the Light of the Divine Will with love and gratitude , in hope of the surprise catch of casting the net on the right side – 🙂

  2. Celibacy and the role of women in the Church juxtaposed to dwindling vocations, the proposition for strengthening the priesthood. Do I read what rather signals a Vatican super synod for relaxing celibacy and ordaining women? Advance of the off key musings of those previous synods? Call me unduly cynical, call me conspiratorial, I’m well inured after 8 years. Amazonia now the Pan Amazonia region, a recognition due to Pachamamma’s extensive and still growing beyond the Vatican suzerainty. Viri probati. They’re not forgotten. Ah yes, the mystery of the Church to be realized. At last after 2000 years. A new awareness of the Holy Spirit. Surprises? Impresario Cdl Ouellet announcing the grand opening of the great magical sure to dazzle, leave one awestruck Summit. Forgive my exaggerations. Is not Christ the eternal high priest, once and forever for all of us presbyters, priest hierarchy the Exemplar?

  3. Old men for old times. Ecumenism for the future times. God made “man” and women in his image and likeness. How can it be clearer? I want to sincerely believe that an all omniscient and loving God would not place the burden on his entire kaleidoscope of humanity based on the mythological notion of the “sins” of two people.

    Why rehash the subjects of priestly celibacy and women in the clergy when old men, Popes, have sealed the argument. Celibacy is unnatural and women are the heavy lifters! Separate mythology from reality.

    • Yes Morganb, separate the mythology of your thinking from spiritual reality. Follow your own advice. There is nothing unnatural about celibacy, and God has invested leadership in the church to men.

    • Well, morganB. If it were to do with practicality you would be correct. Mystery is revealed in the incomprehensible, that the Creator of you and I of the universe would become man and subject himself to our cruelty, shamed and crucified. And to surpass all reason rise from the dead that we may live. Neither you nor I may plumb the depth of that love. Fall to your knees O presumptuous Man in awe and wonder.

    • “Celibacy is unnatural and women are the heavy lifters!”

      There are those who argue that monogamy and fidelity are “unnatural.” Generally because they want to sleep around promiscuously and pretend there’s nothing wrong with it.

      Have you ever heard of grace, MorganB?

      And no, women are not the “heavy lifters.” Your argument is with God. If Jesus had wanted priestesses, He would have made them.

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