Hubris or Bust: The blind march of racial reeducation

Where there are no universals, all narratives are fictive. Whoever controls the narrative seizes power. This is nihilism, and it is the goal of racial reeducation: to control the narrative.

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According to Christopher F. Rufo, the San Diego Unified School District is requiring teachers to attend “white privilege” trainings where they are taught that they are racists. The captive audience is also taught they are meeting on land stolen from Native Americans and that they will experience “guilt, anger, apathy, [and] close-mindedness” because of their “white fragility.” Sound like a fun day at the office? Stay tuned, racial reeducation trainings are coming to businesses and schools near you.

When will teachers—or anybody else who is forced to undergo these brazen attempts at social programing—stand up for their rights? White fragility training is clearly racist and violates the civil rights of those subjected to social programing disguised as professional development. Why aren’t attorneys lining up for to file class action lawsuits?

The racial reeducation movement, championed by radical academic activists such as Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi, is a hoax. It is designed to draw people into a circular argument where there can be only one winner: those who dreamed up the scam. The fools who sign-on to spread this absurd ideology are willing victims who are either in it for the money or do-gooders who lack the mental acuity to recognize the argument for what it is: an all-out play for power.

If you disagree with their positions, you are a racist. If you agree with them, you are a racist who must do what they say to become an anti-racist. In short, for captive audiences in racial reeducation rooms across the country, there is only one possible outcome: an admission of sin based on skin color. In this hellish landscape, the hope of redemption must be abandoned before one enters the training facility. Once a racist, always a racist. Sorry. You must pay for something you did not buy until death parts you from the parasitic grip of a trumped-up narrative. As Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay—hardly political or religious conservatives—observe in Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody (Pitchstone, 2020), the “core problems with critical race theory  are that it puts social significance back into racial categories and inflames racism, tends to be purely Theoretical … is profoundly aggressive, asserts its relevance to all aspects of Social Justice, and—not least—begins from the assumption that racism is both ordinary and permanent, everywhere and always.”

Have you ever heard of a religion without a God? Well, here you have one. In the racial reeducation movement God is replaced by ideologues who farm the energy created by invoking guilt, fear, and hatred among its “students.” It is blasphemous. Yes, it is really that bad. It is bad for the soul.

Nietzsche, Marx, and critical race theory

Critical race theory (CRT) is a classic communist divide and conquer tactic employed by enemies of The Constitution of the United States. The essential component of the constitution is protecting individual rights. CRT claims that “race” is a language construct perpetuated by “oppressors” who would protect their economic advantages at all costs. In doing so, they undermine individual rights by placing people into one of two categories: oppressor or oppressed.

Karl Marx reduced humanity to economics. CRT does the same but with a wicked twist: they reduce humanity to a perpetual power struggle where economics manifests as a marker rather than an ultimate cause. The ultimate cause is the now all-too-familiar invention of the nineteenth-century anti-philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: The Will to Power.

And do you know what “the world” is to me? Shall I show it to you in my mirror? This world: a monster of energy […] —do you want a name for this world? A solution for all its riddles? […] —This world is the will to power—and nothing besides! And you yourselves are also this will to power—and nothing besides! (The Will to Power §1067).

This is the world where social justice is a mask worn by those who seek power. It has nothing at all to do with the concept of justice, quite the opposite. The number of people who have bought into this macabre charade, judging from the number of racial reeducation training programs popping up like pustules from Seattle to New York , is astounding. It seems like we are living in an Idiocracy where irrationality reigns. Early on in Oliver Stone’s film Platoon the narrator states it plain, “Hell is the impossibility of reason.” This is where the will to power inevitably leads. Must we abandon all hope and fall to our knees in obedience?

Ockham’s nihilism

If “race” is a language construct as the critical race theorists claim, it follows that culture at large is as well. This is akin to William of Ockham’s (1287-1347) nominalism. In Ockham’s world, there are no universal natures, such as human nature. There are only numerous things in the universe which are not necessarily related. We call one and other humans because we look and act alike, but that doesn’t mean we share a universal human essence. Same goes for dogs, daffodils, and lies. One man’s lie can be another man’s truth. It all depends on how you name it. However inadvertently, Ockham opened the door to the nihilism we are witnessing today. Nietzsche rushed through that door and set the stage for the CRT parade.

Make no mistake, the racial reeducation movement is nihilistic. If there is no real human nature, we would be able to willy-nilly construct human nature through language. Human nature would become fluid and subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous propositions. If “race” is a language construct, it doesn’t actually exist; it is a word forcefully imprinted by the powerful on the minds of the weak. It is a favorite tool of “oppressors,” or so the theory goes. In this terrifying scenario, Western culture, built upon the foundation of language, becomes a fiction that must be displaced.

Where there are no universals, all narratives are fictive. Whoever controls the narrative seizes power. This is nihilism, and it is the goal of racial reeducation: to control the narrative. It is the will to power played out in real-time. It is the irrational march of blind greed.

Hubris unveiled

The proponents of racial reeducation seek to convince the poor sots who are trying to make an honest living in the time of COVID-19 that the irrational is rational. They, of course, are dead wrong. Humans don’t create reality, and to think otherwise is an act of hubris. Cynical CRT advocates understand as much but seek power at any cost, even at the risk of their very souls.

This is why they dare not debate; to do so would risk the destruction of identity politics. Instead, they resort to name-calling and other ad hominem attacks to deflect critical inquiry into their dubious claims. You don’t agree with us? You’re a racist. End of debate. They count on the rest of us behaving like cows that go where they are herded. They believe most people are dumb enough to fall for their pseudo-intellectual hogwash. I say it is time for a stampede of reason.

Too many among us have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for reason to prevail. This is a now or never moment. If you have been subjected to racial reduction training in school or on the job, sound off. Tell everybody you know what is happening, spread the word on social media, in person, and over the phone. Write letters to your local news outlets. Attend school board and city council meetings. Ask friends and family if they can help you find a good civil rights attorney. I’m no lawyer, but racial reeducation training appears to be an obvious violation of The Civil Rights Act.

Last time I checked, we were still a free people who have inalienable rights. Don’t allow your rights to be violated. Speak out for your sake and that of your fellow citizens. Reason will prevail only if we actively employ it to combat the controlled chaos strategies now in play. It is our responsibility. Wait no more.

God is Logos, divine reason and creative order, the antithesis of irrationality. The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God call on Americans once more to declare: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” For those who would have it otherwise, those who would usurp the Creator and attempt to shape human nature into their own image, it is time we draw the line.

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Jack Gist has worked on ranches, in greenhouses and nurseries, as a freelance writer and editor, and as a security guard. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a BA in English and Philosophy and an MFA in Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Gist has published books, short stories, poems, essays, and opinion pieces in outlets such as The Imaginative Conservative, Catholic World Report, Crisis Magazine, The New Oxford Review, Galway Review, St. Austin Review, and others. His novel The Yewberry Way: Prayer (2023) is the first installment of a trilogy that explores the relationship between faith and reason.


  1. I agree with the suggestion that anyone whose job proposes to subject them to this indoctrination and outright anti-white racism should head straight to a lawyers office. Its almost certain no company or school district will want to expend the funds involved necessary to defend themselves against this absurdity and its attendant bad publicity. In the final event, nobody can force you to do something against your will. Grow a spine and do what is right. Or admit to yourself you lack a spine. You would be choosing to be complicit with this propaganda in order to preserve your job. Ask yourself what sort of job is worth compromising your soul, your morality and the truth? People are evidently fearful of being falsely called a racist more than they are willing to stand up for themselves. How sad. I have seen far too much bullying being perpetrated by the forces of the left. That includes the riots of this past summer, where laws were selectively applied to rioters , if applied at all. A failure to apply equal justice to all citizens regardless of color means the end to our republic unless we all speak up NOW.Silence means the death of the country.

    • It will come as no surprise, but I wholeheartedly agree with this response post. It is serious business. As I related in another article, there is a Gnostic force at work in the Marxist left that seeks to ruin the souls of men. Thank you for this.

  2. Matt. 20: 1-16: These times for the faithful are indeed bewildering but ultimately Democracy does not care if you try hard to be a good Christian and is instead a slightly more civilized form of mob rule of the good, the bad and the ugly. So let’s face it, Biden and his brand of superficial Christianity won and will be in control for the next 4 years. Batten down the hatches and gird your loins as the likes of St. Hillary Clinton, Cardinal Nancy Pelosi, Archbishop Pete Buttigieg, Bishop Beto O’Rourke and Pope James Martin reinterpret American culture making 2020 look like the last year of Traditional Judeo-Christian America. But I trust in the Holy Spirit and know that God’s path is always just albeit never quite apparent. And at times like this I am so glad I am a Catholic and not a Protestant because I can ask the saints to pray for my family, friends and nation itself and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us with trust in Jesus Christ. Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us that we might bear the trying times ahead with fortitude and purpose.

  3. Jack Gist has guts. And, as usual, he is correct. I find his stuff uniformly thought provoking and courageous. There is a chain of logic that runs through his opinion pieces and it is hard to find a weak link: colorful, too. The CRT re-education camp sector of the economy has spun off “Sexual Orientation Sensitivity-Training” for university faculty. Your sex is what you think it is. It’s nihilism, of course, as Gist makes clear. If we agree to call an armadillo a dog, it is, therefore, a dog. Except it isn’t. It’s still an armadillo. And just because a biological female wants to be called a male and you question the nihilism of all of it, you end up on university counsel’s investigation docket. Good luck, America. You’re going to need it! Even as things collapse around you, Jack, keep it coming.

    • It really is that simple: an armadillo is a word designated to that which has the essence of that being. Calling an armadillo a dog does not change that essence. Language does not create reality; it must correspond to it in order to communicate in am actual way. Thanks for this!

  4. With CRT we are not engaging a rational movement. While rational critique is necessary, the naked will to power must be met with democratic instruments of law and carefully considered voting that respects the common good.

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