The Dispatch

Why bother praying for politicians?

January 9, 2023 Jack Gist 5

I’ve been trying to pray for politicians lately. They seem like they could need it. But it’s not easy for me to be sincere in the endeavor. Many politicians make my skin crawl, some more […]

The Dispatch

Learning Virtue in the Postmodern Wilds

December 2, 2022 Jack Gist 6

John H. Garvey gets straight to the point in the introduction to his book, The Virtues: “The question isn’t whether colleges and universities are offering moral education, but what sort of moral education they ought […]


United States of America in 2021

January 17, 2021 Jack Gist 36

Author’s note: This essay is a response to Carl E. Olson’s January 6, 2021 CWR editorial titled “Who are we, really, as Americans?” New Tribalism There is much confusion in America today, and our citizens […]