Border bishops celebrate Posadas with migrants at Mexican shelter

Matamoros, Mexico, Dec 20, 2019 / 12:57 am (CNA).- Three bishops from along the U.S.-Mexico border joined migrants last week in celebrating Las Posadas, a Latin American Christmas tradition that reenacts Mary and Joseph’s search for an inn in Bethlehem.

Bishop Eugenio Lira of Matamoros, Mexico; Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville, Texas; and Auxiliary Bishop Mario Avilés of Brownsville, took part in the tradition, which was held Dec. 13 at a migrant shelter run by the Mexican Diocese of Matamoros, which lies opposite Brownsville across the Mexican-U.S. border.

The traditional tamales, punch and sweets were served and piñatas broken as part of the celebration. The Knights of Columbus donated food for the occasion, and also made a financial contribution to support the shelter, which is named after Saints Juan Diego and Francis of Assisi.

At the event, Bishop Lira said he appreciated “the very beautiful sign of solidarity from the Knights of Columbus, who have gotten together and made an effort to support this migrant center, where we seek to extend a hand to our brothers and sisters who, for various reasons, have had to leave their homes and have come to seek the American dream.”

The “Remain in Mexico” policy, announced in January 2019 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, requires asylum seekers from Mexico to remain in border cities such as Matamaros while their cases are processed by immigration courts – a procedure that may take years.

More than 50,000 asylum seekers, mainly families with children, are estimated to have been affected by the new policy over the past year.


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    • SOL,
      I expect some people got inspired to participate in this for political reasons but still, good for the KC helping these folks at Christmas time.

      I don’t like immigration used as a tool to gain political power & a larger constituency for Democrats either, but you know without it we’re going to be in the same kind of demographic implosion as Europe & Japan face. Look at the current US birth rates. Pretty dismal.

      The strategy should be to attract honest, hardworking Christian folk from South of the border & not alienate them so that they run straight into the arms of liberal politicians who want to use them to overturn conservative states like TX.
      I don’t believe liberal Democrats have the immigrants’ best interest-witness their campaign to abort migrant girls’ infants. But liberals claim to & they don’t publicly show the hostility that many of our conservatives do. We might could learn something from that.

      • Why not try the novel idea of increasing the native American birthrate? There are many valid reasons to declare an immigration moratorium and no good ones for continuing mass Third World immigration.

        • Tony,
          Amen to your comments. And if demographic trends continue, the majority population will eventually be traditional Catholics, Amish, orthodox Jews, and others who bother to reproduce themselves. But that may take some time.

          • Mrscracker, the groups you list will be swamped by the dispararte (they are hardly all Latin American or Christian) Third World mob that is being ushered into this country by a treasonous elite. They will be united, temporarily, anyway, by their resentment of the country that was foolish enough to let them in. When the remnant middle class backbone of Americais finally vanquished, the war of all against all that is barely being suppressed today, will begin in earnest. May I ask if you at least oppose Muslim immigration into Western countries?

      • Mrscracker,

        In an age of the ongoing collapse of industrial systems predicated upon cheap energy and easy access to resources, the problem of population implosion will eventually take care of itself, as those who are willing to surmount the hardship and reproduce will replace those who cannot.

        The case for increasing the population through the reception of immigrants is one predicated upon infinite growth, which is not sustainable, and as you noted, aids the leftist revolutionaries. Immigrants are already alienated in so far as they have and seek to maintain a different identity and wishful thinking will not cause integration or their voluntary abandonment of their identity. And hostility by those being overwhelmed by them is a natural and just response. Violence is more likely than not if their numbers continue to increase. At this point the consequences are probably already in motion and very little can probably be done to prevent them. What can be done though is for Roman Catholics to preserve the credibility of their church and religion, but their bishops are ignorant of the dangers of the current situation and they are content to think the status quo can eventually favor their institution.

        • In continuing their current course Latin bishops will discredit themselves and their religion if and when there is a reaction to the status quo and the elites behind it.

        • Well stated, SOL. Based on their extreme leftist position on immigration alone, it is very hard for this practicing Catholic to regard the great majority of the Church hierarchy as being anything other than an enemy of my family, country and civilization.

        • SOL,
          Thank you for your comments too.
          Our plummeting fertility rates don’t foretell anything like infinite growth. More likely shrinking and aging. Without immigration that’s going to happen a whole lot sooner.
          A smaller population isn’t the problem as much as an age imbalanced population. If you take a look at the demographic data and projections you see increasing numbers of elderly and fewer and fewer young people entering the workforce.
          Birth rates are falling globally in all but a couple regions. One day we may wish we had more Christian immigrants to fill the empty places in our nation.
          I don’t believe mass immigration is a good idea nor do I believe in open borders but Americans seem to have so little appreciation of their own culture that they can’t be bothered to create another generation to pass it down to.

  1. Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem to comply with the census. How many people were in the same boat and were there because of the census? The story of Mary and Joseph not finding a room at an inn could be a story of a community overwhelmed by there being more people than the community could handle at one time.
    The USA may be a rich powerful nation, but it does not have unlimited resources. There are only so many people that the USA can admit at one time while maintaining an orderly immigration process. A responsible host doesn’t invite more guests than the host can provide hospitality for. Illegal immigrants are gate-crashers. The mess at the Southern border is what happens when you have a large number of gate-crashers.

  2. SOL,
    Thank you very much for the link to that article.
    I think that illustrates exactly what the misconceptions are about population. People are still basing their fears on theories from the 1970’s. It’s not 1972 anymore and things have changed dramatically.
    Population implosion is what we need to be concerned about in the coming decades.
    Though it’s certainly not a Catholic book and the author doesn’t hold our views on contraception, etc., I’d really recommend reading “Factfulness ” by Hans Rosling. Things really have changed globally and will continue to change. Not necessarily for the better, but not what was predicted in 1972 either.
    God bless!

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