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Cause of the clergy abuse scandal—A scholarly examination may be on the way

A new study funded by the Henry Luce Foundation’s Theology Program will study sexual abuse across a variety of religious traditions and communities.

Left: Photo of Theodore E. McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington, at Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Catholic Church in Washington Nov. 1, 2017. (Illustration by CWR/Photo by Tyler Orsburn)

In an effort to understand the origins of the clerical sex abuse scandal that have plagued the American Church, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops commissioned studies of the crisis from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The first study, published in 2004, were extensive and thoroughly documented the cases of abuse by priests with precision; however, while demonstrating clearly that the clergy sexual abuse scandal involved primarily same-sex behavior between priests and post-pubescent males, the researchers found “no connection between homosexual identity and the increased likelihood of subsequent abuse from the data that we have right now.”

A 2011 follow-up study by researchers at John Jay College pointed to the issue of “proximity.” From the John Jay perspective, priests abused young men and boys simply because the priests were more likely to be working with them, rather than with young women and girls. Father James Martin, SJ, touted those findings in an article for America magazine, claiming, “The researchers found no statistical evidence that gay priests were more likely than straight priests to abuse minors—a finding that undermines a favorite talking point of many conservative Catholics.  The disproportionate number of adolescent male victims was about opportunity, not preference or pathology, the report states.”

It is possible, however, that more may be revealed. In June, the Henry Luce Foundation’s Theology Program announced the awarding of a $550,000 research grant to study sexual abuse across a variety of religious traditions and communities—including the Catholic Church.  Led by principal investigator Amanda Lucia, an associate professor of religious studies at UC Riverside, the project will study sexual abuse in Catholicism, Buddhism, yoga, and “contemporary guru movements situated primarily within Hindu traditions,” according to a UC Riverside press release.

One of the six researchers on the team is Kent Brintnall, associate professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, who will be analyzing the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse crisis by “situating it within the contexts of sexuality, homosexuality, and LGBTQ politics.”

Although the study of the Catholic clergy abuse scandal will comprise only a portion of the overall research project, it is clear that homosexuality will be relevant. Indeed, the choice to enlist Professor Brintnall was an inspired one for those who wish to move beyond the politically correct conclusions of the John Jay studies. A respected scholar in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies, Brintnall is thoroughly familiar with the history of the clergy abuse scandal, having taught a course entitled “Contextualizing the Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis.” In a speech entitled “Can We Queer Sex Abuse?”, which Brintnall gave at Chicago Theological Seminary’s annual Gilberto Castenada Lecture on May 2, 2019, he stated clearly (at about the 52-minute mark on the video), “The actual demographic details of Catholic sexual abuse makes it difficult not to admit that on some level that the desires enacted by abusive priests look like conventional homosexual desire, albeit an immature unprocessed form.”

A central aspect of the Henry Luce grant is each of the researchers’ partnerships with advocacy organizations. Professor Brintnall will be partnering with Bishop Accountability, a Massachusetts-based non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to “offering documents representing every conceivable perspective on the crisis.” Bishop Accountability has the most detailed database of accused Catholic clergy; the website makes it clear that they “endorse no particular analysis of the root causes of the crisis, and we advocate no particular remedies,” and admits that it has received criticism because it makes “no claim regarding the accuracy of any document we post.”

Bishop Accountability will provide Professor Brintnall with the data he needs. The fact that Brintnall has been chosen to analyze the Catholic clergy abuse scandal by “situating it within the contexts of sexuality and homosexuality and LGBTQ politics” indicates that we just may finally get some much needed clarity on the causes and consequences of the scandal.

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About Anne Hendershott 103 Articles
Anne Hendershott is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Veritas Center for Ethics in Public Life at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH


    • Of course it is laughable that anyone in academia is capable of giving us a purely “scientific” and dispassionate explanation of the cause of this so-called problem of “child sex abuse.” Why? Because it’s NOT about child sex abuse. It IS about Homosexual Predation Syndrome. It is the use of inequities of power to extract perverse sexual fulfillment by adult males from other males. The more immature and inadequate homosexuals go after those in the pubescent group; other clerics seek homosexual hookups with men of their own age. The problem that we in the Catholic Church are experiencing is adult males who suffer with the unnatural proclivity of desiring sex with other males. Please, don’t fall into the trap of over-thinking this problem and believing that some academic is going to analyze the data and give us the answer to the problem that’s been plaguing the Church.

      It would be far more charitable to help Catholic priests and bishops to deal with their same sex attraction by calling it what it is and stop the head-scratching nonsense. God’s grace is available to all to resolve this inner conflict, as well as support groups such as Courage and professional help to confront this inner turmoil. Part of the problem of the McCarricks in the Church is no one cared enough to confront the guy about his obvious problem because they were either intimidated by his presumed power or were seduced by his promise of favors.

      • Spot on Deacon. While it is true that sexual predatory behavior is seen both in heterosexual and homosexual populations, the Catholic Church’s problem is, for the most part, Pederasty (adult males and teen boys). Underlying that is a large population of sexually active same-sex attracted clergy/Bishops/Cardinals from here to Rome. Although these men may not prey on youths, they cover to protect their own secret lives.
        I take exception to the ridiculous conclusion that the predators go after males because males are most available. There are plenty of female altar servers, women who “hang out” at rectories for “counseling” or church work, parish youth groups of both males and females. Lastly, many seminaries who are desperate to keep their doors open allow lay students who obtain degrees and certificates there. Many are laywomen.
        We indeed have a male on male sex problem and it ought to be addressed for what it is. The issue is skirted for fear of backlash from the LGBTQ activists and exposure of our closeted Bishops and chancery Staff.
        You would have to be blind and brainless to think otherwise and not see through the motives behind this charade.

    • Sorry Father. Male Bishops cannot escape the law. From the top of this theocracy’s male clergy have been charged and convicted of homosexual acts of pedophilia. We CINOs are driven to challenge the church for many mystical orders, however, thee may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Women clergy.

      Since men are born to be aggressors and women are born to be caretakers seems that a female is best suited to administer care and love to our post pubescent and vulnerable children. I may be wrong, but since the male clergy disgrace was uncovered, not a single atrocity has been attributed to a woman clergy.

      Rusty old dogma vs. a bright future with the right changes.

      • “thee may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Women clergy.

        Since men are born to be aggressors and women are born to be caretakers seems that a female is best suited to administer care and love to our post pubescent and vulnerable children.”

        Does the name Mary Kay Letourneau ring any bells? Brittany Zamora? Or the names any of the other females who perpetrated 30% of the sexual abuse of students?

        Clerical celibacy does not cause sexual abuse. Evil and perversion do. You’ve only to look at the married men who have committed sexual abuse.

        What’s your next theory, “I know someone who committed adultery, and I blame the fact that the Church says marriage is a sacrament, that is between one man and one woman, and they must be faithful to each other; if they’d only get rid of that rule then there would be no infidelity.”

        “Rusty old dogma vs. a bright future with the right changes.”

        Pathetic. And disgusting. What you mean is “Who needs God and His Church when we can have something shiny! and new! And sexual pleasure is more important than anything else!”

      • I may be wrong,

        You usually are.

        but since the male clergy disgrace was uncovered, not a single atrocity has been attributed to a woman clergy(sic).

        No such thing as “woman clergy” as women cannot be ordained. However, you’ve obviously missed the revelations about the decades of homosexual behavior by lesbian predator Sr. Mary Finn HVM at Sacred heart Seminary in Detroit and the coverup of her behavior by Allen Vigneron.

        So yes, you are wrong, yet again.

      • I don’t suppose you’ve been following the numerous abuse charges against women put in charge of care homes, boarding schools or orphanages?

      • you’ve got to be kidding?! female religious didn’t abuse boys! I’m one of many many victims./ They do so in a different way.. but beating , smacking, putting your head in the garbage, grabbing you.. has been common place. It was common practise for years. DOn’t even try to deny it. We are still all alive and can attest to the abuse of women religious all over. If you want to open that can of worms, please spare us more hell and disorder… thousands will speak up. But to offer women as the answer to the clergy crisis, what planet have you been on? (In the list of clergy sex abuse, you will also find some women who sexually abused boy). You’ve got it very wrong.

    • War on the Catholic Church and Cardinal Pell in Australia

      Rational people would have thought that on appeal of judgement of [alleged] child abuse of two choirboys, judges would have decided that the verdict of “guilty” against Cardinal Pell could NOT possibly have been reached on the basis of the evidence and the testimony of so many witnesses supporting Pell’s innocence.
      However, the war against the Catholic Church and Cardinal Pell continues and on “Appeal” on 21.8.2019, 2 out of 3 judges have just relied on the earlier delivery of the jury verdict (despite the fact that – after the prolonged and intense character-assassination of Pell – it would have been almost impossible to find an impartial jury).
      So we ask for Catholics to pray for proper discernment on re-examination of ALL the facts by the judges of the High Court in the near future.

      The serious MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE has been described by George Weigel is Distinguished Senior Fellow of Washington, D.C.’s Ethics and Public Policy Centre:
      “In Cardinal Pell’s first trial, held under the media-suppression order, the defense dismantled the prosecution’s case while shedding light on the inadequacy of the police investigative process; that trial resulted in a hung jury, which voted 10–2 for acquittal. The foreman and several other members of the jury were in tears when the verdict was read.
      “During the retrial, the defense demonstrated that, in order to sustain the charge that Pell had accosted and sexually abused two choirboys after Mass one Sunday, TEN IMPROBABLE things would have had to have happened and all within ten minutes:
      “• That Archbishop Pell abandoned his decades-long practice of greeting congregants outside the cathedral after Mass.
      • That Pell, who was typically accompanied by a master of ceremonies or sacristan when he was vested for Mass, entered the carefully controlled space of the vesting sacristy alone.
      • That the master of ceremonies, charged with helping the archbishop disrobe while removing his own liturgical vestments, had disappeared.
      • That the sacristan, charged with the care of the locked sacristy, had also disappeared.
      • That the sacristan did not go back and forth between the sacristy and the cathedral sanctuary, removing missals and Mass vessels, as was his responsibility and consistent practice.
      • That the altar servers, like the sacristan, simply disappeared, rather than helping the sacristan clear the sanctuary by bringing liturgical vessels and books back to the sacristy.
      • That the priests who concelebrated the Mass with Pell were not in the sacristy disrobing after the ceremony.
      • That at least 40 people did not notice that two choirboys left the post-Mass procession.
      • That two choirboys entered the sacristy, started gulping altar wine, and were accosted and abused by Archbishop Pell — while the sacristy door was open to the public and the archbishop was in full liturgical vestments.
      • That the [allegedly] abused choirboys then entered the choir room, through two locked doors, without anyone noticing, and participated in a post-Mass rehearsal; no one asked why they had been missing for ten minutes.
      [The Victorian Police is noted for their lack of resources, but even the most basic investigations appeared evidently hopelessly inadequate and failed to note that the floor-plan of the Sacristy of today bears no resemblance to the Sacristy of old and remembered by the “choirboys”].
      “Before the trial, one of the complainants died, HAVING TOLD HIS MOTHER THAT HE HAD NEVER BEEN ASSAULTED. During the trial, there was NO corroboration of the surviving complainant’s charges. Other choirboys (now, of course, grown), as well as the choir director and his assistant, the adult members of the choir, the master of ceremonies, and the sacristan all testified, and from their testimony we learn the following: that no one recalled any choirboys bolting from the procession after Mass; that none of those in the immediate vicinity of the alleged abuse noticed anything unusual; that indeed NOTHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED IN A SECURED SPACE WITHOUT SOMEONE NOTICING; and that there was neither gossip nor rumor about any such dramatic and vile incident afterward.”
      Cardinal Pell’s lawyers are now preparing for a new appeal to the High Court.
      There has been a well-known war raging in Victoria waged by the LGBT movement where these people openly tried several times to disrupt Mass by draping themselves in “gay” flags and demanding Communion. Then war erupted on another front when Pell seemed on the point of completely dismantling attempts of “certain individuals” who had infiltrated Vatican funds to “siphon-off” funds intended for poverty-relief-in third-world-countries.

      Please pray for Cardinal’s acquittal and for the conversion of Australia.

      • Thank you for your informed comment on the travesty of justice that has resulted in the imprisonment of an innocent man- a result of the refusal of the majority justices to make an unpopular decision. The media in Australia have demonised Cardinal Pell so completely that the mob have been given free licence to hate-all under the guise of virtue. The coverage today by reporters maintaining their role as purveyors of propaganda described the commencement of Pell’s demise occurring at ‘a funeral ‘ – the funeral of a ‘victim’ of Pell (yes, the one who denied that he was ever abused), which motivated the complainant to make his complaint to the police; an article in heroic terms, clothing the ‘survivors’ complaint with altruistic motives. There was no mention of the fact that the Victorian Police had searched for ‘victims’ for two years prior to the complaint that purportedly resulted from the funeral. Cardinal Pell was a target by the LGBT lobby, who vowed to ‘get him’ and they have. We can be ashamed of our system of justice, where only one judge, justice Weinberg, applied the principles that are espoused as fundamental to our judicial processes. The majority judges, studiously avoiding the inconvenient truth of the improbability of the allegations satisfying the requisite burden of proof, couched their decisions by reference to traditional advantages of juries in the assessment of the evidence. These references were mere sophistry, in circumstances where the so-called ‘victim’ was not even physically present in the court room and where the appeal judges themselves could have made their own assessment by the simple means of watching a video. In a situation where there is concrete evidence against the story told by the ‘victim ‘ the fact that he is ‘believable’ or ‘believed’ in any event, is not a satisfactory test that is sufficient to satisfy the burden of guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

    • Oh, they did something. They covered it up. The people in charge were McCarrick, Cupich (master of the fake second John Jay study) and Wilton Gregory, who was head of the USCCB and now is archbishop of Washington DC – there is another homosexual scandal to cover up now, so Gregory was brought in to mastermind this cover up. From the start, the whole 2002 cover up had a couple of goals – to make sure nobody blamed homosexuals, and to the extent there was blame, to shift it to Pope John Paul II rather than on the US bishops that caused it.

  1. Luminary James Martin, S.J. (of course), is quoted as writing of the 2011 Jay Commission Report:

    “The researchers found no statistical evidence that gay priests were more likely than straight priests to abuse minors—a finding that undermines a favorite talking point of many conservative Catholics. The disproportionate number of adolescent male victims was about opportunity, not preference or pathology, the report states.”

    One doesn’t need a $550,000 research grant to put this half-truth to bed, so to speak. All one needs to do is READ THE FULL REPORT…

    Beyond the executive summary, a reading of the more detailed findings in Chapter 2 of the 2011 report includes this revealing distinction regarding seminarians engaged in PRE-SEMINARY and/or IN-SEMINARY SAME-SEX BEHAVIOR.
    FIRST, this from the executive summary:

    “After analyzing pre-seminary and in-seminary same-sex sexual behavior separately, only in-seminary [not pre-seminary] same-sex sexual behavior was significantly related to post-ordination sexual behavior. Priests with in-seminary same-sex sexual behavior were more likely to have sexual experiences with adults than minors, and they WERE NOT [caps added] significantly more likely to sexually abuse minors than priests with no-same sex sexual behavior in-seminary.”

    SECOND, this Chapter 2 OMISSION from the executive summary:

    “However, after considering pre-seminary and in-seminary sexual behavior separately, ONLY IN-SEMINARY [not pre-seminary] SAME-SEX SEXUAL BEHAVIOR WAS SIGNIFICANTLY RELATED TO THE INCREASED LIKELIHOOD OF A MALE CHILD VICTIM” [caps added].

    From these TWO findings together, the hidden BIG PICTURE IS THIS:
    Straight incoming seminarians have been groomed and victimized in the seminaries, and these late victims of homosexual aggression (by experienced fellow-seminarians) then have gone on to victimize a younger round of (for them, more opportune) male children(confirming the above Professor Brintnall’s hypothesis of “conventional homosexual desire, albeit an immature unprocessed form”) Only the groomers, for their part, seem to stick to their advancing age group, i.e., consenting adults.

    By this two-step process, the originating ACTIVE HOMOSEXUAL CONNECTION IS PROVED by the full 2011 report, rather than disproved.

    As for Luminary Fr. James Martin’s “statistical evidence”: FIGURES DON’T LIE, BUT LIARS FIGURE. Only in the sense of a strategically incomplete executive summary is it only a matter of “opportunity,” or maybe “poor training” about so-called “boundaries”—a most curious term still in the 2004 Dallas Charter (perhaps an age-boundary enabling mainstream acceptance for ordained active homosexual “consenting adults”)?

    • I think opportunity is always a part of predation but predators choose to operate within those environments more likely to offer them the sort of prey they desire.
      There’s a reason my neighbor’s cat hangs out around my bird feeder. It works the same way for human predators.

  2. It will prove interesting if the research determines the deconstruction of the Catholic theological tradition played a role in the catastrophe we endure. Principles of Catholic perspective abandoned with the conciliar/ecumenical impulse — theological, moral, anthropological, et al., clearly allowed the gate to be thrown open to a licentiousness provided credence by the soft sciences of psychology and sociology, themselves emerging out of the spectrum of secular materialism. That reality ignored will simply allow the disease to metastasize again, metamorphosing Catholicism into post-Christian support group for the clueless.
    We are at the terminal stage with virulent Bergoglianism. There is no time left.

  3. Aah yes, proximity.

    Deviants join the priesthood to be closer to the prey.

    I was reading an article where a man decided to become a Jesuit priest to be close to his lover who is rector of the seminary.

    So yes, it is proximity. The predator choosing to be close to the source of the prey.

  4. What I find very bad in all of those studies is the fact that all address nothing but symptoms. What is the cause? How can anyone address any issue if we don’t know what caused it in the first place. After over 2019 years of accumulated history and dealing with similar problems, we end up addressing Symptoms? That is extremely bad!

  5. I highly recommend searching the Internet for the “Ruth Institute” and finding the research work of Catholic Priest Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D, an Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Catholic University, who has just published a remarkable report on the near-perfect correlation of the use of homosexual “recruitment” of priests in the US Catholic Church and the corresponding increase in homosexual abuse. I recommend reading and/or viewing papers/interviews with Fr. Sullins, a faithful, learned and refreshingly candid priest.

  6. Yes, the constant is homosexuality. What I find interesting, though, is the lack of stating it is also a faith crisis. A priest who loves Jesus, loves the Mass, faithfully prays his Breviary every day, seeks Spiritual Direction, frequently goes to Confession and desires holiness in the practice of virtue is not abusing little boys and other men. A devout and holy priest does not do satanic sexual deviances nor does he live the extravagant lifestyle on the hard-earned money of parishioners.

    Everyone knew about McCarrick but, “gosh darn”, he sure was good at bringing in big money,

  7. Cause notwithstanding the complexities attached comes down to free will and the attraction of evil. Surveys won’t suffice I agree with Fr Stravinskas regarding the futility of Bishop Accountability in the current clime. The greater the presence of contemplative orders offering prayer and sacrifice, similarly among laity the greater increase of holy priests. Leadership noted by Henri Bergson in The Two Sources of Religion and Morality has been an historical impetus to holiness Bernard of Clairvaux, Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena, Athanasius of Alexandria among them. Today Leadership is wanting the Pontiff overseeing a suppression of contemplative orders noted by Hillary White residing in Italy. The cause of the moral breakdown among clergy has long been the diminution of the contemplative life in the Church now accelerated from the Vatican. Without the spiritual leadership from Rome we’re in the thick of spiritual battle each of us accountable to do our part. Renewed leadership permeating the Church and an abundance of grace could turn the tide.

  8. View from the Inside –
    A former seminarian’s take on the Crisis within the Catholic Church 2019

    It has taken me years of thinking in retrospect to come to the realization that the men like “Uncle Ted” McCarrick, do not attend seminary or pursue a religious vocation with the intent of serving God. That is the very last thing on their minds. Many of these people have well-established homosexual tendencies and desires well before they ever enter the seminary. Homosexuals are keen to recognize each other. It is no mere happenstance that they actively seek younger “friends and companions”.

    The Uncle Ted’s of the world select and sponsor specially chosen youth to come to seminary with the intention of being ordained to the Catholic priesthood. But, for them, the priesthood, and everything about it is a lie. Worse and more insidious than that, it is a mask used to hide a great evil.

    The current scandal of homosexuality in the Catholic clergy is not what many people think that it is.
    It is not an issue of a holy man, or group of men ordained into the priestly ministry, fallen into temptation and sin, albeit habitual. Many assume, wrongly, that these “Uncle Teds” became priests out of love of God through guidance of the Holy Spirit. The root of this global malady is much deeper, and darker.

    In ancient times, (1969-1973), I attended minor seminary, that is, a private Catholic boarding school that is the high school equivalent, but with the intention of beginning an education which I anticipated would culminate in my ordination as a Catholic priest.

    From our vantage point as students truly pursuing what we felt at the time was a God-given calling to the priesthood, we were in a position to observe our professors, religious priests and transitional deacons, all, from the perspective and within the context of an extended family.

    We lived at the seminary from August to May, returning to our parental homes for the summer months.
    During a typical school year, our activities were restricted to the seminary campus. The only excursions that we were allowed was to leave the seminary grounds after lunch on Sunday, having to return for dinner by 6pm. So basically, all that we really could do was take a bus to the mall or catch a movie.
    Obviously, dating was strictly forbidden.

    As for living arrangements, we did not have separate rooms. We lived in what was, for lack of a better description, military style barracks, set up within the larger main building. Each class had its own floor.
    There were common showers, sinks and rows of stalls. In essence, one is deprived of all privacy in this kind of institutional living. This was definitely intentional.
    The priests had their own individual quarters within the same building.

    In such a tightly closed and highly regulated living, working, playing and learning environment, we were around our classmates, boys from other classes, and the clergy who instructed us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for nearly ten months out of the year. In such proximity, we observed first-hand, the behaviors and traits of those around us, above us, including and especially those responsible for instructing us in all matters of education and the Catholic faith. These priests were, for all intent and purpose, our surrogate parents.

    The first day we arrived at the seminary, by way of a taxi from the airport in most cases, we were able to first meet and begin to mingle with others who would become our lifelong classmates, friends, indeed, spiritual brothers-in-arms.
    Fifty-four 14-year old boys were in our initial freshman class. Of that, twenty-eight of us made it through graduation. Of that, two were ordained priests, and are still faithfully fulfilling their priestly duties and performing their sacramental service for God’s children.

    Within an hour of that very first day at the seminary, even before all our classmates had arrived, I was approached by one of my peers about homosexual opportunities in our newfound environment.
    I thought, “This isn’t good.” This individual did not last through the first Thanksgiving holiday.
    I was grateful, as I think all of us were, that we did not allow that characteristic to infiltrate us as a class.
    We certainly did not tolerate it amongst ourselves.
    However, over the years in seminary, we came to know well which clerics and senior seminarians were one of “them”. That is, we saw them, as well as ourselves, as who and what we truly and really were and are.

    Fast forward many years later, I found out that two of the priests at our seminary died of AIDS. One of them had been my spiritual counselor for my entire time at seminary, and he was a true scholar whom I intellectually idolized. The other priest, much younger, also a teacher and confidant, was one for whom we, as a class, had attended his ordination.

    I still think of and pray for them.

    What has happened is that God and His Catholic Church became the tools of this collective homosexual organism. A predatory homosexual, after years of skillful training in the art of misdirection, is able to use his priestly skills to satisfy his every homosexual desire. He has, after all, power, authority, autonomy, respect and is considered by the public at-large, to be a reputable and highly respected individual.

    Wearing the façade of holiness and protected within an institution infiltrated to the highest bureaucratic levels of like individuals, such priests within the Catholic Church have constructed a never-ending fantasyland theme park of homosexual decadence and unbridled freedom for them. It is a social structure, indeed, a complete society within a larger society.

    They pleasure each other, they protect each other, they promote each other, they recruit new members from their parishes. And, they are both very efficient and successful at what they do. That is the reality. We are just now starting to see the length, breadth and depth of this depravity.

    The point is that these men, although they have taken vows and received the Sacrament of Holy Orders, care nothing of God or for the sacraments that they should be administering or about the people they should be shepherding. Their selfish deviant sexual gratification is their only goal and objective; indeed, it is their god. They are in every way, as false as their father Satan. Long before ordination, they chose the path of purely physical, narcissistic satisfaction behind a well- constructed infrastructure of sin and concupiscence within what is outwardly, Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church on earth.

    Remember this: There is no holiness in these who are hardened and unrepentant, only lies.
    I write this from the perspective of a former seminarian, in order to educate and enlighten others who have been intentionally deceived, naively believing that these are poor, fallen, sinful but good spiritual and well-intentioned men deep down.
    They are not.

    However, God turns all evil into even greater good.
    Christ, with His sacrifice, has already won.
    For my part, I pray and offer my pains and sufferings for the conversion of these same fallen souls.
    I ask you who read this to do the same.

    • You so well described what went on at our local minor seminary (now closed)and seminary. I will only add this. The appointed Diocesan vocation’s director (late eighties early ’90s) was also a sexually active same-sex attracted priest who deliberately recruited men who identified as “gay”. Who appointed this vocations director and knew what he was doing? The Chancery.
      This is not rumor or hearsay, I worked for this diocese, in the Chancery building for almost 20 years. I was not the typical older “church lady” type. I was a professional nurse from the secular world. It was so obvious to me, while others were in denial.

  9. The August 2011 issue of the Linacre Quarterly of the Catholic Medical Association on the crisis in the Church may be of interest to Professor Brintnall, especially our article that addresses the psychological origins of the sexual abuse of adolescent males, the primary victims of the abuse crisis.
    Linacre Q. 2011 Aug;78(3):252-273. doi: 10.1179/002436311803888276. Epub 2011 Aug 1.

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