Is the Truth About Islam in Vogue?

August 28, 2015 William Kilpatrick 0

A common assumption in our society, especially among the educated classes, is that ignorance—of a religion, culture, or race—invariably begets hatred and prejudice. A corresponding assumption is that the more you understand the other, the […]


Mission Enjoyable

August 26, 2015 Michael Jameson 0

The overload of publicity emanating from Hollywood’s promotional machine can leave you fatigued from constantly being told that this weekend’s opening film is “a must-see thriller”, “an epic adventure”, “a gripping suspense”. Every weekend seems […]


Catacomb time?

August 26, 2015 George Weigel 0

At Christmas 1969, Professor Joseph Ratzinger gave a radio talk with the provocative title, “What Will the Future Church Look Like?” (You can find it in Faith and the Future, published by Ignatius Press). One […]