Pope Francis the Economist

December 23, 2014 Michael Severance 0

Where, exactly, does Pope Francis stand on economic matters? While the Pontiff’s pronouncements are abundant, they are far less systematic and scholarly than they are pastoral in nature. Thus, we are frequently left wondering what […]


Heroes, Zeroes, and Saints

December 22, 2014 Russell Shaw 0

Let’s face it, 2014 was a rotten year for heroes and hero worship. Sure, it brought forth plucky, admirable people who did praiseworthy things. But all too often their good deeds were upstaged by the […]


Polls, Sociology, and Loss of Faith

December 22, 2014 James Hitchcock 0

The late Father Andrew Greeley, the dean of American Catholic sociologists, was a habitually angry man, at various times angry at the American Catholic theological establishment because his sister failed to get tenure at a […]