The Dispatch

MLK, Aquinas, and unjust laws

January 26, 2022 Dr. Paul Kengor 3

Was Martin Luther King Jr. a Thomist? That intriguing question is posed in an excellent recent piece at National Catholic Register by Kathy Schiffer. King and Aquinas coincidentally are close to one another on the […]


God and Winston Churchill

April 17, 2021 Dr. Paul Kengor 40

The woke mobs of the cancel culture have come for Winston Churchill, both here in the United States and in his home country, where the man was long considered a hero who did nothing short […]


Good Cop, Bad Cop

August 11, 2020 Dr. Paul Kengor 20

The aftermath of the wrongful death of George Floyd has unfortunately seen another wrong: the perception of too many police officers as villains. Police are feeling it, painfully. Many of them are blaming not just […]