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Jesus, Marriage, and Homosexuality

June 29, 2013 Dr. Leroy Huizenga 2

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decisions striking down the substance of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, Jesus’ opinion—or lack thereof—on homosexuality has received renewed attention. In a crass […]


Monsters of Our Better Nature

June 28, 2013 Nick Olszyk 1

MPAA Rating, G USCCB Rating, NA Reel Rating,  (4 out of 5) “Whatever your dream is now, if you don’t achieve it, you haven’t failed. If you do get your dream, you haven’t won. You cannot win […]


Man and Arbiter

June 28, 2013 Thomas M. Doran 0

An arbiter, derived from the Latin for judge, is defined as “one chosen to judge or decide a disputed issue”; also, “one who has the power to judge at will”. Many insist that an arbiter […]