The Dispatch

The necessity of selective skepticism

October 2, 2023 Thomas M. Doran 5

A number of Church leaders and influencers display skepticism about long-held Church teachings or practices involving sexuality, the family, abortion, evangelization, the priesthood, and man’s stewardship of the Earth. They suggest reforming Church teachings or […]

The Dispatch

Choosing a good doom in a bad time

March 6, 2023 Thomas M. Doran 11

No Catholic these days needs to be told that the Church faces many big challenges, many of them the fault of Catholics. We may prioritize these challenges differently, but they trouble each Catholic who takes […]

The Dispatch

Human nature, absolute power, and America

October 26, 2022 Thomas M. Doran 4

“Power tends to corrupt,” wrote Lord Acton, “and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The historical evidence is plentiful. Yet, we are reticent to accept the deeper truth. Perhaps the most profound lesson from history is that […]