The Dispatch

Is science really real?

October 11, 2020 Thomas M. Doran 9

I see a lot of posts and lawn signs and hear a lot of public voices proclaiming “Science is Real”. But what is science telling us versus what we’d prefer to believe, or have been […]

The Dispatch

The Cross and the current crisis

May 12, 2020 Thomas M. Doran 6

“How could this happen?” we ask ourselves, and anyone else who’s willing to listen. I’ve been reading Fulton Sheen’s Life of Christ at two pages a day for many months. He has the tedious habit […]

The Dispatch

Harsh Voices and Divine Mercy

April 18, 2020 Thomas M. Doran 0

Some writers have a talent for composing stories or poems that contrast a yearning for truth and meaning with glimpses of the underbelly of human nature, often grim and raw stories that can give one […]

The Dispatch

Taking the Time for Great Literature

March 23, 2020 Thomas M. Doran 3

This is a good time to dive into a worthy story: Crime and Punishment (Dostoevsky), The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), Death Comes for The Archbishop (Cather), The Quiet American (Greene), The Chronicles of Narnia […]