The Dispatch

Human nature, absolute power, and America

October 26, 2022 Thomas M. Doran 4

“Power tends to corrupt,” wrote Lord Acton, “and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The historical evidence is plentiful. Yet, we are reticent to accept the deeper truth. Perhaps the most profound lesson from history is that […]

The Dispatch

Who wants to know what could go wrong?

March 14, 2022 Thomas M. Doran 15

I recently read an article in a national newspaper about young Poles leaving the Catholic Church. The subtext of the article was Catholicism narrows human freedom. And, surprise, there are sinners in the Church, including […]

The Dispatch

Faith and Reason Environmentalism

January 25, 2022 Thomas M. Doran 8

When it comes to planet Earth, climate change, the environment, the popular narrative describes two tracks: those who know the world is in peril and are committed to transforming human societies to meet this threat, […]


God and man in the 21st century

December 28, 2021 Thomas M. Doran 9

In 1951, William F. Buckley, Jr. published God and Man at Yale, in which he asserted that Yale was preaching secularism and statism at the expense of religious faith and human liberty. Buckley’s book was […]

The Dispatch

All the light we cannot see

October 19, 2021 Thomas M. Doran 1

Some years ago, I read a novel entitled All The Light We Cannot See (2014) by Anthony Doerr, a title with multiple meanings: scientific, cultural, and moral. This was a story of a blind French […]