Merry England Fights Over Gay Marriage

May 31, 2012 Greg Daly 0

The contrast could hardly have been more jarring. In a televised White House interview on Wednesday, May 9, President Barack Obama claimed that, having gone through an evolution on the issue, he had concluded, “it […]

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Film & Music

When the Catholic Faith Was Outlawed

May 30, 2012 Jim Graves 0

After decades of seeing their Church maligned in cinema, Catholic moviegoers have enjoyed a smattering of pro-Catholic movies in recent years. The latest of these, For Greater Glory starring Andy Garcia, will be released in the […]

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Special Report

“Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here”

May 29, 2012 BK O'Neel 0

As far as anyone knows, the gates of North Korea’s notorious gulags, or kwalliso, do not have the words “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“Work makes you free”) emblazoned above them, as the ones to Auschwitz did, […]