The Pope’s Christmas wishes

December 9, 2011 Catherine Harmon 0

Earlier this week, Pope Benedict lit what has been touted as “the world’s largest Christmas tree”—in reality an arrangement of hundreds of electric lights on the slopes of Mount Ingino, above the Italian town of […]

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Beyond Their Expertise

December 1, 2011 Philip F. Lawler 0

The Catholic Church does not claim teaching authority on matters of economics and finance. When the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace issues a statement on the world’s financial markets, faithful Catholics are not bound […]

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Secularist Ireland

December 1, 2011 George Neumayr 0

Adorning books about Ireland’s storied past are such titles as How the Irish Saved Civilization. Today’s Ireland, however, is busy losing it. In recent decades secularism has coursed through the country, transforming a pious island […]

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Be Not Afraid

December 1, 2011 Jim Graves 1

Bishop Robert Morlino, 64, has served as bishop of Madison, Wisconsin since 2003. He was born and reared in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, near Scranton.  He was an only child; his father was a civil engineer but […]

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Special Report

Who Do You Say That I Am?

December 1, 2011 Christopher White 0

The year was 1989. The continent of Europe was changing. The Solidarity movement of Poland had gained strong momentum, the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia would take place in November, and the first steps toward the […]

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A Tale of Three Magazines

December 1, 2011 Robert Moynihan 0

From the publisher: As we announced in our October issue, this December 2011 issue will be CWR’s last as a print magazine. Starting in January 2012, CWR will be published exclusively online, at, with […]

The Coming Latino Catholic Majority
Special Report

The Coming Latino Catholic Majority

December 1, 2011 J. J. Ziegler 1

In 1558, after five years of Catholic tyranny, the good Virgin Queen succeeded Bloody Mary, who had burned countless Christians at the stake. During Elizabeth’s reign, the heroic Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe and […]