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Saddled with Guilt

March 24, 2011 Diogenes 0

Reminding us yet again of the secular dogma that the Church spreads AIDS by discountenancing the condom, public-health wonks are concerned that it’s those individuals rigidly scrupulous about Catholic doctrine, like Magic Johnson, who put […]


“When Do I Get My Center for Babies?”

March 24, 2011 Dr. Paul Kengor 0

The controversy about Mother Teresa’s spiritual struggles has inspired the worst in the late nun’s fiercest critics. Angry atheists who once described the saintly figure as everything from a “phony” to the “moonbat of Calcutta” […]

Hillbilly Thomists

March 24, 2011 Mark Sullivan 0

Last spring, Flannery O’Connor returned to the news after Emory University unveiled the complete collection of her letters to the troubled Betty Hester, or “A,” as she is known in another compilation of O’Connor’s correspondence, […]

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Special Report

Forty Years on the Mount

March 24, 2011 Father Matthew Gamber 0

    Last July, 15 nuns from a schismatic convent in Washington state rejoined the Catholic Church. They left the motherhouse of the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI), located on the outskirts of […]


The Everlasting Man

March 24, 2011 Joseph Pearce 0

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” quipped Mark Twain upon hearing that his obituary had been mistakenly published in a newspaper. Although it must have been a strangely flattering experience for the […]


The Pope and the Philosopher

March 24, 2011 John Burger 0

It’s rare for a 28-year-old to have a private audience with the pope. But John Henry Crosby found himself in Pope Benedict XVI’s office last March. Crosby told the Pope about his challenges in raising […]

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Spe Salvi

March 24, 2011 George Neumayr 0

Modern culture, for all its rhetoric of progressive uplift, contains a deep current of ambivalence and pessimism. Modern man at once fears death and dreads life. He turns to defiant technology to extend life at […]