Marriage and Social Justice

June 10, 2014 John Burger 0

If you knew that Catholics for the Common Good was based in California and you noticed on its website a box with the words “Same-Sex Marriage” crossed out in a red circle—and the words “The […]

Special Report

The Longest Battle

May 26, 2014 John Burger 0

Post-traumatic stress. Amputations and brain injuries. High suicide rates. Can any good news come out of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? The effects of our recent military engagements in the Middle East are long-lasting. Though […]

Special Report

How to Sell Death

March 18, 2014 John Burger 0

Americans have seen abortion repackaged as a “choice.” They are witnessing an ongoing attempt to redefine marriage to include same-sex arrangements. Now they are being told that physician-assisted suicide is not actually suicide. In Connecticut’s […]


Spiritual Healing After Sexual Abuse

February 3, 2014 John Burger 0

Dawn Eden sees herself as a missionary. Herself a victim of sexual abuse as a child, abuse that was healed in part through her journey of faith, she now envisions bringing God’s healing to other […]

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March On!

January 15, 2014 John Burger 0

Pro-life leaders find hope in the fact that 41 years after the Supreme Court was thought to have settled a controversy with Roe v. Wade, more and more Americans are unsettled about legalized abortion. “We are waking […]


Al Kresta: The Complete CWR Interview

September 30, 2013 John Burger 0

Editor’s note: The following is the complete 6,000-word-long interview with author and radio host Al Kresta, given to John Burger in the course of the researching and writing of the profile, “Al Kresta: Missionary Looking […]