Kevin Costner’s Big Gamble

February 4, 2015 Patrick Coffin 0

Actor-director Kevin Costner is an iconic fixture in American cinema. At 60, he still bears a neo-Gary Cooper, or, some would say, James Stewart, quality. With an understated “aw shucks, ma’am” quality you can’t get […]

The Apartment, Movie-wise

April 14, 2014 Patrick Coffin 0

Few movies can be at once savage and sweet; fewer still while straddling more than one genre. Billy Wilder’s The Apartment (1960) manages all of the above. Dubbed a comedy at its debut, this study […]

The Unbearable Frightness of Being

December 1, 2013 Patrick Coffin 0

The shaking bed. The frantic mother. The faithless priest duking it out with the demon upstairs—and oh, that spinning head. These and other iconic images from The Exorcist (1973) are burned into our collective movie-going […]