The Dispatch

The next Doctor of the Church?

January 30, 2023 Casey Chalk 6

Last January, Pope Francis declared Church Father St. Irenaeus of Lyon (d. 202) to be a Doctor of the Church, a title given to those of eminent learning, a high degree of sanctity, and having […]


The Pachamama Rohrs

November 17, 2019 Dr. Douglas Farrow 38

“How far back and forward in time does the Christ figure extend, and who exactly is Christ?” These questions were posed by Richard Rohr in an interview with Rich Heffern of the National Catholic Reporter […]

The Dispatch

Villainy and virtue in the early Church

April 1, 2019 Paul Senz 5

Mike Aquilina is a prolific writer and editor, with many of his books focusing on life in the early Church. He is executive vice-president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and he has hosted […]