The Catholic Con Regroups

December 18, 2014 Anne Hendershott 0

Promising yet again to “move beyond partisan and ideological divisions,” the George Soros-supported Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) has refined its successful strategies of the past in its attempts to convince Catholic […]

The Puzzle of Religious Liberty

January 15, 2013 Benjamin Wiker 0

A Most Puzzling Puzzler I invite the reader to think through an interesting and very serious conundrum. Many of us are rightly alarmed at ever-bolder attempts by our increasingly secular state to violate the religious […]

The Catholic Con Continues

August 15, 2012 Anne Hendershott 0

One of the ways you can tell it is a national election year is left-wing Catholic political organizations re-emerge with new strategies, new funding, and sometimes even new names.  But while the organizational names may […]

Downsizing Planned Parenthood

Downsizing Planned Parenthood

January 21, 2012 Michael J. Miller 0

Any big business with affiliates throughout the United States will experience financial strains in a faltering economy. Yet the most recent financial report of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), released on December 27, […]

No Picture

“Ireland Stand Up”

January 19, 2012 Michael Kelly 0

The Irish Government is coming under increased pressure to reverse a controversial decision to close the country’s Embassy to the Holy See. Dozens of parliamentarians – including many from the Fine Gael and Labour coalition […]

Who Are the Pro-Life Democrats?

May 14, 2011 James Antle, III 2

It may seem like a long time ago now, but for one brief, shining moment the pro-abortion hegemony over the Democratic Party showed signs of cracking. Shortly after the 2004 presidential election—at least the fourth […]

Stupak’s Stand

May 9, 2011 James Antle, III 0

At a time when other putatively pro-life Democrats allowed their party affiliation to trump their professed commitment to the sanctity of innocent human life, Congressman Bart Stupak held firm. The nine-term Michigan Democrat thus found […]

Pelosi, the Bishops, and Immigration

May 4, 2011 Sean Higgins 0

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not, despite her powerful position, a riveting speaker. The San Francisco Democrat tends to stammer and fumble somewhat, even before friendly crowds. And the crowd she addressed on May 7 […]