The Dispatch

Climate change as political theology

October 28, 2019 Brian Jones 4

In his 2008 book entitled The Stillborn God: Religion, Politics, and the Modern West, Columbia professor Mark Lilla elucidated the newness of modern political thought, which is predicated upon the rejection of the political theology […]

The Dispatch

Democracy, health, and the economy

May 19, 2019 Brian Jones 4

John Ikerd, emeritus agricultural economist at the University of Missouri, observes that “to most economists, if the economy is growing, if it is getting bigger, then the economy is getting better, regardless of the consequences […]

The Dispatch

Viganó’s critics and the end of history

October 22, 2018 Brian Jones 11

There has been much commentary on Archbishop Carlo Viganó’s recent bombshell letters, including from many who have strongly criticized both Archbishop Viganó’s motives and the contents of his testimonies. My interest here is to draw […]