Nazareth Versus Jerusalem

May 3, 2011 Jim Graves 0

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, age 63, has served as head of the Diocese of Phoenix since 2003. He grew up on a farm on the Kansas- Nebraska border and attended small rural schools in Kansas. […]

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The Big Con Continues

May 3, 2011 Anne Hendershott 0

One of the ways you can tell it is a national election year is that leftwing Catholic political organizations re-emerge with new strategies, new funding streams, and sometimes even new names. But while the names […]


Closed from the Start

May 3, 2011 William Kilpatrick 0

Robert Reilly’s recent book The Closing of the Muslim Mind is a highly informative and penetrating analysis of a ninth-century debate within Islam, the repercussions of which are still being felt today. At the same […]

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A Moment of Historic Healing

May 3, 2011 Freddy Gray 0

Never mind the aggressive secularists, Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain also generated some oldfashioned Protestant hostility. On Friday, September 17, an odd collection of evangelicals gathered outside Westminster Abbey in London to denounce the […]

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“Heart Speaks Unto Heart”

May 3, 2011 Dominic Scarborough 0

When Pope Benedict XVI visited Britain in September to beatify Cardinal Newman, he was greeted by large and enthusiastic crowds in the streets. His gentle demeanour, combined with his firm message of protection for the […]

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The Barren Fig Tree

May 3, 2011 J. J. Ziegler 0

As Catholics in many parts of the United States mourn parish closures because of priest shortages, the world’s priestly vocation boom is an underreported story. According to the Vatican’s statistical yearbook, the number of major […]