A Different Kind of Dialogue

April 28, 2011 J. J. Ziegler 0

Charity in truth”—the title of Pope Benedict’s third encyclical—has been a dominant theme of the current pontificate. The question of how Catholics ought to live out this charity in truth with respect to Islam is […]


Coalition Politics

April 28, 2011 Freddy Gray 0

In the days following Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United Kingdom in September of last year, British Catholics convinced themselves that, for the first time in a generation, a profound change for the better […]


Gains and Losses

April 27, 2011 John Burger 0

After Californians voted in November to reverse same-sex marriage, state Attorney General Jerry Brown said the 18,000 or so homosexual marriages that had been performed after May 15, when California’s Supreme Court ruled that restricting […]

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Labour in the Vineyard

April 26, 2011 Joanna Bogle 0

For most of the past century, and especially since the reforms of education funding that followed the Second World War, Catholics in Britain have enjoyed an unusually generous arrangement for their schools. The schools, organized […]


A Wake-Up Call

April 26, 2011 Sean Salai, S.J. 0

An August 28 court decision to uphold legal abortion in Mexico City will have little effect in the rest of the country and will only serve to galvanize the Mexican pro-life movement, according to Mexican […]


An Issue Bigger than California

April 26, 2011 BK O'Neel 0

In a summer of floods, $4-per-gallon gasoline, and an increasingly contentious presidential election, many Americans may have missed what is happening in California on another front. There is an initiative on California’s November ballot that […]


The Slow Climb Back

April 18, 2011 Michael Kelly 0

The specter of child sexual abuse by priests still looms on the ecclesiastical landscape in Ireland. The findings of two government-sponsored judicial inquiries are due to be published later this year. Both reports are expected […]


Beating the Secularists Back

April 17, 2011 John Burger 0

Colorado House Bill 1080 was a two-page piece of legislation. But for Archbishop Charles Chaput, it might have led to the shutting down of the Archdiocese of Denver’s Catholic Charities. The bill, which was pulled […]


A Christmas Nightmare

April 13, 2011 Anto Akkara 0

Last December, Christians in India’s eastern Orissa state suffered some of the worst persecutions in the country’s history—a Christmas nightmare orchestrated by Hindu bigots who run wild in the jungles of the state’s Kandhamal district. […]

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The Changing Face of Ireland

April 8, 2011 Michael Kelly 0

Recent census data, which indicates that some 10 percent of the inhabitants of the Irish Republic were born overseas, brings the changing face of Irish society into sharp focus. After decades of mass emigration following […]