Culture and Evangelization

January 27, 2012 Russell Shaw 0

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Good news. Alongside the statistics of continuing Catholic decline in the United States, a new Catholic subculture is visibly emerging that raises hopes for the future of the Church in America. But there is […]

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The Scandal at 10

November 30, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

In the decade since the scandal of sexual abuse of children by some Catholic priests and its coverup by some bishops erupted in January 2002, thereby startling and disgusting the nation, it’s often been said […]


Only Part of the Story

August 8, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

What is social justice? In Catholic circles, the expression is much in use these days, but is it used correctly—used, that is, according to its meaning in the Catholic tradition and the Magisterium of the […]


Realistic Idealism at Work

May 26, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

One day last summer Tom Farr and a friend were having lunch in a Thai restaurant in Georgetown when the friend felt moved to ask Farr a question. President George W. Bush recently had announced […]


Rembert Weakland’s Oprah ecclesiology

May 12, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

Probably the most telling passage in Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland’s autobiography A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church concerns an apparently trivial incident in late 1977. The newly arrived archbishop of Milwaukee was cleaning out his […]

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The Separation of God from public life

May 3, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

No one could say Jack Kennedy hadn’t seen it coming. In a conversation with his father after the 1956 election, the charismatic young senator from Massachusett s presented the case against his seeking the presidency […]

Special Report

“The End of the Bernardin Era”

April 29, 2011 Russell Shaw 0

That compact phrase, uttered across a spectrum of opinion from the National Catholic Reporter to George Weigel, sums up the consensus view of informed bishop-watchers regarding the American bishops’ choice of Archbishop Timothy Dolan as […]