Black Bench, DC

June 22, 2015 John S. Hamlon 0

Black Bench is a polis within a metropolis. Its population—nine individuals robed in black—is constant. When one of its inhabitants retires or dies, an outsider—vetted, appointed, and affirmed—fills the vacancy. Its raison d’être is to […]


What Price Marriage?

June 26, 2013 John S. Hamlon 0

“What Price Glory?” is the title of a 1924 play about life, death, and heroism in the trenches of World War I.  One of the co-authors, Laurence Stallings, was a Marine sergeant in the famous […]


In Defense of Marriage

March 6, 2013 John S. Hamlon 0

H. L. Mencken—satirist, progressive, pseudo-misogynist, provocateur—wrote a book in 1918 called In Defense of Women.  Like an optical illusion, the title, depending on one’s focal point, can mean defending women or defending oneself from women. […]