Submerged in the Ocean

June 21, 2012 David Paul Deavel 0

“I think more should be written about conversion within the Church. It is a more difficult subject than conversion without.”    — Flannery O’Connor By the time I was received into the Catholic Church 15 years […]


Unintended Problems, Unintended Blessings

May 21, 2012 David Paul Deavel 0

Brad S. Gregory The Unintended Reformation: How A Religious Revolution Secularized Society Belknap Press, 2012 592 pages, $39.95 Modern academic history, according to historian Daniel Lord Smail, suffers from “the inflationary spiral of research overproduction, […]

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Make-Up Orthodoxy

August 8, 2011 David Paul Deavel 0

One loud and raucous cheer for those Catholic academics who so loudly challenged Speaker of the House John Boehner, this year’s commencement speaker at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  “Dear Mr. Speaker,” they […]

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Left Behind

June 30, 2011 David Paul Deavel 0

“Have you met any of these young retro-Catholics?” This question was directed to my table by a priest in his early 60s at the closing banquet for the American Catholic Historical Association several years ago. The priest […]