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The Fatuities of Professor Faggioli

George Weigel September 17, 2020 28
The defense of the dubious by the ill-informed can lead to the preposterous – and that is precisely the slippery slope down which Villanova’s Massimo Faggioli careens in his critique of my recent Washington Post [...]

Defending America’s Rule of Reason

Joseph Pearce September 11, 2020 17
America is in crisis. Beyond the trials and tribulations associated with COVID-19, there is rioting in the streets and calls for the “rebranding” of the United States in terms of identity politics. These are times [...]

Fr. Paul Mankowski, S.J.: A Tribute

Cardinal George Pell September 10, 2020 12
Fr. Paul Mankowski lived his life in obscurity, but it is appropriate that his friends publicly acknowledge his private achievements at his death. After reading Tony Abbott’s eloquent tribute, my instinct was that another Australian [...]



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