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Extra, extra! News and views for July 13, 2022

Here are some articles, essays, and editorials that caught our attention this past week or so.*

Detail from "The Artist's Father Reading his Newspaper" (1866) by Paul Cezanne (

The New Authoritarians – What changed in March 2020? How have things played out? What are the causes? What can we expect, looking ahead? Evil In Our Time: Naomi Wolf on the Covid Response (Brownstone Institute)

End of Christendom – Christianity was the instigator and guide of Western civilization, the mores and laws of which it ruled for sixteen centuries: this civilization is called Christendom. This era ended in the second half of the twentieth century. The Return to Paganism (Kirk Center)

Christians Misunderstand the Relationship of Poetry to Faith — “Poetry is not merely important to Christianity. It is an essential, inextricable, and necessary aspect of religious faith and practice. The fact that most Christians would consider that assertion absurd does not invalidate it.” Christianity and Poetry (First Things)

Two Catholicisms – The events of the past two or three years, though extraordinary and indeed unprecedented, did not appear ex nihilo. To comprehend them requires attention to their highly complex context. A New Catholicism? The Eugenic Health Tyranny as a Test of Fidelity, Part I (Douglas Farrow Substack)

OSV News – One of the oldest and most trusted names in Catholic media in the United States, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. (OSV) announced today that it will launch OSV News, a new Catholic news service, on January 1, 2023. OSV to launch a new Catholic news service January 1 (Religion News)

No Farmers, No Food – Thousands of farmers across Europe fight back against not just environmental regulations and the resulting inflation, but also the elites’ Great Reset agenda. PETITION: Stand with Farmers Against the Great Reset! (Life Petitions)

Patron Saints – When St. Agape shows up, K often sees the demons depart. Exorcist Diary: Do Saints Choose Us? (

Inseparable Devotions – Devotion to the Blessed Eucharist and devotion to the Sacred Heart are not only two sister devotions; in reality they are only one and the same devotion. Love, the Eucharist, and the Heart of Jesus (Catholic Education Resource Center)

Spam Bots – Musk claims that Twitter failed to respond to multiple requests for internal data and information about how it identifies and suspends fake accounts. Elon Musk notifies Twitter he is terminating acquisition (Washington Examiner)

Changing Definitions — “Our question is how is the CDC and the rest of the world allowed to call the shot a vaccination when it doesn’t even meet your own definition…”: Emails Confirm Why CDC Changed Definitions of Vaccine, Vaccinated (Epoch Times)

Democrats: SCOTUS is racist, sexist — Poll: More than half of Democrats, 53 percent, say they want to “abolish the current Supreme Court and establish a new, democratically elected Supreme Court with justices chosen by the American people directly.” More Than Half Of Dems Want The ‘Fundamentally Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ Supreme Court Abolished (The Federalist)

Intelligible Universe – Astronomers have faith that the microcosm of man’s mind is attuned to the macrocosm of the outside world, that the universe can be read by the intelligence of the human person. Faith, Science, and Wisdom (Catholic Exchange)

Rebuking Sin – Applying salutary  discipline, and balancing it with necessary consolations and encouragement is never an easy task. On the Balance of Love and Correction according to St. Gregory (Archdiocese of Washington Blog)

Socialist Business – The stakes for Democratic-led states are high because demographics have shifted massively toward Republican-led states. The Culture War Between the States (City Journal)

(*The posting of any particular news item or essay is not an endorsement of the content and perspective of said news item or essay.)

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  1. Thank you so much for gathering all these news items. That’s a wonderful idea. The situation with the Dutch farmers is insane & we shouldn’t be surprised to see our own govt. proposing something similar one day. I’m not a conspiracy theory fan but when you see concerted efforts like this going on you have to wonder…

  2. “The second, known only to initiates, is what we may call hygienic gnosticism, which secretly views the body itself [the object of so much care] as a kind of disease and the human race as a pathogen” (The Eugenic Health Tyranny as a Test of Fidelity in Two Catholicisms Douglas Farrow).
    Too comprehensive to cover entirely I target what underlies an increased distancing of what may be called a Church anthropology from a Church Christology.
    Eugenics made its broad impact on planet earth during the Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr and the Buck v Bell case in which his Opinion [we need not increase the number of morons] favored the sterilization of the mentally compromised defendant. That followed by the 1920 German medical eugenics classic Authorization to End Life Unworthy of Life Alfred Hoche psychiatrist Karl Binding legal scholar later adopted by Nazism as legal justification for a eugenics pogrom and the extermination of presumed deficient ethnicity.
    Farrow refers to Nuremberg on this. For America and the West the only real difference in an unjust eugenics ideology is that Nazi physicians were in instances [cited by historian journalist William Shirer] required to implement the death procedures. Both here in the States and there in Nazi Germany death dealing eugenics was then and is now implemented by men in white. Only that today abortions are sanitized in context of “the body itself [the object of so much care] as a kind of disease and the human race as a pathogen”.
    Perhaps the hallmark of a house divided, Farrow’s Two Catholicisms is, “As for the defense of abortion by the U.S. president, Pope Francis stated that he leaves it to Biden’s conscience” (Pope Francis in response to Catholic Biden’s seeming hydrophobic political effort to escalate the already monumental slaughter of those deemed unworthy of life, infants in the womb).

    • Feticide on demand is absolutely a form of eugenics and hopefully our society figures that out as soon as possible. I suppose it’s our job to keep repeating that eugenics connection out loud.

  3. Through The Eyes of JESUS

    I look down from above,
    Through the eyes of eternal love.
    My vision clouded with rivers of tears,
    As I realize my worst of fears.
    Children I created in their mother’s womb,
    Now has become their earthly tomb.
    I reflect back upon the cross,
    All my pain, my Blood, and loss.
    I knew then, what I see now,
    As I wait for every knee to bow.
    Even if their mother does not confess,
    I will never love her more, or less.
    Though America is in full retreat,
    Her eyes and mine are about to meet.
    From the clouds I’m about to rend,
    I AM the Beginning and the End.
    No more death and sorrow, you will not cry,
    As I wipe away every tear from your eye.
    Write this down, trustworthy and true
    I’m about to forever end baby blue.
    This is the vision of the eternal I AM,
    Seen through the eyes of the Lamb.

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