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  1. Do we realize the implications of this article? If true, WEF and the reset signifies the end of western civilization as we know it. It is the end of the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is real, it is upon us today, and it is dominating. There should be thousands of “combative and inflammatory” PEOPLE who post here about this. The editors can deem this one as one of them.

  2. The confusions being promoted by many, with deep cultural , religious roots etc:, seeing things only in own idolatrous ways , ? under an ‘antiJoseph’ spirit ..
    Joseph – meaning God adds .. in seeing God’s Light , beyond the beams of the
    temples created for idolatry of oneself , thus seeing much else with fear and contempt …
    the enemy too ever ready to add , to intrude in uninvited , bringing in the spirits of contempt , pride etc : as the leaven of the Pharisees ,even when there could be the real intent in many to see The Truth , thus are not to be ‘judged’ as people who are beyond reaching that Truth .

    Good discussion on same , in a Synodal manner of respectful listening and sharing to let The Light pour in , without the beams to block off same ..


    The desire for the oneness in the wounds seeing mothers and children deprived of dignity and security , in the nakedness of same , to move many to grieve with
    The Mother pleading for The Spirit – thank God we are given an occasion to do same with a spirit of reparation too .

    The media distortions and lies that has grieved the heart of the Holy Father too , those who have often promoted such being given an occasion for a reset too , to trust that the good that can be from One Heart , in union with many can far outweigh the evil in our midst from those who call for such, under the headship of one visible heart ..to thus be blessed in the justice in St.Jospeh


    The upcoming occasion of the Feast of Annunciation , the added blessing to invite The Mother into our lives in union with the Fatherly hearts of the Bishops, the flock joining with good will , to drive out the powers of divisions, lusts, wars and violence ..
    May our hearts be ever more open to same , in the manner that The Mother desires for all , to let The Spirit reset everything in the Divine Will , even as same could need much ‘walking together ‘ as our Lord Himself desires for The Church and nations correcting the errors on The Way as He does – as on the walk to Emmaus …
    FIAT !

    • There is no Hyksos in the Messianic inspiration. Hyksos are not catered for as part in the plan of Redemption. The Hyksos do not profess the Holy Spirit or the Son or the Father. The Holy Spirit never depended on the Hyksos to share His gifts.

  3. We read: “In other words, the lower levels don’t decide what to do or what is in their best interest to do but are limited to choosing how to implement the decisions communicated from above (Stakeholder Capitalism, pp 181-182).”

    Those with practical experience in any “sector” of the modern world concur wholeheartedly, but also notice further that something more is missing than even being “limited to choosing how to implement…”

    Missing is even the IMAGINATION to see things—let alone to see life—from a perspective altogether OFF of the conveyor belt of simply moving things along. In addition to published and elitist schools of thought, like the Reset, are the street-level lemmings programmed to simply move things along–within the Administrative State. Everywhere, the subconscious human analog to the unconscious force of gravity…

    CONTRIBUTORS to this “orientation” (all meanings intended) are legion but, for starters, include infiltration of the media, educational indoctrination (even the educational-industrial complex and STEM at the expense of imaginative Liberal Arts); the unwitting and compliant Land o’ Lakes Declaration and then in moral theology the mythic “paradigm shift;” and possibly the statistical fact that 95% of people at any level are simply left-brain dominant. HOW, then, to awaken an anthill-society of victimized somnambulists who–God help us–are totally preoccupied with just getting through the day, while now being swept along?

    In commissioning the apostles, the incarnate Christ saw well what was coming globally in a fallen world. So, how does one actually do a VERTEBRATE (!) version of real synodality? Batzing? Marx? Hollerich?

    Or off-the-conveyor-belt recollectedness, and even Eucharistic coherence?

  4. “ In the war of ideas, Catholic social teaching offers an antidote to the Reset.”

    The war is not only of ideas, nor is it primarily of ideas, and unless Catholics adapt to the reality (prayer is not enough), they should have no say in whatever new order results, because they will not have done the necessary work or made the necessary sacrifices.

  5. Dr. Misiak,

    Thank you for diagnosing this most lethal human virus ( The Great Parasite ) and for diagnosing a safe and effective vaccine ( Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic social tradition ).

    God Bless!
    Jim Gill

  6. The Devil can’t originate. But he sure is relentless.

    Good piece as it’s the first serious rebuttal to Schwab’s global madness from a Catholic perspective I have read.

  7. They’re labeling it “capitalism” but implementing control with Marxist policies. Check out James Lindsey’s “New Discourses,” on YouTube, for a fairly exhaustive resource on this. The John Birch Society has also been putting out some highly informative videos. (The hippies were wrong.)

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