Exporting the LGBTQ+ Agenda

The absurdities to which the Biden administration has gone in its utilization of its global platform demonstrates the primacy of the LGBTQ cause in its thinking.

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As a microcosm of the catastrophe of this administration’s promotion of the entire spectrum of LGBTQ+ derangement, President Joe Biden has nominated homosexual Scott Miller to serve as US ambassador to Switzerland. This may seem a small thing compared to Biden’s having an openly practicing homosexual like Pete Buttigieg serve as Secretary of Transportation, or his having openly transgender Dr. Rachel Levine (actually, Richard, before surgical intervention) serve as Assistant Secretary for Health at HHS.

The nomination, however, is symptomatic of the macro problem in three revealing ways: first of all, the insistent public nature of the rationalization for homosexual behavior; secondly, its self-righteousness; and, thirdly, the need for its universalization.

Having served as a diplomat in Switzerland myself, I was curious as to Miller’s credentials. Because of the importance of Switzerland’s financial sector, one would think that the White House announcement would lead with Miller’s impressive credentials in the financial world. But, no, it begins with his prominence in the homosexual world:

Scott Miller is an LGBTQ rights activist and philanthropist. As co-chair of the Gill Foundation’s board of directors, Miller directs the foundation’s national giving strategy to advance LGBTQ equality, including public education campaigns to ban conversion therapy and end discrimination against LGBTQ Americans.

(Conversion therapy is a no-no because becoming a homosexual is like going through a one-way turnstile. You can’t go back again, even if you want to, according to LGBTQ+ doctrine.)

Miller, a former UBS Wealth Management executive, takes himself to be the “wife” of his “husband,” Tim Gill, the founder of the publishing software company Quark, who is some 27 years his senior. In that case, shouldn’t Scott Miller’s name now be Scott Gill? Perhaps it’s a modern marriage where the spouse keeps her/his own last name. Regardless, Pride Month at the Embassy in Bern is sure to be celebrated with élan at the Embassy residence garden parties.

According to the Gill Foundation’s website, it “is one of the nation’s leading funders of efforts to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people.” Through the Foundation, the two have donated more than $500 million to LGBTQ+ causes, according to The Denver Post. Since 2010, Miller and Gill have also given at least $3.6 million to Democratic political candidates and causes, according to The Associated Press. Denver’s 5280 magazine claims that Gill “is now the largest individual donor in the history of the LGBT movement.”

Reflecting upon this outsized role, Miller says, “excuse the language—if you f**k around with the LGBT community, you will face Tim Gill’s wrath.” This intemperate remark illustrates the self-righteousness that fuels the rationalization for homosexual behavior. Let’s briefly review why this fuel is necessary for the success of the LGBTQ cause.

As Aristotle explained in the Ethics, a human being is incapable of choosing something unless he or she presents it to himself or herself as “good.” And we all do that when we choose evil over good: we create an alternate reality in which an evil thing appears to be a good thing. Usually, we recover when we admit our guilt, repent the action, and acknowledge it as having been evil. Then the moral order is restored. But if someone bases their life on an immoral act — say you want to be a professional thief, or you choose a sodomitical “marriage” — then you have to construct a more permanent rationalization that can withstand the repeated attempts of your conscience to interfere by letting you know that you’re doing something inherently wrong. In other words, you must make your disorder your identity. This is how sodomy became a vice with bragging rights.

For this rationalization to succeed, however, not only do you have to convince yourself, you also have to persuade everyone around you. They must share in the rationalization because, if they don’t, they are potential sources of rebuke and may cause that guilt to come crashing in on you. So, people who are engaged in rationalizing their moral misbehavior are not in “a search for truth”; they are fiercely fighting to protect the rationalization that allows them to continue their behavior. That is why they vilify anyone who opposes them and use every means to shut them up. This explains the self-righteousness Miller expressed in explaining Gill’s “wrath.”

George Orwell said: “The more a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” Anyone who has the nerve to speak against the rationalization of homosexual behavior becomes an object of obloquy and harassment. It’s a “career crusher,” as someone called it, to speak out against it. And we have seen court actions in various states against courageous people who have refused to participate in the rationalization for religious or moral reasons.

Full compliance with the LGBTQ agenda in the United States, however, is not enough. The need for the universalization of the rationalization necessitates its inclusion in American foreign-policy. Other nations must also be brought into submission for the rationalization to be impregnable.

Annise Parker, president and CEO of the LGBTQ+ organization the Victory Institute, remarked upon the importance of the international role Miller will take upon himself in helping to achieve this goal:

There is enormous power in LGBTQ people representing the United States abroad as ambassadors and Scott will ensure the advancement of equality is always on the diplomatic agenda. Much of his career has been dedicated to furthering LGBTQ rights and ending discrimination against the most vulnerable in America and we are fortunate he will soon have a global platform to push for these human rights issues.

The absurdities to which the Biden administration has gone in its utilization of its global platform demonstrates the primacy of the LGBTQ cause in its thinking. Consider the fact that the Pride flag flew earlier this summer at what used to be the US Embassy in Kabul, which also tweeted the message: “The month of June is recognized as (LGBTI) Pride Month. The United States respects the dignity & equality of LGBTI people & celebrates their contributions to the society. We remain committed to supporting civil rights of minorities, including LGBTI persons.” The tweet also carried a photo of the Pride flag. Perhaps the embassy should have been focused on more pressing issues – like its own survival. There will be no more Pride flags in Taliban Afghanistan.

Do not think that it was only the Taliban that was deliberately antagonized by this display. The Biden administration is an equal opportunity offender. The Pride colors were also flown at the US Embassy to the Holy See, which carried this twitter message: “The U.S. Embassy to the Holy See celebrates #PrideMonth with the Pride flag on display during the month of June. The United States respects the dignity and equality of LGBTQI+ people. LGBTQI+ rights are human rights.”

This nonsense makes all the more ironic a message from then-Senator Joseph Biden back in 2004, when he exclaimed: “hundreds of millions of hearts and minds around the world are open to American ideas and ideals. We must reach them.” With what? A friend of mine who lived in Central Asia for a number of years reflected upon what he learned from recently serving in a senior US government position dealing with that part of the world. He told me that the United States has no more “soft power” there. It has been squandered by the promotion of the radical agenda to subvert the natural family, to which Asian cultures still adhere. Instead, we have become a laughing stock.

If marriage were a monetary matter, one would say that homosexual “marriage” debases the currency. My guess is that the LGBTQ+ movement considers this a small price to pay for foisting its agenda on the rest of the world.

By now, these forces may seem inexorable. Who can withstand the financial tsunami of the Gill Foundation’s $500 million, plus the resources of the US government? The short answer is: reality. $500 million keeps the finger in the dike for about three seconds. Napoleon once said, “I must conquer to survive.” He came to power by a coup d’état and he knew his rule was illegitimate – thus the need to legitimate it by conquest. He didn’t survive. The same impetus drives the LGBTQ movement and it suffers from the same futility. It, too, is illegitimate and, therefore, must conquer to survive. But it won’t survive. You can’t fool Mother Nature for long. Prepare for its wrath.

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About Robert R. Reilly 21 Articles
Robert R. Reilly was Senior Advisor for Information Strategy (2002-2006) for the US Secretary of Defense, after which he taught at National Defense University. He was the director of the Voice of America (2001-2002) and served in the White House as a Special Assistant to the President (1983-1985). A graduate of Georgetown University and the Claremont Graduate University, his books include The Closing of the Muslim Mind, Making Gay Okay, and Surprised by Beauty: A Listener's Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music. His most recent book, America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding, is published by Ignatius Press.


    • I believe those who need our prayers first of all are the millions of unborn babies waiting in the wombs to be cut in pieces.
      And the Christians and others in Afghanistan where rainbow flags have caused unspeakable hatred against America and all their allies. A hatred which will hit most cruelly thousands of good people.i actually believe that their lives are far more important than the soul of Biden. Who woyks have thought of praying for the souls of Hitler and Stalin in the first place, not mentioning the Jews and the millions of Christians and others they murdered?
      No I am not saying that Biden is a Hitler or a Stalin. But his politics and choice of men in the highest positions is truly evil in itself.

  1. This is a good piece. The LGBTQ ‘movement’ is built on hate and it will collapse of its own weight.

    Biden needs our prayers now more than ever.

    • I believe those who need our prayers first of all are the millions of unborn babies waiting in the wombs to be cut in pieces.
      And the Christians and others in Afghanistan where rainbow flags have caused unspeakable hatred against America and all their allies. A hatred which will hit most cruelly thousands of good people.i actually believe that their lives are far more important than the soul of Biden. Who woyks have thought of praying for the souls of Hitler and Stalin in the first place, not mentioning the Jews and the millions of Christians and others they murdered?
      No I am not saying that Biden is a Hitler or a Stalin. But his politics and choice of men in the highest positions is truly evil in itself.

  2. Excellent post. Ireland too has much to ‘thank’ LGBTQ activism and ‘philantropy’ for the present state of the country. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the ideology is vilified and deplatformed. The media is a watchdog for sniffing out dissenting voices. The small but highly organised LGBTQ lobby was, in no small measure, a terrific support to the progressivists push for liberal abortion too. Ireland is now a more ‘compassionate’ , ‘ open minded’ society. There have been a few bumps in the road such as a push back against a radical sex education programme being imposed on primary schools, including’Catholic’schools, and a misdiagnosed life limiting condition which caused the untimely death of a healthy baby. The media regarded the latter as unfortunate because the child was ‘wanted’; there is no grief wasted on ‘unwanted’ damaged ones.

    • Somewhere along the line, the homosexual movement became an evil, almost fascist movement, devoted to terrorizing people into affirming their activities. Tim Gill is a primary reason for that transformation into pure evil. Homosexuals are supposedly terrifically attracted to Nazis and their behavior, so this is all in line with that stereotype.

      • There is truth to this, as their is truth to many groups that do the same, including, unfortunately, Christians. But, it is impossible for me to dislike Christians as a group, when I know so many Christian individuals.

  3. Romans 1:18-32 makes it clear that the dominance of homosexuality in society is the direct result (and primary indication) of society abandoning God and espousing hedonism) – “For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men.”

    Again and again, we are reminded (and warned) in Scripture of the penalty of homosexuality on individuals and the society that legitimizes the behavior.
    Genesis 19 (esp. v. 4-11)
    Jude 1:7
    1 Corinthians 6:9
    1 Timothy 1:10

    • Excellent comments, Todd. Thank you, especially for the Bible references. These will definitely help me. But we, as good Catholics must do something to help these poor souls find their true humanity. Conversion Therapy must be brought to the forefront again! These states who have passed laws against conversion therapy and violating the rights of those people who want to live clean! This must be brought to the forefront, it must! Otherwise, these disordered people and condemned to damnation!

  4. Reilly mentions both the pride flag (pried as in wedge politics?) at our capitol, and on the surrendered embassy in Afghanistan and even at the embassy in the Vatican. He also mentions Napoleon…

    In the first instance, the coupling of active homosexuality with active jihadists makes perfect sense. Under Islam the moral code only coincides with some of Christianity and civilization, BUT is radically different—-as an arbitrary and fatalistic decree of a distant Allah. He might well have dictated otherwise. Far distant from the Incarnation and the understanding that right and wrong are inherent qualities of all moral actions, and that our human grasp of righteousness reflects analogously God as both a transcendent a moral being. No such natural law in either the religion of Islam and jihad or the pride of arbitrary personalized perversion and anti-binary gender theory.

    Therefore, as for Biden’s Pride diplomacy and Napoleon…what Napoleon once said of the weathervane diplomat Talleyrand seems to apply: “you’re nothing but shit in a silk stocking.”

  5. Thank you, Mr Reilly for a really well written, truthful, exacting article! Your comments about Mr Miller’s credentials for the position of US Ambassador to Switzerland, “Because of the importance of Switzerland’s financial sector, one would think that the White House announcement would lead with Miller’s impressive credentials in the financial world. But, no, it begins with his prominence in the homosexual world:

    Scott Miller is an LGBTQ rights activist and philanthropist. As co-chair of the Gill Foundation’s board of directors, Miller directs the foundation’s national giving strategy to advance LGBTQ equality, including public education campaigns to ban conversion therapy and end discrimination against LGBTQ Americans.

    (Conversion therapy is a no-no because becoming a homosexual is like going through a one-way turnstile. You can’t go back again, even if you want to, according to LGBTQ+ doctrine.)” is spot on. Concerning Conversion Therapy, Americans who are inflected with this “intrinsic disorder” of same sex attraction who realize its basic violation of natural law, not to mention God’s law, should be able to seek and get therapy to help them find their true humanity. We must as a country and a nation of decent people allow these poor souls to seek the goodness of God. This idea is not pushed enough by those who favor it because of exactly what you have described! In addition, votes, votes…all the democrats what is votes and by the appointment of these disordered people souls to positions of authority lend the degree of acceptance the LGBTQ+ wants. The justice of God will prevail, I believe but in the meantime these poor souls need help not acceptance. Your book “Making Gay Okay” has surely come to pass but its continence does not have to be. There are plenty of decent Americans to push the agenda of Conversion Therapy but need party support to do it. That party is the Republican Party and the message should be, “We want to help you not condemn you”. It will eventually happen because God is in charge not the democrats. Thank you, Sir, for your article and your efforts.

  6. Reilly’s Catholicism is extreme, as the CWR must know. Such a cynical view, we now know, is ignorant of what a gay life actually is. It rejects the US bishops’ 1997 “Always Our Children,” for starters.

    • What exactly is ‘cynical’ about Reilly’s view? How is Reilly’s view ignorant of what a gay life entails? In what exactly does a gay life consist? How does “Always Our Children” contradict Reilly’s Catholicism?

      If you cannot adequately explain the claims in your post, surely you realize that they are only talking points a la Napoleon’s assessment of Tallyrand.

    • Only as “extreme” as what the Church has always taught and continues to teach about homosexuality:

      Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts
      of grave depravity (Cf. Genesis 19:1-29; Romans 1:24-27; 1 Corinthians 6:10; 1 Timothy 1:10),
      tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” (Congregation
      for the Doctrine of the Faith, Persona humana, 8). They are contrary to the natural law. They
      close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual
      complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved. (CCC 2357)

      Further, a distinction must be made between those who struggle with homosexuality, for whom it constitutes “a trial” (CCC 2358), and those who aggressively, even tyrannically and with ideological fervor, promote homosexuality as something good and wonderful. And Reilly makes that distinction in his various essays/books on this topic. The 1997 USCCB document is about pastoral care; it qualifies its limited remarks by stating, “This message is not a treatise on homosexuality. It is not a systematic presentation of the Church’s moral teaching.”

      Reilly’s view is not cynical, but your comment certainly appears disingenuous.

      • Meiron and Mr. Olson, you are two people I agree with 99 percent of the time, but Dan’s prejudiced belief has a point about attitudes among professed Catholics. The point is rooted in something this article does not attempt to address here, which is the left leaning cultural acceptance by liberal Catholics of many, if not all, aspects of the gay agenda. If I were to act on, what I am inclined to act on, in ripping down a rainbow flag were I to encounter one in any particular church, I suspect most Catholics present would elbow each other in their haste to pull out their cell phones to call the police on me and would applaud my being arrested and carted away.
        We shouldn’t lament the political left in America without considering its sway on the willing acceptance by a large percentage of partly secularized Catholics who gravitate to anything that presents itself as progress. And this is not the effect of what is often called “bad catechetics.” The sins of pride among Catholics who accept the gay agenda is as difficult to overcome as half a century of futile attempts to reeducate many of the same majority of Catholics that Humane Vitae represents a beautiful truth after all.

        • Hi, Edward: I don’t disagree one bit with your point here. Catechesis is a part of it, but I do think it is far, far deeper than that. Most Catholics in the U.S. are so immersed in secular, fad-dish waters that they don’t even know they are in the water. And so they assume they are simply correct, end of story. I’ve witness and experienced this first hand, as when I gave a talk a few years ago at the local Newman Center (on Catholic social doctrine), then spent 45 minutes afterwards being told by several of the students attending that the “Church hates gays,”people should be able to love whoever they want to,” and so forth. They were poorly catechized, of course, but the most striking thing was their full-blown commitment to an anthropology and soteriology that was not only not Catholic, it was staunchly anti-Catholic. Par for the course.

          • Maybe worse, still. Not “deeper,” but shallower. In many cases but surely not most, instead of bad “anthropology and soteriorlogy,” how about simply sensate/nerve-end consumers of physical stimuli and airwaves?

            Like aimless jellyfish adrift in our oceans, consuming anything that moves (if small enough!). Opposable-thumb ingestors of cell-phone apps. Slogan and graffiti affectionados. Social media and text messages of less than 160 characters. Anything, but nothing so demanding as bad conceptual constructs.

            Appearing before an exasperated judge finally for a felony sentencing, a young post-1960 man was asked: “Didn’t anyone ever teach you right from wrong?” His wide-eyed answer: “no” (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Warning to the West, 1976).

            Solzhenitsyn, who’s he?

          • I didn’t see a reply button below for Mr. Beaulieu, another commenter I generally admirer, but here he seems overly cynical in reducing the morally weak to automatons. My field is abstract physics not social work, but in trying to accomplish at least a few things among all the corporal works, I have gotten to know five convicted murderers in my lifetime. After their reform, I found them to be among the deepest, most consciously aware people I’ve ever known regarding their capacity for evil, even in the slightest of ways.
            I believe the moral shallowness among many of the young, even those raised in the faith, has less to do with culture in general than the systemic ways that culture creates and makes available for escaping a sense of moral culpability. This is where Mr. Beaulieu is right, though too absolutist in applying it to people.
            When I give a pro-life talk to young Catholics, where the gatherings are always small because the idea of being pro-life is not supported by Catholic administrations at the Parish level or educational level, most of those present are sympathetic to the cause, but I still get pelted with the familiar cliched questions: Do we have a right to impose our religion on everyone else? To which I answer, what religion was I “imposing” during my years as a pro-life atheist, prior to my conversion? And I never leave the moment as rhetorical. Not to embarrass the questioner, I nonetheless require an answer to reveal the process of the need to examine where assumptions come from. I know of the importance for the young to avoid learning the habitualization of escape routes from moral impeachment. Moral principles are not religious eccentricities.
            Far be it for me to pass along advice to you Mr. Olson, a brilliant writer whom I admire, but when you give your speeches, always try to have responses in the form of questions prepared in the Q and A session that might pull the rug out from various skeptical mindsets in your audience.

          • Thanks, Edward, for your further thoughts and for your kind words.

            Well, the talk was, as I said, on social doctrine. I thought that my final thoughts, in that talk, on the essence of social justice (proper worship of God!), would provoke some questions. But then the first (and only!) question was “Why does the Church hate gay people?” In fact, the 45 minutes spent in discussion of that where minutes well spent, even if a few college students were miffed to learn that they really knew nothing at all about what the Church teaches about marriage, sexuality, soteriology, holiness, etc.!

          • Response to Edward Baker:

            You attribute to me: “…overly cynical in reducing the morally weak to automatons […] too absolutist in applying it to people.”

            My qualified wording is: “In many cases but surely not most…” by which I am referring to really good candidates. A millennial who when asked “what is your purpose,” responds that he does not know what the word means. Or an elected official decades past, when reviewing a prepared speech (I was sometimes asked to be a ghost writer), inspected the word “civility”. He asked first how to pronounce the word…and then he inquired what it might mean.

            In such cases (“surely not most”), is your “automatons” possibly too generous? And then, for both of us, there’s this rhetorical thing called hyperbole. Yes?

      • Hi. Thanks for your comment. This comment section isn’t convenient to check and respond to, so please be patient with me. I am a fan of debate, a social worker, a gay man, and 49 years old. The cynical part of Reillys op ed is the complete lack of any assumption that a gay person could be good, honest, human and concerned for others. It is shocking to read such black-and-white thinking. The CWR has published much more nuanced interpretations of gay lives and interests.

      • Thank you for stating your support for treating gay people with understanding. It seems that you acknowledge that some people
        happen to be gay, and, just like everyone else, navigate the world the best they can.

        • We hope that you can retain an awareness that, since we are all sinners, understanding can not help but need to be a two way street. There is and has been no lack of acrimony on the part of gays insisting that anyone failing to endorse any aspect of their agenda at anytime must be heartless, even to the point where a given political objective of the moment of someone claiming to speak for “alternative lifestyles” runs contrary to what many gays themselves believe given its sillyness. Can you personally rattle off, name, and describe all the 46 variations of “gender” some are claiming?

          • Edward, fortunately I have much less anger than I used to about religion. I try to treat people fairly and I don’t blame people for their views. And I love to debate. I do believe that the gays who are always angry keep running up against the religious who are always proselytizing. They talk past each other. But their conflict may be irreconcilable because they have opposing beliefs.

            What I would like is more Christians to say to me: “I know that you are human, made in God’s image. You say that you have fallen in love with a man. Love is of God. But I don’t understand gay love, only because I follow the law that was written by God.”

    • Our children are “Always Our Children.” If they go out and murder, rob, rape, commit sodomy, fornicate, or abuse, they’re still “our children.” But what they are doing is evil.

    • Reilly’s Catholicism is not “extreme.” It is orthodox. Christianity always appears to be “extreme” in the eyes of a corrupt and sinful humanity.

    • He is neither extreme, nor does he contradict the somewhat flaky document by the American bishops, which I am told was heavily influenced by homosexual bishops anyway.

  7. Thank you too, not just for the light of truth of the extent of the flood waters that pour forth , pulling away unwary drivers …

    https://www.ltdw.org/the-hours-of-the-passion.html – In reading The Passion meditations with its promise of converions and protections , had been puzzled by the extent of the rage and fury unleashed by those around The Lord ..and the article brings out the dynamics of same well enough – how good is our Lord who thus shows us The Way , to deal with all occasions ..

    The black holes of despair and its rage , from breaking the seals of hell in sins aganisnt life and purity , the black holes of no return that could be awating for eternity .. awareness of these evils around us to wake us up from the stench of lukewarmness that too can bring its loathing for The Lord and His Holy Will , in turn making persons loathe each other … and manifesting as evil intents and actions and relationships to pull others too into the back holes ..

    May there be many who would invite our Lord in trusting gratitude in the note of optimism in the article ..and into all impurities in any of the aspects of lives …..
    Our Mothre is waiting and inviting us all too , esp. those who have been the most into the black holes , to help pull us out – beoved Queen of the Divine Will of the Rainbow of The Lord , in letting the sun dance in her purity and power .

  8. When did it all change? Brooklyn street morals weren’t the world’s finest although virtually all disdained the sexual deviate. Still they swarmed in their haven the E Village. Priesthood infiltration, not to mimic Taylor Marshall although I admire his candor is a start of the initial nuanced change in moral perception. Certainly causal the American sexual revolution driven by wealth, leisure, Rock, drugs, the magical transforming pill. Promiscuity engenders promiscuity regardless of sexual preferences. The sixties seventies an avalanche Liberty replacing Christian temperance. We can go on certainly girding it all is the drift away from faith in Christ to faith in Man. Robert Reilly gives a reasoned inventory of the process, citing Nappy needing conquest to stay empowered. We do know that Biden, less heroic more Quisling like in betrayal of the faith supporter of the enemy, finds redemption in goods, success. Natural law may punch back at LGBT nevertheless it already had with disease effectively neutralized with medicine. Two homosexuals Miller and Gill Miller announcing his preposterous missis role are the invading moral barbarians supported by the president. Sexual deviation on the scale it’s practiced and empowered is eschatological. So diametrically opposed to the divine will in repudiation of the order of human life created in God’s image that it provokes the hand of God’s wrath.

    • Thank you, Fr Morello, for a concise, accurate description of moral chaos and degradation. Hubris will be followed by nemesis, yessir.

    • Yes, the HIV cocktail does decrease the risk of developing full-blown AIDS. But look at this catalogue of medical risks (from Web MD) from sodomy. The weak in stomach ought not read.

      “The lining of the anus is thinner than the vagina, and it lacks natural lubrication. That makes it much more vulnerable to tearing. Tears can allow viruses and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. This can include sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV. Studies have suggested that anal exposure to HIV poses 30 times more risk for the receptive partner than vaginal exposure. Anal intercourse can also boost the risk of getting the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV may also lead to the development of anal warts and anal cancer….
      The tissue inside the anus is not as well-protected as the skin outside the anus. Our external tissue has layers of dead cells that serve as a protective barrier against infection. The tissue inside the anus doesn’t have this natural protection, which leaves it vulnerable to tearing and the spread of infection.
      The anus was designed to hold in feces. The anus is surrounded with a ring-like muscle, called the anal sphincter, which tightens after we have a bowel movement. When the muscle is tight, anal penetration can be painful and difficult. Repetitive anal sex may weaken the anal sphincter, making it difficult to hold in feces until you can get to the toilet….
      The anus is full of bacteria. Bacteria normally in the anus can potentially infect the giving partner. Having vaginal sex after anal sex can also lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections.
      Even though serious injury from anal sex isn’t common, it can happen. Bleeding after could be due to a hemorrhoid or tear, or something more serious such as a perforation (hole) in the colon. This is a dangerous problem that needs medical attention right away.
      Anal sex also increases your chance of getting an anal fissure. A fissure is a split in the tissue of your anus.
      Oral contact with the anus can put both partners at risk for hepatitis, herpes, HPV, and other infections.”

      • Hi. Sounds like accurate information. It’s important for gay men to know all of this. Condom use is crucial for safer anal sex.

        However, none of these are good arguments for why gay men should not fall in love. And no medical risk factors can prove that God frowns upon gay male relationships.

        • It would be interesting to know what your arguments against promiscuity, against incest, against pederasty, against bestiality would be. (If you have any; perhaps you don’t consider any of those things to be wrong). Because I am fairly certain that those who choose to practice those sins would tell you that they aren’t good arguments for why they shouldn’t commit those sins.

          • Leslie, I think you are asking me this question. Lots of moral, ethical challenges, here. Beastiality and incest seem wrong to me. Child molestation or Pederasty should be illegal. Children need to be cared for not taken advantage of. Adultery is immoral without consent of the partner. Sexual promiscuity is an individual’s choice, but, like anything, it comes with risks.

            These are roughly my beliefs.

          • But, is it possible to discuss the reality of gay men falling in love (and gay women, of course!), before we get to the sex and sin part? This is the elephant in the room, in my opinion, 24 years after Always Our Children.

          • Bestiality and incest “seem wrong” to you? That’s it?
            Adultery is moral if the spouse consents?
            Promiscuity is just a choice?
            I am surprised that you are willing to go so far as to say that you think pederasty should be illegal.

            The point that I was making was that you leave yourself no argument if, for example, a pederast or an adulterer says, “Oh, but we’ve fallen in luuuuuuuuuv and therefore this isn’t wrong,” if you think that “falling in love” is an excuse for any behavior.

            The “reality” of homosexuals of either sex’s fallling in love is that anything that is a temptation to commit a vile sin is a perversion of good. You conflate love with sexual desire, and ignore the other kinds of love. If you haven’t read C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves, you might want to do so.

            I refuse to debase the word “gay,” (“bright, cheerful”) to mean perverted.

          • Leslie, if you already know who I am and if you are already sure that my views are deplorable, please don’t ask me any questions. Also, if you need a gay man to beat up, please go find another one.

          • You reply to every comment by wanting to discuss homosexuals’ “falling in love.” I pointed out that your argument leaves you with no defense against those who use “falling in love” as an excuse for doing things which you believe to be wrong.

            I know about you only what you have written, and the answers you gave to my question showed that your moral viewpoint is extremely skewed. I did not know how “deplorable” your views were until you answered my question.

            Pointing out the flaw in your reasoning hardly constitutes “beating up” anybody. And how sad that you seem to believe that the most important thing about your identity, the one by which you continually identify yourself, is your homosexuality.

          • Leslie, thanks for chatting with me on here. I probably took too much offense to comments from you. Our assumptions about each other seem to continue, despite being inaccurate. I hope you enjoy your day.

        • This has nothing to do with “love” and you know it. Gay men do not fall in love, they seek a temporary sympathetic person to identify with. If they were in love, it would not be true that 80 percent of all gay men in relationships ROUTINELY have anonymous gay sex with random strangers. You have conveniently branded the obvious perversity of gay life as “love” – but why do you have to lie constantly about the real state of gay life? Doesn’t it bother you to lie endlessly, knowing that most gay relationships are very short, that even if they last for years the partners ALWAYS seek anonymous sex with strangers? Tell us about Grindr and other such well used gay apps. Do you enjoy all the lying, or have you simply come to the conclusion that you must lie about gay life in order to be accepted, because you know that normal decent society will never accept anal sex as a norm, nor shacking up endlessly with strangers. You figure, well, eventually we will get to the kids and introduce them to anal sex and other harmful things, and get them to accept harmful behaviors as normal. So we will lie in the meantime. If you have any morality at all, how do you explain the massive need to lie, lie, lie about homosexual life?
          Don’t lie and blabber on about love. You know that’s just a lie.

      • When initiated in hospital chaplaincy a woman MD specialist in AIDS treatment lectured the class that the rectum when penetrated is the perfect breeding ground for new viruses. She thought that’s how this virus may have developed. Although today with Covid19 there’s mounting indication that virus was biologically engineered in Wunan.

    • Father, Its interesting you should say this. I have recently mentioned the concept of an angry God to friends. In light of the recent state of the county( riots, shootings, transgendering children, pushing the gay rights and pro abortion agenda as radically as possible, etc) I think you may be correct, although I hope not. An angry God does not match with my perception of Jesus. God may not be angry but the bible shows he has a sense of justice which cannot be ignored. I am sorry to say homilies about sin of ANY sort is VERY rarely pronounced from the pulpit.My Pastor had a brief overview of Catholic marriage in our bulletin recently ( one man-one woman) . I wonder if he will get any push-back?? Meanwhile, the US has no business exporting its most extreme left views as if all Americans were on board with them. Bishops taking a look at the situation with Biden, already in trouble for his abortion stand, should now call on him to explain his reason for placing gays in prominent public positions and advocating for the flying of the rainbow flag over our embassies.What are the Bishops waiting for?? Over the years, I have known gays as friends and like them a great deal. But having a friend and treating them with humanity and kindness is not the same as endorsing their lifestyle. The issue of the church’s position regarding all sexual sins should be taught with better clarity from the pulpit.

      • Agreed LJ. Priests at least the majority hold back from addressing the moral issues that impact people. Fearful of retribution from parishioner and bishop. There’s a languid mindset clergy have adopted because of ambiguity of faith and doctrine. God when provoked will react harshly not for sake of just punishment as in Hell following final judgment, rather in this life to chastise that we may repent. Kindness for a natural father requires discipline when warranted, as it is with God and us, his children. Jesus revealed the depth of his love for us by suffering death on the cross and rose that we might have life. Willingness to suffer just punishment as a needed chastisement is essential in the economy of salvation. That our sentiments are purified and love of others emulates that of Christ.

    • You can tell that guy chose to be the “Mrs”. solely to annoy people. This is the kind of anti social, destructive people they are.

      • This type of comment illustrates the complete lack of understanding the general public has (perhaps more so, Christians) about gay people and basic sociology. It is why I have been responding to so many comments, here.

        Where is the love and compassion in sampton911’s comments? I assume he/she is a good person. But the question of homosexuality is still met with fear, vitriol, and misinformation.

  9. Edward, I am not Catholic, but I was raised Catholic (despite having a Lutheran father). It seems there are many more Catholics today who believe that gay people experience romantic love that is no different than straight romantic love. These Catholics reconcile their views on sexual orientation with Church doctrine, somehow, I assume.

      • I accept that fact. That is why I am no longer Catholic, which is fine, but it hurts, too.

        (My uncle keeps telling me that I will always be Catholic because I was baptized Catbolic. I disagree, but I could be wrong!)

    • You keep dodging questions that would be revealing of an underlying gay mindset. I’ll nevertheless try another. How do you account for the indisputable fact that 98 percent of gays support the extermination of unborn children? Now, don’t look for a cop-out.

      • I am not a proponent of abortion. My two cousins got pregnant in high school and refused abortions. They gave thier babies up for adoption. God bless them.

        I’d rather not get off track from homosexuality and the Church. It is contentious enough, without adding abortion to the mix. I could ask you to say something–anything–cordial or concilliatory, before we proceed. Otherwise, it would appear that you only want to prove your own personal theories or ones you’ve heard.

        Hi, how are you? I’m Dan. Sitting in the breeze with my coffee. I hope your day is going well.

  10. Still find it hard to believe that the above flag was flown over the embassy in Kabul – ? an occasion of glory for the Lord and His Mother as on the occasion of the Eoxdus , that flag to remind persons world over about the ‘ wrong side ‘ …

    The masks of Satan , who reigns in hell , reminding persons who their god is – https://www.catholicexorcism.org/post/exorcist-diary-154-your-choice-christ-or-the-demons

    As much as there is much evil around us , such as through porno videos that get cursed for same to afflict others , to help us to also thank God more esp. for tomorrow with and for all who live with Oneness in The Divine Will as our Mother –


    Angel Raphael as God’s Healing agent , who brings Tobias and Sarah into a blessed marriage , driving out the demon of lust , a marriage , like many others such as of Bl.Mother too not needing the complex intricasies and demands of dating , with its need to also arouse carnal idolatrous passions focusing more on self .

    Tobias enters marriage with the noble intention of seeing same as God’s Holy Will – such a concept about marriage hopefully would help many to overcome the fear and despair about same , esp.as our families stay away from the wasted hours spent on even the ‘soft porn ‘ of Hollywood ; thus the message to the young that they might even dare to look into the old tradition of ‘ arranged marriages ‘ – with the aid of the Pre Cana and ? even exorcism ministries . 🙂

    The grace to see that being made in His Image , we too are made for Great Love , that is to flow into our lives through The Two Hearts and all in Them – being invited to ever rise from the deaths in evil unto the Oneness in His Will , esp. as in the Eucharist , meant to fill our hunger for holy love even from each other , in our Lord who multiplies Himself in The Eucharist and in whom are all in Perfect Love in The Spirit ..

    May that flag above too become many pieces that proclaim such a truth – to hasten The Rainbow of the Reign of The Divine Will for our times –


  11. This is a great article for its truth and succinctness. Thank you.

    I have one piece of information to add. In my conversations with gay homosexuals about the morality of homosexuality, it seems that many of them quiet down once they realize that your views are based on truth and not hatred of homosexuals.

    I’ve found that they won’t believe you if you say that you don’t hate homosexuals. Rather, you have to demonstrate it by action. In social media, I’ve done this by politely correcting people who use derogatory terms against homosexuals. In so doing, homosexuals become much more open to the truth.

    • I agree. I can have a discussion with you much more easily, after you acknowledge my humanity, after you admit that you are a sinner, and especially if you try to understand that I can actually fall in love with a man. Also, If you are able to pause for a moment before simply repeating doctrine and Biblical mandates.

      • There are all sorts of stories of people falling in “love” with animals. Or the Eiffel tower (see youtube – she actually loves the Eiffel tower so much that she went and rubbed herself against it to have sex with it). What you perceive as love is some sort of emotion, but emotions easily trick us and lead us down the wrong path. My anger might push me to punch someone, but I resist. You seem to want to reduce everything to the hazy, goofy notion that “love” is overwhelming and cannot be resisted. What really happens to you is you find a sympathetic ear, someone that understands you, and who shares certain interests. Homosexuality creates a deep wound that seeks relief at any cost, and finding that relief and safe harbor, and an understanding ear, you convince yourself that you are experiencing love rather than something else. Homosexuals would not need to have anonymous sex with strange men all the time if they were actually in love, because true love would have extinguished their animal lusts. It just would not happen. Yet at least 80 percent of those who are in long term gay relationships say they need to have anonymous sex with strangers, and they make agreements that they both wil do that. That is not love!

        • Maybe, sir, you should give the Gospel another read, so you can remember what love truly is. Your theories are baseless. Your assumptions are flat out wrong. You tell me who I am, because just really know people like me, huh? You’re just so sure you are correct. Ugh. This is why gay people get sarcastic with you and try to push your buttons. (Or have you even known any gay people?)

          Or are you just so grossed out by the idea of gay people, that you cannot help reacting with fear and anger?

  12. Well, medical risk factors are irrelevant to the discussion, so your argument is a straw man. God unequivocally condemns gay relationships. Behavior that clearly violates God’s laws cannot be considered “loving” under any circumstances. Don’t defend the indefensible.

      • Dan,
        It depends upon what you mean by love? Are you referring to agape or eros? If eros, one can have desire for any number of people? Some desire is ordered and some disordered. An example of ordered desire can occur between a man and a woman and is consistent with biological procreation. An example of disordered desire can occur between a man and a 7 year old boy. Likewise, homosexual desire is contrary to biological procreation and is disordered as well. The psychological dynamic that drives homosexuality, though, is both varied and different from pedophilia. However, regardless of whether our desires are ordered or disordered, we are all called to resist the evil sexual impulses in our lives.

        • Yes, I mean romantic love. Thanks for sharing your views so respectfully. I like this new compassion that takes place of the old demonizing and disgust for gay people. Many thanks.

        • I accept that fact. That is why I am no longer Catholic, which is fine, but it hurts, too.

          (My uncle keeps telling me that I will always be Catholic because I was baptized Catbolic. I disagree, but I could be wrong!)

      • God is love. God’s first commandment to Adam and Eve was: “Be fruitful and multiply.” In the beginning, God did not create two men; he created one man and one woman. The reason God gave for creating a helper for Adam? It was good that man not be alone.

        Homosexual genital acts are acts of sterility, and as such affront God’s command to multiply. [Contraceptive heterosexual acts do likewise.] Homosexual genital acts, because sterile in regard to procreation, do nothing to further the common good of society’s interest in furthering man’s existence. When God created, He noted that all He created was “good.” Creating another human being, a human made in the image and likeness of God, is a good,and God blessed man and woman by allowing them a share in acts of goodness through procreation. God’s commandments are for mankind’s GOOD.

        To claim that homosexual genital acts reflect ‘love’ is a contradiction and makes a mockery of God and his commandments given for the good of his creation.

        God first created one man and He next created one woman. To ignore the ontological giveness of God’s order of creation is to disregard God’s goodness and justice. The sin of sodomy is described in Scripture as crying from the ground for God’s vengeance. The distinction found within the complementarity of opposite sex coupling and the procreation of children together with the unitive bond of marital male-female love is an ontological given, a gift from God. To eschew this and to claim that homosexual ‘love’ is in any form, shape, or kind similar to God’s love for man is a delusion or a deception to which one has unfortunately fallen prey.

        God loves you. But He detests homosexual genital acts. That is God’s truth, plain and simple. His truth cannot be spun or wished away. God’s truth is the same today, tomorrow, and yesterday. He is eternal, and His will is that we abide with Him forever in His eternal beatitude. Sin denies entry.

        • I appreciate your comment. I am aware of all of this, believe me. I have sat in Church and listened to the teachings over and over. It is the space between the laws that continues to baffle me. On the one hand, I can accept a difference of belief (These laws and God’s plan as you state it, are not my beliefs. Partly, yes, but not fully). On the other hand, are you able to see (or imagine) beyond what you think and believe, for a moment? Have you grappled with the contradictions of laws that, according to you, treat love and “genital acts” as one and the same?

          I don’t mean to be harsh or rude. Forgive me for my directness.

  13. I wonder whether the current pontificate is softly exporting the LGBT agenda. Hard to believe? Then, how come did Pope Francis praised Fr. James Martin recently for his ministry to the LGBT?

    • It seems to me that Fr J Martin sees the grace and love in a person before he sees the sin. He may also find it difficult to tell the difference between straight love and gay love.

      Faith, hope and love, these three!

      • Then he is a totally rotten priest. If you see the grace and love in a bank robber, and therefore encourage him in his bank robbing, then you are not doing him any good. And lets be honest. Father Martin does not see the grace and love of the human being, and then proceed to tell the person where he is going wrong. He sees the person driving over a cliff, and he just says “you are a great driver, keep on doing exactly what you are doing! I love you!”

  14. That a depraved and senile ex-Catholic President is promoting this perversion is not significant. That our bishops, collectively, have almost nothing to say about it is hugely significant. It is a clear indication of their identification and sympathy with this same perversion.

      • He just wants the “Gay” vote and that is all! I don’t care for the term Gay..I prefer “Hetersexuals with Homosexual Tendencies” because that what these poor souls are. Homosexuality is a learned behavior, period.

      • If gay love was natural and harmless, as you say, why does the CDC have a web site devoted to telling gay men of all the horrific diseases they expose themselves to as a result of living the gay lifestyle? Why did so many die from AIDS? Is getting AIDS and dying perfectly natural and harmless? If all those homosexuals who died from AIDS had followed Catholic teaching on this matter, they would ALL BE ALIVE TODAY.
        What about the vast panoply of pathologies that afflict the homosexual community? Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc. And don’t tell me this is because people do not accept them as they are – the same rates of alcoholism and drug abuse exist in the gayest of gay neighborhoods in NYC where everyone accepts them. You can try to run away from the deep emotional wound of homosexuality, but something inside will always tell you, deep down, that something is wrong. You can get temporary relief by living in a gay community, but the real problem still exists.

  15. Yes, I mean romantic love. Thanks for sharing your views so respectfully. I like this new compassion that takes place of the old demonizing and disgust for gay people. Many thanks.

    But what ate the causes of homosexuality? Are you aware that no one knows?

  16. It’s the “Catholic” World Report, so the point of reference will be the Catholic understanding of the goal of creation- that man participate in the eternal exchange of love between the Persons of the Trinity. In order to be made compatible for that participation, through grace this life’s relationships must imitate, must image the Trinity. Christ is the image of the Father, of Trinitarian life, of truth, and our way of participating in that eternal exchange through sharing in his Sonship (theosis/divinization).
    Intentional sterility in all relationships is the countersign and countereffect to the Trinitarian love that spirates life, however much cultural sentimentality states and acts otherwise. I understand Mr. Reilly to be stating that a nature created by God has or will necessarily bear this out consequentially. In short, homosexuality is a privation- the absence of something that is ordinarily present given a thing’s nature. The culture has long rejected the philosophy of essentialism in favor of existentialism- creating one’s own reality, e.g., what constitutes “marriage”.

    • I appreciate this comment. It is as simple as a differen belief about human life. Freedom of religion allows for all of us to believe without persecution.

      • In the west, freedom of religion does allow all of us to believe without persecution. However, this freedom is not a license to do as we please. It is governed by rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are designed for the good of society and for the individuals that make it. Hence, safety and security are important factors. But vitally important too, is the preservation of society. Our nature tells us that the marriage of male and female guarantees the preservation of our species. Regardless of who or what we personally like or attracted to – this is euphemistically called love – society’s fundamental concern must be the preservation, safety and security of this wonderful, life-sustaining relationship. All attempts to weaken or to trivialize this marriage must be condemned and resisted for our good.

        • Well, no that is not freedom of religion. You are merely stating your own religion. Some people don’t belive what you believe and that is their right, as US citizens. Anyways, no hard feelings. Have a great weekend.

      • It is not “persecution” to point out the evil nature of any given proposition. It is persecustion to suffer such things like being deprived of employment for publicly pointing out the evil nature of certain propositions, and it is worse than actual persecution to promote, while claiming religion, the extermination of innocent life.

  17. ‘ The trouble with magic ‘ – headline of the article that narrates how curses can have detrimental effects – unless for the protection in The Lord .

    Our Lord’s warning words on lust as equivalent to adultery also pertinent and related , since such thoughts that seem rather ‘magical ‘ for the holder , ateast in the short term can serve the purpose of ? cursing prayers !

    Our Holy Father correctly pointed out how persons in disorderd affections are searching for God , that such be blessed to trust that they too can take in His Love for its great joy and peace , by requitting His Love in the truth and Order that He has set , in His Holy Will.. The Holy Father thus chooses not to condemn / curse such persons as hopeless and deserving of the stoning of disadain ,instead , blessing that the search be for God and His holiness and Love as ordered in Him , thus to help serve the eternal as well as the temporal good and dignity of each other , not to distort / lie and be hypocritical about the God given identity and roles as His children ..
    Good that our Holy Father too , mirroring our Lord uses the rod against hyposcrisy and suggests that we read Mathew 23 – many in hypocrisy of own hearts often ignore same , esp in the other more carnal oriented faiths who try to give an identity , ? even a curse – about our faith that same should be devoid of the power to rebuke and correct in honesty .. Thank God The Church instead rebukes as a blessing , in the trust that our faith gives one the blessing and the gift to be restored to The Order , by being brought back from countless deaths in sin and even while filled with the stench of death – that The Spirit of Love that moves the earth at 18 miles a second , The One bestowed on the children in The Son , can bring the graces for one to be all that The Father desires for them to be , in
    The Mother .
    https://www.divinemercyart.org/ – every occasion of the reminders of the hypocrisy around us may move many hearts to also bring the blesisng our Lord has planned and destined for our tiimes as the graceful Vilnius Image of Mercy – to be in homes and schools and churches , public places , to bring all occasions and persons unto The Lord ,thus to receive the ‘perfect ‘ love we yearn from each other as well , through Him , in The Spirit, as from the perfect images of each of us that He has already recreated in Him , during His years in Nazareth –
    ( Divine Will revelations ) –

    May we gaze at the Rainbow of the Divine Will , along the Way that The Church point to us , all the while also relishing the endless pots of the Perfect Love in holiness , to satisfy all our God given desires .. even while the journey might seem long ..

    Mary ,Mother of Love , pray for us all !

  18. There is truth to this, as their is truth to many groups that do the same, including, unfortunately, Christians. But, it is impossible for me to dislike Christians as a group, when I know so many Christian individuals.

  19. Nice arguments. The only objection I have is to “Mother Nature”. From the Christian point of view, nature is our sister, not mother in any real sense. We should not repeat popular misconceptions.

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