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Jesuit magazine La Civiltá Cattolica praises Biden presidential victory

“Biden is a patient, poised and thoughtful man; he belongs to the old school of Democrats. … He is part, as they say, of the ‘establishment…'”

Then-Vice President Joe Biden meeting Pope Francis after both leaders spoke at a conference on adult stem cell research at the Vatican April 29, 2016. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

CNA Staff, Nov 19, 2020 / 02:15 pm (CNA).- La Civiltá Cattolica, the Jesuit-run magazine whose publication is overseen by the Vatican’s Secretary of State, has published an article praising the projected electoral victory of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Biden is a patient, poised and thoughtful man; he belongs to the old school of Democrats. He is a seasoned politician, friend of many Republican congressmen, who in their hearts, probably, wished for his victory. He is part, as they say, of the ‘establishment,’” according to the article, by Italian Jesuit Giovanni Sale.

Earlier this week, U.S. bishops’ conference president Archbishop Jose Gomez said at a meeting of the U.S. bishops that Biden “will support policies that are against some fundamental values that we hold dear as Catholics.”

The La Civiltá Cattolica article was likely written ahead of Gomez’ remarks.

The article said of Biden that “despite being a practicing Catholic, he has never used his religious affiliation for reasons of political propaganda, or to ‘grab’ the vote of the Latinos, who are far less unified than it is believed. In a time of disarray and of chaos, Biden reassures; he seems to be able to hold on to some principles that are in the nature of the American democracy. This has determined his victory.”

In fact, Biden campaigned heavily on his Catholic identity, buying print, radio, and television ads centered around Biden’s identity as a Catholic, and making reference to Pope Francis from the campaign trail and in ads.

In August, a Biden ad featured the former vice-president’s recollections of a meeting with Pope Francis, along with praise for religious sisters.

That ad came after Biden’s pledge  to renew legal action against the Little Sisters of the Poor, removing freedom of conscience protections which exempt the sisters from the federal “contraceptive mandate” initiated while Biden was vice president.

The Biden campaign also formed a “Catholics for Biden” advocacy group, and invited both a Catholic priest and a Catholic religious sister to offer prayers during the summer’s Democratic National Convention.

The La Civiltá Cattolica article, “The election of the 46th President of the United States of America,” is critical of President Donald Trump’s international policies, especially the rejection of both the Paris Climate agreement and the nuclear deal with Iran. It also criticizes Trump’s approach to China.

“Probably Biden, in his first 100 days of presidency, will hurry to get back in touch with Paris to gain the ground lost in terms of climate and global warming; with Tehran to reconfirm –with some important changes- the nuclear deal; and with the World Health Organization, in order to fight Covid-19 together globally,”  Sale wrote.

“In turn, NATO’s traditional allies will feel reassured by the new democratic and decidedly pro-Atlanticist President, who will continue the traditional Euro-Atlantic policy of his predecessors. All of this will make a difference. And it is no small thing.”

Biden’s electoral victory is widely projected but contests in some states have not yet been certified, and the electoral college does not formally elect a president until next month. There remain court challenges to some election tallies.

La Civiltá Cattolica’s analysis does not mention discrepancies between Biden’s policy positions and Catholic teaching on abortion and religious liberty, and the tensions that his positions on those issues have stoked with the U.S. bishops’ conference.

Instead, La Civiltá Cattolica lauded Biden’s presumptive presidential inauguration as the beginning of a “presidency capable of uniting a country that is politically divided and wounded by a very harsh and heated election campaign and, at the same time, to restore strength and vitality to the institutions of the largest and oldest existing democracy on the planet.”

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  1. We watch our Church pursue a course of obscene self-depreciation and destruction. The Jesuits require not merely suppression but eradication from memory. The once noble service they provided Christ’s Church and the depth spirituality bequeathed to us by Saint Ignatius has been despoiled by faithless men. The Society is a sacrilege.

    • You hit the nail on the head. Jesuits have disgraced Christ’s church. They insist on leading the flock into sin and modernism. Just like Judas the Jesuits betray. All Francis does is sow seeds of confusion and doubt.

      • I’m not the only one to perceive SJ as the Society of Judas. It bespeaks the greatness that was theirs that they needed to be corrupted in order to spread the pathological disorientation that now grips the Church. The time when “Jesuit” provided credence to any perspective is now long past.
        The examination of conscience this situations demands is going to be agonizing and that has not yet begun.

  2. The Vatican’s Secretary of State Is a disgrace to the Catholic Church since it is obvious that he, as Biden, do not uphold the teachings or Doctrine of the Catholic Church. It’s a shame we have this kind of leadership within our beautiful Catholic Church. But we always knew Satan was amongst us.

    • I’d like to say that behind pro-life is more than being against abortion, which I really doubt Trump is. Take a look at his father values. Is trying to take away Obamas health care, ripping babies from mother’s arms ,pro life? Does Trump respect any other human being? Trumps fascination with political leaders in other countries who are killers Take a look at the whole picture,

      • Hysterical much?? There are a great many things that folks would like, if they did not have to pay themselves, and the money to do so is wrested from others. That is the policy thrust of the Democrat party. Health care is “free” only in Communist countries, and often low cost in socialist ones. The price tag is your personal freedom and the confiscation of the sweat of your own brow. Many of us are not willing to pay that price. Obamacare did nothing but cause insurance rates to skyrocket. All the while, hospitals in the US are not legally permitted to turn away those who cannot pay. It is the reason you see emergency rooms stacked with illegals who lack insurance. This is not Bombay. People are not dying in the streets here. As for “ripping babies from their mothers arms”, are we talking the illegals? Many of those children are brought here by coyotes and sex traffickers. Its been documented that some are even rented out by their parents as cover for other illegals. It is our MORAL obligation to determine identity before allowing those children to resume travel with any adult. By the way, the “cages” were built by Obama. Are you aware that some parents in mexico/south American have REFUSED to reclaim their children, preferring them to have whatever life they can, here in the US? What sort of parents are these? So please lets stop the drama. Trump indeed seems to respect our military,farmers, and blue collar workers and many other classes of Americans. I am not aware he has ANY “fascination” with Killers. But in an imperfect world where many countries are run by dictators and tyrants, the reality is it is better for our own nation to engage them in talk as opposed to going to war. Talk is not “fascination”. Much of what you regurgitate here smacks of indoctrination by the DEM propaganda machine. Sad. I will end here with some advice. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Especially when that judging is based upon fake news and lies.

      • Ann, you are so naive. The culture of death, Democrats, is much more than abortion. Hopefully you stay healthy after you reach Medicare age. Hopefully you never have an accident that makes you a cost to the state. Have you ever heard of eugenics? I hope none of your children or grandchildren are born with disabilities. Do some research. Since you don’t do research you deserve the consequences of your vote. Ignorance is not bliss.

      • Such “feelings” — and I use the term deliberately — are nurtured from a polluted pool. The situation requires far more inquiry and analysis. Poetics do not cut the mustard.

      • You need to take a look at the whole picture! Biden should be denied the ability to claim that he is a Catholic. He is certainly no gentleman, rather he and his gang are a scandalous, deceitful, disgrace not only to Catholicism but to the whole of humanity!

  3. Any president that supports abortion is not a true Christian or Catholic for that matter. ‘Pro life” statements are all in scripture!.
    God help the USA!

  4. A vote for Biden is a vote against the church. He is a Catholic in sheep’s clothing. He was refused communion because of his positions on several important issues in which he goes against the church’s teachings.

  5. I am Catholic. I am a Catholic clergyman. But I have to state here I’m ashamed of our Pope Francis and I lost my confidence long time ago on all the Jesuits and many Catholic hierarchs. I strongly agree with Archbishop Vigano. He is wright on many aspects. I question the faith of many bishops and priests or monastics. I pray the good merciful Lord will come and chests all these false and blind shepherds who compromised everything in order to pleased the liberals and communists.

    • Vigano is a crackpot of enormous proportions, who appears to enjoy leading a breakaway sect into the darkness of separation from the Catholic Church. He apparently gets off on being a great supporter of the SSPX, of hating the magisterium of the church. He is almost certainly a schismatic. He is a conspiracy nut. He is a highly political guy, because all his cult like worshipful followers are also highly wedded to politics. He is among the top fruitcake bishops in the world. He is fooling a lot of people who, like you, are finding Pope Francis to be an abomination. But Vigano is merely the other abomination available for inspection. Try adhering to the Catholic church, rather than being a cult member following either Pope Francis or the equally goofy Vigano.

      • crackpot, goofy, nut, fruitcake. I am amazed. These are just ad hominem attacks and do not add a jot to your arguments. I can recommend a good book on logic if you need one.

  6. I’m not sure what to say! This Jesuit is out of touch with American faithful Catholics. What happened to preeminent issue? Biden supports abortion. You cannot support abortion in any way and call yourself a

  7. La Civiltá Cattolica’s article [G Sale SJ] reflects editor Antonio Spadaro SJ’s vision of new epoch Catholicism. Widely known is Spadaro’s mutual compatibility with Pope Francis’ as his confidant on Vatican polity. A polity that sets the tone for a revised Catholicism apparent in the article’s positive appraisal of Biden’s expected re-connection with previous foreign and domestic policies of Barack Obama. Omitted not by accident is Obama’s veritable persecution of Catholicism and his advancement of abortion. Key is where Vatican priorities really are, the reinstitution of international policies, the Paris Climate agreement, Iran. All Fratelli Tutti secular humanist bromides. Criticism of Trump’s approach to China is expected. Trump who openly criticized China’s anti religious policy and maltreatment of minorities, who advised Pompeo to do the same. Vatican betrayal of Catholicism in China is clear, and amounts to betrayal of Christ. La Civiltá becomes increasingly reprehensible, praising “a presidency capable of uniting a divided and wounded country, restoring the largest and oldest existing democracy on the planet.” Biden in practice is as Catholic as Xi Jinping. He is as remorseless in removing religious freedom on the vital moral issues. Although ironically even Xi Jinping is not as irrationally immoral as same sex transgender advocate Biden. What’s said by some that Catholics got what they deserved in Pope Francis, that is the multitude of the nominal may be said for America, that is the multitude of leftist free thinkers, amoral socialists who hold the slaughter of the innocents a sacred right. Both are culturally suicidal and destined for disaster. We who believe in Christ and true liberty must remain in the Church loyal to Apostolic Tradition, and loyal to our Nation’s Constitution and the right to life of the innocent. And doctrinally fiercely opposed to both ecclesial and political Apostates. Love of truth and the Author of Life demands this.

    • Thank you for sharing your gifts by writing the above piece. I agree wholeheartedly. May our good Lord have mercy on us and on the USA.

  8. I will be writing this publication and advise them of how wrong they are about Biden. He has a death to all mentality. God have mercy on the Jesuits.

  9. I thought the Jesuits’ motto was “in the world but not of the world”.
    Silly me.
    I wonder what other childish illusions I need to discard.

    • It is my understanding that the motto of the Society of Jesus is “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.” The Latin translates as “For the greater glory of God.”
      The irony is painful and blistering.

  10. What a travesty! The

    What a travesty! Over 62 million babies (i.e. human beings) have been butchered here since 1973 when abortion became legal. Biden and his cohorts will assure that this pogrom will continue, along with the murder of babies that survive abortions. Jesuits, are you kidding? You’re even named after the Creator. No wonder the Church is falling apart in America. Democrats don’t want unity: they want power enough to oppress anyone or group that disagrees with them. And by the way, probably three fourths or more of Americans voted for Trump, i.e. a landslide, but the demon-crats did massive cheating as usual, to put Biden ahead. You must know this. So I’m assuming you just don’t care.

  11. God is not done with this election regardless of what AB Gomez or Pope Francis and their advisers think. I believe Trump’s election for President was a miracle from God to give those Catholic Democrats a 4 year reprieve to learn to vote in accord with their professed faith, not their political identity. Trump has been the most pro-life (anti-abortion) president ever. He has not hesitated to say to the public or to Congress that “God is the giver of life.” Trump has also built a booming economy within 3 years with the lowest unemployment for minorities and women in the history of our country. Obama and Biden had a trickling economy for 8 years. Trump moved our capital office in Israel to Jerusalem, the only president of 5 who said they would. Plus his handling of foreign affairs is outstanding especially with Israel and the Middle East, helping Israel and 7 other Arab nations signing peace treaties all within one year, something former secretary of state Al Gore said could not happen without including the so called Palestinians. Trump did it without including them. The stock market has never been higher and his tax cuts have given people more of the money their earned. He’s loading up the federal courts with Constitutional originalist, so far 300 of the 400 jurist. And his Supreme Court will be reversing RvW within the next 2 to 3 years, as well as getting the Supreme Court to establish constitutional personhood at conception, which would prevent states from legalizing abortion, especially if he and GOP Senators get re-elected. The Christian constitutional religious freedom will be reinforced so there will no longer be threats to sisterhood to provide birth control and abortion in insurance for female “employees.”
    God’s greatest commandment is to love God with your whole heart, soul and Mind (my emphasis). And the 2nd greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. The unborn are the most innocent and helpless neighbor of all. The only way they can be helped is by voting-aged Catholics to vote for anti-abortion candidates for federal and state offices. Jesus was asked, “Who will be in heaven?” He said, “Only those who do the will of my Father in Heaven.” How are self-identified Catholics Democrats obeying the 1st and 2nd Great Commandments by endorsing with their names and supporting candidates who promote the murder of God’s greatest gift – life of the unborn? How are they doing the will of God Our Father in heaven? I’m a south Chicago born Catholic, former Democrat. I registered “Independent” at 36, and “Republican” when they had the courage to add a constitutional RTL plank to their party platform a year later.

  12. I received my BA from a Jesuit University and found that education to be very sound. Over the years, however, that once outstanding religious order morphed into a social justice driven order filled with secular progressivism with the faith taking a clear second place in the formation of the students under its influence. Social justice is a Catholic priority in the world, yes this is true. But it is at its best and most in line with Transcendent truth only when it is Christ-centered. Sadly, I think, that Pope Francis I is unduly under this influence.

  13. I now see that the Vatican is proChoice, proGay marriage and proReligious persecution. The 3 items that are supposed NONNEGOTIABLE with the Catholic Church. I’ll add a rosary for the Pope that he cleans up the Vatican.

  14. Anyone know what an ‘action’ is? It is the result of an intent. Do we ‘know them by their actions?’ Joe Biden says he is ‘Catholic,’ but his (and his party’s) ‘actions’ towards, for one example, promoting and enhancing the murdering of infants, was apparently mistaken – or perhaps misread? – when the Jesuits sided with Biden and the biased social media that supports the Jesuits point of view.
    Pointing out pro-abortionist Biden’s ‘old-schoolness’ is the same as pointing out the abortionist doctor’s etiquette as a dinner guest. Soon after, they will both be heading out to do their jobs…

  15. Name one religious order that knows what the solution is for preventing wokeness, socialism, and further post-modernism. I cannot think of one. Once the pews empty in the U.S. as they have in Europe, these dazed and confused clergy will fade away. I think we will be better off.

  16. ” He is a seasoned politician, friend of many Republican congressmen, who in their hearts, probably, wished for his victory. He is part, as they say, of the ‘establishment,’” according to the article…”
    They definitely got that part right.

  17. For the better part of 50 years the bishops have argued that the right to life is a pre-eminent right. Now, they and the Vatican are cozying up to a guy who supports late term abortions, vows to sue the Little Sisters of the Poor, and has chosen a vice-president who has declared publicly that Catholics should be disqualified for serving as judges. The leaders of our Church have either misled us or they have betrayed us. They don’t need to support Trump, but they have done themselves and the Church great damage by standing with Biden, notwithstanding their throw-away statement that on some issues Biden’s positions are not compatible with Catholic morality. Our bishops and the Vatican are nothing more than hirelings, no longer worthy of the name shepherds.

  18. Having read the Jesuits are praising the cheating democrat it’s rather obvious that our church has become part of the swamp as well. This should help promote our religion

  19. This is as unsurprising as it is scandalous. Voting for Biden was objectively mortally sinful, yet the Vatican clearly preferred him and welcomes his presumed victory. Similarly, they did all they could to get the equally loathsome Clinton elected four years ago. Francis and his crew are as committed to the New World Order as Soros or Gates. Opening the floodgates to Third World immigration to finish off what remains of Western Civilization is the overriding consideration for Francis. Biden will deliver on day one when it comes to that. No faithful Catholic should pay heed to any statement coming from this rotten papacy, whether it is presented in a newspaper column, an encyclical, a revision to the Catechism or the “airplane magisterium.” We owe no loyalty to this Marxist bunch. The Church is under enemy occupation.

  20. “The Society of Jezebel” = the SJs.

    They are dry wood, as Our Lord prophecied, on that fateful Friday, 2000 years ago…

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