The Final Report of the Amazon Synod and the “conversion” of the Church

A limited number of bishops from a limited locale of the Church has promulgated the agenda for the “synodal conversion” of the worldwide Church.

Pope Francis meets Jose Gregorio Diaz Mirabal, a member of the Curripaco indigenous community, during a session of the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon at the Vatican Oct. 8, 2019. (CNS photo/Vatican Media)

Catholicism has been in South America for 500 years.  Having apparently failed to convert and serve the “indigenous peoples” of the Amazon, who reside in nine of the continent’s thirteen countries, the Catholic Church has now proclaimed in the Final Report of the Amazon Synod that it will undertake its own “conversion” to the cultures, religions, lands, and traditions of those peoples.

The conversion of the worldwide Church through the Amazon

After a self-congratulatory introduction that the Synod was marked by “applause, singing, and deep contemplative silences,” the Final Report announces the “comprehensive conversion” of the Church to a “new paradigm of integral ecology.” The goal, based on “Amazonian indigenous peoples,” is “living in harmony with oneself, with nature, with human beings and with the supreme being” (lower case) and the “relationships” of “water, territory and nature, community life and culture” to “God and the various spiritual forces.” This is an “integral conversion,” the four “dimensions” of which are developed in the rest of the Report: pastoral, cultural, ecological, and synodal.

In a preliminary statement, however, the Report vociferously lists its grievances, criticisms, and accusations against those who have turned the Amazon into a “wounded and deformed beauty, a place of pain and violence” and the “victims” they have created. The “attacks” and “threats” against the life of the Amazon are many and include “the influence of Western Civilization” as well as “the new colonizing powers” who are now following on “the greed and ambition” of the old colonizers, the privatization of natural resources, and construction of “non-sustainable” development projects.  And “behind” these are “economic and political interests of the dominant sectors.”  This accusing and judging of others continues throughout the Report.

Aside from two references to poverty in the Scriptures, and the citing, of course, of St. Francis of Assisi, the source and basis of the stated goals and intentions of the Report are Pope Francis’ ecological encyclical, Laudatio Si (2015), in addition to “the voice of the Amazon.” And the authority of Laudatio Si, as well as Evangelii Gaudium (2013) predominates throughout the Report from beginning to end.  And that is in keeping with the several public statements of Francis insisting that the Synod is about Laudatio Si.  The phrases “integral ecology” and “ecological conversion” come from Laudatio Si (137, 143).  But the Synod’s Final Report is a comprehensive and detailed application of those concepts to the Amazon – and inevitably to the world-wide Church.

The four “dimensions” of the conversion of the Church

First, the Church must undergo “a pastoral conversion” of “listening and announcement” to “the multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious reality of the Amazon” for the goal of “the defense of life, the integrity of creation, peace, the common good.”  The overwhelming emphasis is on “listening.” The Church will then “announce” what it has learned from listening to the Amazon.  As for any other kind of “announcing,” perhaps something like, be “steadfast in the teachings of the apostles,” (Acts 2:42), no announcing of that kind appears anywhere in the Final Report. The Report neither preaches nor teaches.

What is required is an “open dialogue” with “the multiplicity of interlocutors,” Christian (including Pentecostals), and non-Christian, “popular social movements and the State.” This pastoral section of the Report heavily stresses appeal to youth who are demanding that they be “respected” and who are undergoing a “crisis of values” affecting their “self-esteem.” The Report thus analyzes Amazonian youth in the regular language of Western personal and educational self-referential humanism, which brings up the question of what is really “indigenous” or unique about the Amazon.

Second, the Church must undergo a “new cultural conversion.” Learning from “the other,” the Church must live and practice “inculturation,” that is, “the introduction of these cultures in the life of the Church.”  Such cultures are based in “popular piety,” which includes not only Marian devotions, but also “nonclerical brotherhoods,” “Indian theology,” and “Amazonian-faced theology.”  Rejected is “an evangelization of colonialist style.” Any evangelization must not be “confused with proselytism.” In order to “systematize the traditions of the Amazonian ethnic groups” and promote “the Latin American cultural scene,” new Amazonian educational and communication institutions are proposed.

The next two “conversions” of the Church, ecological conversion and synodal conversion, are the main thrust and heart of the Final Report.  “Ecological conversion” is not only needed; it is mandatory.  In this “structural” conversion, the Church is called on to “unlearn, learn, and relearn, and especially disassociate itself from the past “colonizing models.” This ecological conversion is not limited to the Amazonian Church, for the Amazon is the key to the worldwide ecology and its “tremendous consequences for our planet.”  Indeed, the Amazon lands themselves are the physical and geographic key to the “balance of the planet’s climate.” As the Report insists, quoting Laudatio Si, “integral ecology” means that “everything is intimately related” (LS 16), and, therefore, “ecology and social justice are intrinsically linked” (LS 137).

In Laudatio Si, Francis had asserted that sin “is manifest” in “attacks on nature,” (66), that “a healthy relationship with creation is one dimension of overall personal conversion” which includes the recognition of our “sins, faults, and  failures” (218), and that, quoting Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, “to commit a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God” (8).

Now, the Amazon Synod goes farther and “proposes” to define “ecological sin” as “an action or omission against God, against others, the community and the environment.  It is a sin against future generations and manifests itself in acts and habits of pollution and destruction of the harmony of the environment, transgressions against the principles of interdependence and the breaking of solidarity networks among creatures and against the virtue of justice.”

This is obviously more than failing to recycle. And with its inclusion of “justice,” this new, comprehensive mega-sin almost seems to incorporate all “old” sins, except perhaps the sexual sins.

Fourth and finally, the high-visibility issues of married priests and of some kind of orders for women are part of the “synodal conversion” of the Church. “Synodality” is “a style of living communion and participation in local churches” and focuses on how to “structure local churches in each region and country.” Calling it “an ancient word,” the Report attempts to place the origin of “synod” in the Scriptures.  But no routine translations of the five citations given by the Report use the English word “synod” or its concept (Jn. 14:6; Acts 9:2, 15, 18:25; and Cor. 12:12).  In fact, the International Theological Commission’s March 2018 study titled “Synodality in the Life and Mission of the Church” acknowledged, “Although synodality is not explicitly found as a term or as a concept in the teaching of Vatican II, it is fair to say that synodality is at the heart of the work of renewal the Council was encouraging” (par 6).

In fact, the office of the Synod of Bishops did not exist before it was created by Pope Pius VI after Vatican II as a body advisory to the Pope.  In 2018, Francis expanded its power and significance by decreeing in his Episcopalis Communio that the conclusions of a particular Synod “participate in the ordinary Magisterium of the Successor of Peter once they have been ratified and promulgated by him.” (Art. 18, 19).  The Final Report holds that “synodality” must be “de-centralized,” although “without weakening the bond” to the “universal Church.” (92).  From the beginning and in his first major document, Evangelium Gaudiam (2013), Francis has promoted synodality: “I am conscious of the need to promote a sound ‘decentralization’” (16).

Married priests, women, and an Amazonian rite

 Nothing is said in the Report about why there is a priest shortage – 500 years after the introduction of Catholicism into South America – in the Amazon or whether the Church in or the bishops of the Amazon are in any way responsible.

Indeed, such “no-fault” avoidance of blameworthiness and lack of self-examination has been characteristic of all the documents of all the synods of the Francis papacy,  In the Final Report, no comparisons are made to the numerous places in the world – Alaska, for instance, with its similar geographic distances and problems of access – where there are priest shortages.  Regardless, the advocacy for married priests is solved and established by the short and simple declaration in the Report that there is “a right to have the Eucharistic celebration.” There is no elaboration on this break with the entire history of the Latin Church. And it is impossible to find anyone of whatever opinion engaged in public discussion or writing, who purports to hold that the issue of married priests is or will be limited to the Amazon, and the Report itself endorses the obviousness of that. The Report closes out its discussion of the issue by coyly saying that “some” participants at the Synod “spoke for a universal approach to the issue” (111).

There are married priests in the Eastern rites of the Church and there are a handful of former Anglican priests who are married, but some level of clerical orders for women is of course unprecedented. The Report devotes much more attention with more forceful language to that question than it does to married priests.  It is the “hour” of the woman, and “Mother Earth has a female face.”  Women must be admitted into the “leadership” of and allowed to participate in the “decision-making” of the Church.  The issue of married priests is found in only one spot in the Report, but women are a pervasive theme and are mentioned throughout the passages dealing with all four of the necessary conversions of the Church. The “ministries” of the Church must be distributed in “an equitable way,” among men and women. Specifically, “among others to be developed,” women should “receive the ministries of Readers and Acolytes.” A  new ministry of “woman directress of the community” at the local level should be instituted.  In “many” of the consultations in preparation for the Amazon synod, “the Permanent Diaconate was requested for women.”

And this was “already” an issue for the Church, the Report says, citing Francis’s 2016 creation of a commission to study women deacons. And in keeping with the “victimization” and the accusing-of-others theme of the Report, an additional rationale for the admission of women into orders is the “reality suffered by women victims of physical, moral and religious violence.” Thus, the Reports speak of the role of women in the Church by using the standard terms of Western feminism: equity, power, victimization.

The “Amazonian communities” are “petition[ing]” the Church “to adapt the liturgy,” as purportedly allowed by the “liturgical pluralism” of Vatican II’s Sacrosanctum Concilium. The new “Amazonian rite” would “express” an “Amazonian liturgical, theological, disciplinary and spiritual patrimony” and be based on a “sense of decentralization and collegiality.” The Report references the 23 rites of the Church, all of which celebrate the Eucharist according to the Latin/Western rite or the various but similar Eastern Rites. But none of those 23 “autonomous churches” within the Church have a “new” rite.  All are of ancient origin; no rite has have ever been invented.  Over the centuries, their acceptances by the Church have been based on their ancient origins.  In the words of Lumen Gentium (23), the Catholic Church has come to recognize “various churches established in diverse places by the apostles and their successors.”

The new, converted Church

The Amazon Synod’s Working Document of June 2019 called for the “possibility” of married priests, and the Synod’s Preparatory Document of March 2019 had pointed in the same direction. With the Final Report of the Synod explicitly advocating married priests, how is Francis supposed to respond? Make the same point for the fourth time or do something about it?

Likewise, it is “the hour” of women.  Just as for married priests, the groundwork has been laid.  The time for action appears to be now.  It seems impossible that Francis would not inaugurate some level of clerical  orders for women, perhaps up to the diaconate.

The Final Report calls for the creating of several new institutions the organization and maintenance of which would obviously require a great deal of money. Among several to be built: a global fund to directly subsidize Amazonian communities as a means of paying the world’s debt to them for their central role in the world’s ecology, an Amazon Catholic University,  a multi-disciplinary educational website, a permanent episcopal organization that promotes synodality in the Amazon, and a “network” attending to the “political and ethical.” With the Amazon and Laudatio Si as the paradigm of the Catholic Church, it is to be presumed that a new worldwide collection for these efforts will be established.

The 2018 youth synod together with Francis’ 2018 apostolic constitution, Episcopalis communio, made the Church “synodal.” Now a limited number of bishops from a limited locale of the Church has promulgated the agenda for the “synodal conversion” of the worldwide Church.

(The Vatican has released the Final Report only in Spanish but has not posted even that version on its website.  The author has used two different English translations, including Zenit’s, as has been made available through various websites.)

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Thomas R. Ascik is a retired attorney who has written on a variety of legal and constitutional issues.


  1. That this marxist drivel should come from the Church is yet another indicator of the “Spirit of Vatican II” A spirit more closely aligned with Liberation Theology and socialist globalism than with the perennial Magesterium.

  2. Praying and waiting for Christ to say, your time is up, and come and slay the wicked one with the breath of his mouth which does not mean the second coming. I know he would not stop the world at a time of this great apostasy, deceit, confusion and division, he is too merciful, and this wretch praises his sweet mercy every day. All praise and blessing to Jesus Christ, King of endless Glory!

  3. I think I will stick with worshiping the Most Holy Trinity in the Catholic Church. This other Amazonian religion has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and I reject it. I will pray that we get a Catholic pope next time.

    • And the game plan is to obliterate serious faith by reducing the Church to a sprawling NGO in lockstep with the shallow ideology of secular humanism.

    • Satan has always tried to kill the Church. We see that in the Acts of the Apostles, but they had Peter as pope. His name as always been the same. Get people to question God’s real motive and reasons.

  4. In the Church, only the Major Holy Orders, namely episcopate, priesthood and diaconate, are of apostolic origin and are to be granted only to men. The Minor Holy Orders, namely that of acolyte, exorcist, lector and porter have been instituted by the Church. So the Church has the power to bestow these Minor Orders onto women as well.

    After all, don’t we already have women reading in church, distributing Holy Communion, taking part in processions, animating the liturgy?

    Let’s pray for Pope Francis to come out with the best Apostolic Letter on the Amazon Synod, which letter will be according to the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

    I’m afraid that we spend much time talking, writing, commenting but little or no time praying, denying ourselves, avoiding all sins, letting God unite us closer and closer to himself.

  5. The level of grotesque, treasonous and repulsive in this Amazon Synod Final Report is off the charts, unprecedented in all of Catholic History. It is a stab in the heart of the Church and the Infinite Beauty, Goodness and Truth of God in the Church. It is Infinite Ugliness and Evil disguised as “love”. Will we survive it? Oh, Yeah!! And much more than just survive, we will thrive, but through the Cross, Heaven’s Door on Earth. Our Divine Founder was mocked, tortured and killed in the most painful and gruesome way (even the crown of thorns tortured the trigeminal nerve on his head with such gruesome pain that it can’t be appropriately described). He took all sin and Hell in, then He descended into Hell to show us that He is Mighty and Invincible everywhere but especially there in the very middle of Hell. His Beauty and Strength will help us do the same.

    We must be prepared to not just be called detestables (and much worse) for not following the Spirit of Judas Iscariot in “ecological conversion” (translation: total idolatry and treason to Jesus God) but to be summarily “excommunicated” by a Pope who is already excommunicating himself (his excommunication of us will be totally invalid). Our worst enemies will be compromising Catholics and Clergy around and close to us. Proclaim the Truth and just say: “No, thanks, I will stay faithful to God instead! Jesus is God and no one else!” We must pray for God’s Almighty Strength and Faithfulness. It will be our uncompromising testimony (Revelation 12:11) that will bring a renewed Church through God’s Mercy and Power. We must hold the line at any cost and also get up quickly when we fail and follow Jesus again. God’s Enemies may even show false repentance to draw us into their spiritual guillotine. Again, I suggest this prayer to all in this darkest of times that we were born for to God’s Glory:

    Lord Jesus, we adore You, we praise You, we love You and we thank You, in all things good, bad and horrible. You are Lord Almighty and you turn all things, even the darkest, into great blessings for us. Nothing good is ever impossible to You. Increase our Faith that we may receive and give to others invincible encouragement and total commitment to You and Your Truth, as only Truth guarantees Love. Fill us with the Kingdom of God in all its fullness, that we may share it and bring others to You, our God and our All. May Your Infinite Beauty Free us from the disguised, infinite ugliness of all evil and sin.

    We lift up to You, Pope Francis and all Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Nuns and Monks, and all their family and associates. We plead that You may liberate them and all of us from the mental, emotional and spiritual rape of the Devil, the world, the flesh, their demons and associates, that turns us into rapists of others, Your Holy Church and all Creation through lies, sentimentalism and idolatry.

    May the Infinite Beauty of Your Divine Matrimonial Love for us (Jeremiah 3:14) make us true, holy, sacrificial Saints, planting the Seed of Infinite Beauty in others, in the Kingdom of God in Authentic Catholic Truth. In this Kingdom of God that You brought to Earth and time, grant us to live as if we were already in Heaven, doing Your Will perfectly, repenting quickly, growing in Truth and loving others into You. Thank You, Lord. Now and forever. Amen

    • Agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for your articulate response and well-stated prayer. We do need to pray for mercy for us all.

      • Elaine Grendahl, you are so very welcome! It’s a joy to be of service to God’s People! May all the Glory, Merit, Credit and Praise be to God, so I live just in His sweet humility. Dear sister-in-the-Faith, I encourage you to share this if you found it useful as, for different reasons, I don’t engage in any social media. You may omit my name, it is not important. I focus on God’s Glory. May Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s hearts bless you, protect you and sanctify you and also all you hold dear!

  6. Global warming has been occuring since the Ice Age. The fly in the ointment is that it has been politicized by factions which are not friends of The Catholic Church.

  7. I do not believe Jesus had tickets to “accompany” “Catholic church leaders” on their synodal trip through the Amazon or to help them formulate anything relevant to the Catholic faith. His name is not mentioned anywhere in the final document, nor was His name mentioned in any of the proceedings I watched on television; either are the sacraments, the trinity, the ten commandments, the rosary, Mary, the apostles, the bible, the catechism, virtues, holiness, the Holy Eucharist, the saints ….. . Since Jesus was not there the synod has nothing to say that I need, that the world desperately needs or that am interested in.

  8. Ever since Laudato Si, this papacy has been pushing this creepy nonsense about ecology, just like some hippy from California. Environmentalism is a religion for the ignorant. Now Pope Francis wants to throw Catholicism away, and make us into earth worshippers. His followers are presenting all sorts of weird cases that the Earth really IS God, or that God really IS a Mother and not a Father. Completely inverting everything about reality. God save us from this evil man.

  9. The “ inculturation “ is somewhat questionable in the sense that the Amazonian primitive way of life, traditions and practices are the one that needs to be brought up into a modern way of life and to in line with the “ treasure” of the Catholic culture and tradition of the Church who will be their mother and hence, their adoption as her children and not the other way around. There is nothing to learn about adopting their primitive cultural practices that is why their ecology is suffering and in chaos. It’s not about inculturation but it’s about the introduction of a new way of life in terms of Christianity, education and technology. The main role of the Church has nothing to do with ecology. Yes this is only secondary to uplift them in their way of life but the Church main role is to nourish them spiritually for eternity and not for temporal. “Ecology” is more the primary role of the governing bodies in their country.

  10. I entered the Holy Catholic Church during the vigil of “Christ the King” almost 60 years ago after searching all over for the TRUTH and PEACE that passeth understanding. I certainly was not looking for something that looked like me. I am suspect of anyone who thinks that looking or listening to failure is how to find TRUTH. If one is so great then why are you looking? It is a foul way to advance. I have no fear as this all is bound to pass away and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. She already has in most of my friends and the strong church that is emerging among true Bishops and Priests. May God Bless us all.

  11. Sounds good, enlightened, and maybe practical. It certainly is necessary. The effort need be made. Otherwise the RCC could lose whatever foothold it may still retain in the indigenous expanses of Latin America, and abandon them to the Evangelicals or to the Mormons. Not a winning strategy. Ultimately, after all, religion is a numbers game.

    The onus is on the Church. In the process of admitting in its fold indigenous spirituality, it could lose its way, whatever of historic orthodoxy it may yet retain. There is risk whenever, not with the presumption of advantage, rather, as an equal, as Everyman on the existential ‘metaxy’, one reaches out to encounter and commune with the other. The Church may be so converted, so transformed, that it may well cease being. The price of heteroglossic brotherhood. It brings to mind an aphorism of Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach (1804-72): «Mensch mit Mensch, die Einheit von ich und du, ist Gott». No need to despair.

  12. This atrocious document will go very will with the gnostic nonsense from the Franciscan Rohr’s latest tome. What a pity the perpetrators can’t be excommunicated. On the other hand, when they are long gone and long forgotten, our holy Church will remain, as our Lord promised. “There will always be sin, but woe to him by whom that sin comes.” That knowledge, plus the Blessed Eucharist as well as the prayers of our Lady will pull us through. Let us trust them. This is a time of testing, and not the first.

  13. Well if the Catholic Church won’t evangelize the Good News of Jesus to them, then sad to say the “evangelical Protestants” will convert them or even worse “non-Christian cults”.

  14. My understanding of inculturation is that it occurs naturally and over time. Because these changes occur slowly as an authentic expression of faith within a cultural, it typically is an authentic expression of faith. Inculturation, properly understood, is never intentional and forced onto the Church as the Pope is considering.

  15. But Catholic American neoconservatives can still save us! Look how well things have worked out! The Soviet Union fell after all and we now have so much liberty and virtue in our country to enjoy!

  16. A brief history of Synodality from Milan to Amazonia: ROME (Reuters 9.1.12) – The former archbishop of Milan and papal candidate Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini said the Catholic Church was “200 years out of date” in his final interview before his death. Martini, once favored by Vatican progressives to succeed Pope John Paul II and a prominent voice in the church until his death at the age of 85 gave a scathing portrayal of a pompous and bureaucratic church failing to move with the times. ROME (Corriere della Sera Oct 11 2013) – “In the conclave of 2005, Cardinal Carlo Martini Milan was the cardinal symbol of the failed opposition to the election of Joseph Ratzinger. And the votes of his supporters, together with others, converged at the time precisely on Bergoglio. Eight years later, in March of 2013, it was again the “martiniani” who backed the election of Bergoglio as pope. This time with success. And today they are seeing come true, in the first acts of Pope Francis, what for Martini was only a “dream.” The dream of a Church “synodal.” November 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Ivo Fürer, the retired bishop of Sankt Gallen – who, from 1996 until 2006, hosted the “Sankt Gallen Group” has written an extensive history of the Council of the European Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE), whose key organizers were also closely connected with the Sankt Gallen Group. In light of these developments and also in light of the fact that the leading figures of the Sankt Gallen Group – Lehmann, Danneels, Hume, Kasper, Martini – bear a grave responsibility for the slackness and loss of faith in Europe, it still remains a mystery why Pope John Paul II, after he effectively weakened their influence within the CCEE from 1993 on, still made several of them cardinals in 2001: Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Audris Bačkis, Walter Kasper, and Karl Lehmann. And it still also remains a mystery that these figures, in spite of their being removed from the CCEE still had enough organizational power so as to have possibly some decisive influence with regard to the election of Pope Francis in 2013. The Diocese of Sankt Gallen issued in 2015 a statement about the Sankt Gallen Group and stated that Bishop Ivo Fürer “never hid his joy about the election of the Argentine” ((Maike Hickson). As much as we, at least I love prev Pontiffs particularly in my instance due to geographical and spiritual proximity John Paul II there are troubling “mysteries” as said by Maike Hickson. Why empower the notorious St Gallen Group including its ideological CCEE leader and inventor of Synodality Cardinal Martini Milan who he deposed by ecclesial restructure? Then placing him and that Group in continued position of power perhaps even more formidable by rank and less conspicuous. Was it John Paul’s sense of brotherly equanimity, sense of trusting fairness [my guess]? Or as ultra trads describe him as a dyed in white wool Modernist? That I can’t square with his strong legacy true to Apostolic Tradition. Perhaps it’s a softness that comes with deeply spiritual gentleness. Whatever may be he bears a responsibility unlikely intended with the current Ecological Conversion of Catholicism now under way. We may never know. Perhaps it’s as Dr Randall B Smith alludes in Which God’s Will? a matter of God’s mysterious “providential will”. What can reverse the Ecological Conversion of the Church if not prayer, sacrifice, proclaiming the Gospels, and grace. What though of another man in white deciding to remain at the Vatican now more frequently issuing counter narratives? Causing uproar. And the counter narratives of others. May we entertain more of God’s providential will? The road ahead unclear the beacons of light remain.

  17. Priestly celibacy is not a dogma, and was not a requirement in the Western church, other than for monastics, until the second millennium AD. Francis (or any other pontiff) is well within his authority to make changes to it, or even end the requirement. This is not the hill for the faithful to die on (compared to almost everything else about the synod), especially with an ongoing shortage of priests that is likely to become even more critical as time passes.

    • Denominations with married clergy also have a shortage, so it won’t solve anything and will brind in further problems.

      It’s a stupid idea to change the current practice, and you know quite well that the people clamoring for it will then start in on “Now we should have priestesses, too!”

  18. Rhe Amazonian synod was a huge masquerade in order to push through a Marxist liberation theology agenda by the revolutionaries , many of whom are octogenarian bishops theologians. None of them enjoy as far as I have understood any reputation other than mediocrity in all their writings.
    A document which excludes Jesus doesn’t deserve any respect. In the course of history it will end up on a trash heap .
    The intellectual level of the document is so low that it is painfully embarrassing to read. One of the most striking things during the synod was UGLINESS; the Pachamamaa who thanks Gos ended to where they belonged, in the Tiber The bizarre rite in the Vatican gardens. Great and unlimited love and respect foe the indigenous peoples, yes!! But not for the shameless manipulation of them to be used and pushed around as handy tools to achieve their decades long perverse revolution in the Church.
    Thank Gos the future doesn’t belong to these Marxist bishops and priests but to the young men and women who thirst for TRUTH ans BEAUTY WE have seen the nameless ugliness of perverted liturgical noise. The many churches erected in the 60s and 70s. By atheists.Iconoclasm. Pervasive ugliness. Hated of beauty. Especially hated of beautiful liturgical music. So in this context I can already imagine what an ” Amazonian rite ” would look like. In particular what it would SOUND like!!

  19. We need to return to the teaching of the Baltimore Catechist ,with that you’ll know you will not be deceived .Those new age garbage of liturgical dance or clown mass,clapping in church,talking , cell phone,i can go on and on with so many disrespect,tabernacle move to side or in another room. It just make me sick.What’s next,? May be we will not need of the sacrements of recounciliation anymore!Our Lady of Medjugorje is the hope of the world.

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