Why I Love My Invisible Friend

August 25, 2014 Bishop Robert Barron 0

One of the favorite taunts of the New Atheists is that religious people believe in an “invisible friend.” They are implying, of course, that religion is little more than a pathetic exercise in wishful thinking, […]

No Picture

Tolkien and Beowulf

August 23, 2014 Jerry Salyer 0

  At morn King Hrothgar on his throne for his lieges slain there mourned alone but Grendel gnawed the flesh and bone of the thirty thanes of Denmark. A ship there sailed like a wingéd […]


Taking Care of the Caregivers Among Us

August 21, 2014 Russell Shaw 0

The 36-Hour Day (Grand Central Life & Style) is a handbook familiar to many caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. That seemingly mysterious title is no mystery to the caregivers. They […]


A Different Kind of Football Movie

August 20, 2014 Andrew Svenning 0

Sports movies seldom deviate from the “underdog” scenario. Many of the true-life sports stories to which Hollywood gravitates involve the “little guys” rising to the occasion and defeating the “big guys.” The formula speaks to […]