Not a Christmas Carol

December 29, 2013 K. V. Turley 0

London is a strange place, and the longer one lives in its shadows the stranger it seems to become. Commuting home, we hardly notice those sitting or standing around us, our hands so full of […]


Saving Mrs. Travers

December 28, 2013 Nick Olszyk 0

MPAA Rating, PG-13 USCCB Rating, A-II Reel Rating: (3 Reels out of 5) There are two wars being waged in Saving Mr. Banks. First, an external battle between the impeccably proper and British Mrs. P. […]

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The New Saints and Blesseds of 2013

December 27, 2013 J. J. Ziegler 0

Blessed John Paul II is sometimes remembered as a “saint maker” who canonized 482 men and women during his 27-year pontificate. Pope Francis, however, is an even more prodigious “saint maker” who has canonized more […]