Walking for life in SF

Some pictures from the Walk for Life West Coast 2013

there were a lot of mlk quotes on posters.

Today I had the privilege of joining some 50,000 pro-lifers at the ninth annual Walk for Life West Coast. It was a gorgeous sunny day in San Francisco, and organizers said it was the best turn-out they’ve had yet for the event, which included a special greeting from Pope Benedict XVI.

I spent a good deal of the walk pushing a double-stroller, but I managed to get some shots of the crowd:

there were a lot of mlk quotes on posters.

some counter-protesters. i would say i saw a couple dozen, which from what i've been told has been pretty typical of this event for the last few years. there was some shouting, but i didn't see anything particularly incendiary. one thing that did surprise me: from what i could tell, the counter-protesters were predominantly male, by about two-to-one. a fellow pro-lifer quipped,
lots of smiley baby pictures
these kids were great! i think they were from phoenix?


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