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The trials and trial of Bishop Robert W. Finn

September 5, 2012 Russell Shaw 0

UPDATE: Shortly after after this was posted, news broke that Bishop Robert W. Finn will appear in court Thursday, Sept. 6th, for a bench trial. — Editor Read more here: Thanks to the media, […]


Time Is Short, Eternity Is Long

September 3, 2012 Carl E. Olson 0

September rolls in and summer begins to pack up until next year. I’ve not written an editoral for a while and there are a number of scattered items on the proverbial table that I’ve been […]

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“Head East, careless reporter!”

September 2, 2012 Carl E. Olson 0

The Vancouver Sun has a most curious piece about the recent visit of Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to British Columbia. For whatever reason, the reporter failed rather badly at getting […]