Jihad: Searching for a Motive

January 17, 2017 William Kilpatrick 0

After the truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin and the murder of a Russian ambassador in Ankara, Bishop Nuncio Galantino assured the press that the attacks were not motivated by religion but by […]


How To Appease Islam

December 23, 2016 William Kilpatrick 0

In Cremona, Italy, Fr. Sante Braggiè has announced that there will be no nativity scene at the local cemetery. “A small corner of the cemetery is reserved for Muslim graves,” said Fr. Braggiè; “A crib […]


The Two-Front Culture War

October 7, 2016 William Kilpatrick 0

Islamization. Can it happen here?  Will sharia someday be the law of the land in America?  To most Americans that seems highly unlikely—about as improbable as a takeover by shape-shifting aliens. But the “that’ll-never-happen” of […]