Sex, wokeness, and social justice

July 8, 2023 James Kalb 71

America and the whole Western world have just completed “Pride Month,” a string of observances celebrating all things LGBTQ. The message was that these things are normal and beneficial, a matter of choice and identity, […]

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Extra, extra! News and views for June 28, 2023

June 28, 2023 CWR Staff 11

Annual Pride Parade – “On June 23, hundreds of ‘drag queens’ and other LGBTQ activists marched in a parade in Manhattan. The parade marked the beginning of NYC’s ‘pride weekend.’”NYC Pride Marchers Chant: ‘We’re Coming […]

The Dispatch

Nowhere Over the (Prideful) Rainbow

May 31, 2023 Sean Fitzpatrick 43

With June comes the Rainbow. You can’t miss it. In fact, you may not miss it. Despite how anyone feels about it, despite your religious views, despite your conservative affiliations, despite the tradition of sexual […]