A Diabolical, Nostalgic Plan

October 24, 2013 Michael Coren 0

Dear Wormwood, Your uncle is, as you know, a little—how shall we say?—distracted right now, and as I am considered something of an expert when it comes to Christians of the Catholic variety, I’ve been […]

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The Cause for a Modern Prophet

August 12, 2013 Michael Coren 0

When even mass-circulation British newspapers cover a story about the Church and beatification, you know it matters. The Daily Mail recently reported that, “Author G. K. Chesterton, best known for his Father Brown stories, has been put […]

The Story of Prejudice

July 15, 2013 Michael Coren 0

I must have been eight or nine-years-old at the time. I had been playing soccer in the local park with some boys my age, and as well as my friends there were some children we’d […]

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The Cardinal and the Taoiseach

May 16, 2013 Michael Coren 0

By the grace of God, the recent decision by Cardinal SeÁn Patrick O’Malley could be a turning point in Catholic history, a collective epiphany on the road to Boston College. He has made it entirely […]