The POTUS and The Inquisition

February 7, 2015 Michael Coren 0

This past week, in remarks made at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama condemned ISIL/ISIS, denouncing it as “a brutal, vicious death cult that, in the name of religion, carries out unspeakable acts of barbarism—terrorizing […]

Resisting Torture Logic

December 16, 2014 Michael Coren 0

In mid-December the US Senate released its report on the CIA and the use of torture to gain information from jihadists concerning terrorism and planned attacks on Americans. The report was damning, claiming that use […]

The Quran and Christianity

June 23, 2014 Michael Coren 0

Islam’s persecution of Christianity has reached a grotesque crescendo in the past few months. Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Egypt—the list goes on and horribly on. There is much that can be said—and I will not refrain […]

The Surprising Pope Francis

April 30, 2014 Michael Coren 0

The phrase “we are expecting great things” has varying definitions according to who says it and who hears it. That the secular and non-Catholic world expected great things from Pope Francis means something rather different […]