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I am a lawyer, not a mind-reader

February 23, 2017 Edward N. Peters 2

Cardinal Vincent Nichols’ echoing of claims that Amoris laetitia changed no doctrines occasioned a question for me: Am I the only (or among the few) Amoris critics who agrees with Amorisdefenders that Pope Francis made no doctrinal changes in Amoris? I do not think that […]

The Dispatch

A Catholic gun control agenda

February 22, 2017 Dr. Patrick Toner 0

The official gun-related teaching of the Catholic Church is not entirely clear.  There’s little doubt, however, about how the current hierarchy leans: they favor fewer guns in civilian hands.  (I’ve discussed this in a series […]

The Dispatch

Evangelizing through the good

February 21, 2017 Bishop Robert Barron 0

Anyone even vaguely acquainted with my work knows that I advocate vigorous argument on behalf of religious truth. I have long called for a revival in what is classically known as apologetics, the defense of […]

The Dispatch

A blessing, not a burden

February 20, 2017 Jerry Salyer 0

“We like to think we live in the most tolerant society of all time,” Mike Michalak points out dryly. “But […] our answer in the 1950’s with my Uncle Ray [was to tell] my Grandma […]

The Dispatch

Environmental dogma, domination, and dominion

February 19, 2017 Thomas M. Doran 0

Another Earth Day is approaching, with corresponding pronouncements about environmental doom. What should we make of this in 2017? Discussions about the environment typically consist of agreement that the environment needs to be protected, even […]