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Preach the Gospel to Every Creature

April 6, 2011 George Neumayr 0

The Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), a group said to represent 400,000 people, sent a letter to the Vatican last November requesting “full, corporate, and sacramental union” with the Church, according to The Catholic Herald in […]


“When Do I Get My Center for Babies?”

March 24, 2011 Dr. Paul Kengor 0

The controversy about Mother Teresa’s spiritual struggles has inspired the worst in the late nun’s fiercest critics. Angry atheists who once described the saintly figure as everything from a “phony” to the “moonbat of Calcutta” […]

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Special Report

Forty Years on the Mount

March 24, 2011 Father Matthew Gamber 0

    Last July, 15 nuns from a schismatic convent in Washington state rejoined the Catholic Church. They left the motherhouse of the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI), located on the outskirts of […]


Global Warming and Pagan Emptiness

March 24, 2011 Michael Gilchrist 0

In the debate over the theory of global warming, Cardinal George Pell of Sydney is a decided skeptic. His forthright reservations about the claim of catastrophic man-made climate change have made him a target for […]


The Everlasting Man

March 24, 2011 Joseph Pearce 0

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” quipped Mark Twain upon hearing that his obituary had been mistakenly published in a newspaper. Although it must have been a strangely flattering experience for the […]

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Spe Salvi

March 24, 2011 George Neumayr 0

Modern culture, for all its rhetoric of progressive uplift, contains a deep current of ambivalence and pessimism. Modern man at once fears death and dreads life. He turns to defiant technology to extend life at […]


The Pope and the Philosopher

March 24, 2011 John Burger 0

It’s rare for a 28-year-old to have a private audience with the pope. But John Henry Crosby found himself in Pope Benedict XVI’s office last March. Crosby told the Pope about his challenges in raising […]