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Family Films Move Forward

April 29, 2011 Steven D. Greydanus 0

  Newly released on DVD in late November, Pixar’s latest computeranimated masterpiece Wall-E is a groundbreaking achievement that could make history next year if it gets the Academy attention it deserves. In January, it could […]

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Hollywood Adjustment?

April 28, 2011 Steven D. Greydanus 0

In The Adjustment Bureau, now in theaters, Matt Damon plays a man who “gets a glimpse behind a curtain” that he “wasn’t supposed to know existed.” What he discovers is that the lives of men […]

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Of Bond, Batmobiles and Bullwhips

April 26, 2011 Steven D. Greydanus 0

James Bond is back. Quantum of Solace, opening in theaters this month, is the 22nd film in the official Bond series (not counting a few stray independent productions). More notably, Quantum of Solace represents the […]