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Music for Easter: A Playlist

March 26, 2016 R.J. Stove 0

This article aims to serve as a follow-up to the Lenten playlist which Catholic World Report ran last month. The same general criteria for selecting works apply here as applied there: no instances of pure […]

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Music for Lent: A Playlist

February 15, 2016 R.J. Stove 0

Compiling a survey—however inadequate—of Lenten compositions confirms the fact that we should show more gratitude than we routinely do for YouTube’s very existence. Before YouTube arrived, providing musical illustrations to a magazine’s editor needed to […]

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Music for Advent: A Playlist

December 15, 2015 R.J. Stove 0

Given that for even the best-educated music-lovers so much valuable Christmas repertoire slumbers largely undisturbed by any hint of modern revivals, it is hardly surprising that most Advent repertoire tends to be even less known. […]

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Anton Bruckner and God

August 2, 2015 R.J. Stove 1

Editor’s note: This is an abridged and otherwise edited version of a lecture given at the Caroline Chisholm (Catholic) Library, Melbourne, on July 7, 2015. +++ At the very start, I want to explain that […]

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Villa-Lobos: The Clown Turned Devout

August 16, 2014 R.J. Stove 0

On the morning of August 25, 1954, New York Times readers found much of Page One devoted to the news that Brazil’s president Getúlio Vargas – who had dominated his nation’s politics for a quarter […]