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Play It Again, Sam

August 29, 2012 Joseph F. Martin 0

Contemporary Christian Music will probably always languish under an association with easy answers, clappy-happy choruses, and kitsch. But for the born-again baby boomers who grew up in the 70s amidst the rapid proliferation of radio […]

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Light in the Dark Knight

August 10, 2012 Meryl Kaleida 0

Christopher Nolan’s superior genius has done it again. The Dark Knight Rises combines intellect with action to make a film that is certainly worth watching again and again. This is not your typical superhero movie—it […]

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Adele and Swift: Telling Stories

July 31, 2012 Kevin McCormick 0

A while back there was a posting on comparing the music and lyrics of two prominent female pop stars: Adele and Taylor Swift. It caught my eye partly because the topic is somewhat atypical […]

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Gendercide at Home and Abroad

July 17, 2012 Christopher White 0

On April 22, 2012, Chen Guancheng, a blind Chinese civil rights activist, escaped house arrest after years of torture and abuse for speaking out against the Chinese government’s one-child policy and forced sex selective abortions […]

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Prometheus and the Cross

July 11, 2012 Christopher S. Morrissey 0

Just as Christianity puzzles many people, so too a new sci-fi film has drawn quick condemnation from many. I say: they are too quick to judgment, and too slow to appreciate the philosophical and religious […]

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Paint-by-Number Hymns

July 5, 2012 Anthony Esolen 0

“Are you interested in painting, sir?” asks the cheerful curator of the modern art museum. “No, not me,” says the detective.  He passes his hand across his rumpled hair.  “Now, Mrs. Columbo, she’s different.  That […]

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When the Catholic Faith Was Outlawed

May 30, 2012 Jim Graves 0

After decades of seeing their Church maligned in cinema, Catholic moviegoers have enjoyed a smattering of pro-Catholic movies in recent years. The latest of these, For Greater Glory starring Andy Garcia, will be released in the […]