Two Cheers for Democracy

July 3, 2013 Benjamin Wiker 0

Happy 237th birthday, America! Two cheers for democracy! Why only two? Aren’t we supposed to cheer wildly for democracy as unambiguously good? Don’t we have a moral obligation to hold up democracy as the best—indeed, […]


Rethinking Religious Liberty

April 25, 2013 Benjamin Wiker 0

In a previous article, “The Puzzle of Religious Liberty,” I brought before readers a rather vexing quandary. Somehow our hearty affirmation of religious liberty—which would seem to be a good thing—ends up producing a secular […]


Unlearning Christianity

February 10, 2013 Benjamin Wiker 0

Gregory Lukianoff’s Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate is well worth the read, even with the criticisms I’ll be making of it. Lukianoff is a self-declared liberal and atheist, but one […]

The Puzzle of Religious Liberty

January 15, 2013 Benjamin Wiker 0

A Most Puzzling Puzzler I invite the reader to think through an interesting and very serious conundrum. Many of us are rightly alarmed at ever-bolder attempts by our increasingly secular state to violate the religious […]


Constantine’s Gift to Christianity

October 26, 2012 Benjamin Wiker 0

On October 28, 312, Emperor Constantine met Emperor Maxentius in battle just outside the city of Rome at the Milvian Bridge, spanning the Tiber. This battle—occurring exactly 1,700 years ago—is one of the most important […]

Film & Music

Music to Die For

October 5, 2012 Benjamin Wiker 1

What we really need, in Mass, is music to die for—that is, music that is appropriate to the full depth of our experience of human suffering and sin, the reality of death, and the promise […]


The Non-Neutrality of the Secular State

July 26, 2012 Benjamin Wiker 0

As the bishops make clear in their statement on religious liberty “Our First, Most Cherished Liberty,” the HHS mandate declaring that Catholic institutions must provide contraception and abortifacients in their insurance coverage is only one […]