The Difficult Way of Mercy

April 19, 2016 Dr. Randall B. Smith 0

Allow me to suggest the case of an apostolic exhortation never written that may never be written. Let’s say it deals with the pastoral concerns that arise due to the increasing presence in our society […]


Bill Cosby for the Laetare Medal?

March 15, 2016 Dr. Randall B. Smith 0

Consider the following proposal: Bill Cosby for the Laetare Medal.  For those who don’t know, the Laetare Medal, called this because the recipient or recipients are announced each year on Laetare Sunday, is the University […]

The Benedictine Option

March 6, 2016 Dr. Randall B. Smith 0

Rod Dreher has suggested something he calls “The Benedict Option” as a response to the decline in religious faith and practice — and in the face of the increasing hostility toward them — in contemporary […]


The Forgotten Spouse

October 1, 2015 Dr. Randall B. Smith 1

As certain bishops within the Church continue their push to allow communion for divorced and remarried Catholics, I can’t help but think about the forgotten spouse: the one left behind in the divorce. The mother […]